Friday March 27 2009 – 10:35pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)

Thunder @ Raptors

Final Score:
112-96, Raptors

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
21 points
13 rebounds
6 assists
3 blocks
10/18 FG

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
20 points
11 rebounds
2 assists
2 blocks
10/14 FG

Shout-out to the Thunder:
21 points
7 rebounds
2 assists
9/12 FG

Stats that stood out:
- Raptors out-rebound the Thunder 54-37 … and that is a HUGE stat considering OKC came into the game as the 4TH best rebounding club in the NBA (3RD best offensive rebounding team)
- Balanced attack for T.O. … 5 players in double figures:
     Bosh - 21
     Marion - 20
     Jason Kapono – 15
     Andrea Bargnani – 14
     Anthony Parker – 12
- The Raptors fall down 5-0 to start the game then go on a 17-2 run to rip open a 10-point lead and they never looked back.  The closest the Thunder would get after that was 9 points, thus, Toronto pretty-much dominated all night.
- Toronto takes FULL advantage of OKC’s blunders … scoring 20 points off 11 Thunder turnovers
- The Raps had 36 assists on 48 field goals
- Marion with 14 of his 20 points in the 3RD quarter

Thumbs Up:
- Roko Ukic with a career-high 10 assists … coming 2 points shy of his first career double-double (8 points, 10 assists, 1 turnover in 21:43 minutes)

Thumbs Down:
- Well, to be honest, a 3-game winning streak at this point of the season is bittersweet.  That’s about the only low point I can find after this game.

Smith says:
- “Bosh was a beast tonight and he carried this team through the first half – and then Marion carried the torch in the 3RD.  A nice all-around effort and win for the Raps.”

Jones says:
- “Defence and rebounding were keys for Toronto.  They’ll get a chance to show if they’ve truly improved them in the games ahead.”

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 8 of 18 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Bulls @ Raptors
– Sunday March 29 2009
- Tune in at 3:05pm for the pre-game show and just after 3:30pm Eastern for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

Missed the post-game show? You can listen to it here:


14 Responses to “Thunder Rolled By The Raps”
  1. 1.

    Evening E,
    Another game, another win! LOL too bad we couldn’t say that more frequently during the season. I’m curious to know, why did the coaching staff place “Big Nate” on the inactive and not O’Bryant? Wouldn’t Nathan benefit more from some PT?

    - Lanny from Whitby
  2. 2.

    At least they are winning the games that they are supposed to win. Progress and consistancy. Thats all I ask for the rest of the season.

    - PJ
  3. 3.

    A win is a win

    - Raps Fan
  4. 4.

    These wins mean absolutely nothing.

    Hearing Leo say that this gives them something to build on for next season, that they are finally showing what they can do…completely pointless, untrue.

    Hearing Jack say that these wins mean little, that it’s easy to win when you’re loose and the games mean nothing…completely honest, true.

    Believe me, when the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the playoffs are being fought, no one, and I mean no one, will remember the Toronto Raptors winning a bunch of games in the final weeks of the season.

    And there is never a connection between a team’s final games and the beginning of the following season. Unless, perhaps, you’re a new franchise desperately looking for something positive. This is a Raptors team that massively underachieved, yet again. Finding solace in late season wins does nothing to build on the mental strength of it’s core of weak veteran players.

    - brento
  5. 5.

    Bryan Collangelo

    Our team has to build through the draft and the world wide hunt then develop players. Buying players and trading for them is fine if you are getting the last peices.

    Bryan could buy a decent team like he did in his first year but not a great one. If our goal is medeocrity we have a workable strategy. If our goal is greatness we have to get lucky on the draft or a world wide hunt. STOP TRADING THE DRAFT PICKS. Unfortunately you need a superstar who can take over a game and excellent players around him. That is a hard shopping list to fill. We need to get lucky in the draft but the better prepared we are for the draft and more we focus on it the luckier we will be.

    - Miles
  6. 6.

    eric do you see raptors win this sunday

    - ginomassari
  7. 7.

    as great as these wins are, and dont get me wrong im enjoying them as much as the next person, isnt it kinda too little too late?

    - Andrea
  8. 8.

    This team should not NEED to rebuild! because Bryan Collangelo will do his best to find the best players and coaches for next year! Like trying to get a guy like Leul Deng of the Bulls or John Salmons or Tyrus Thomus because they are all great players and I think the Bulls might trade one of them.

    Why would you rebuild!!! If the Raptors do that would be pathetic because they have a great roster and just needs a guy from the draft like a James Harden where people compare him to a Manu manu Ginobili

    Guaranteed the Raptors will make the playoffs next year!!!!

    - Raps Fan
  9. 9.

    Eric, who will fit the Raptors better?

    (James Harden),(Brandon Jennings)or(Jeff Teague)in the run and gun game?

    - Bryan
  10. 10.

    Although Clippers, Bucks, and Thunder are 15-85 on the road, that is no reason not to enjoy the Raps win streak.

    A columnist had to point out Triano is 4-24 vs playoff teams .. This is a stat we can do without as we drive for 4 in a row .

    - Chas Calz
  11. 11.

    Raps Fan…Deng, Salmons, Thomas are great players?


    The Raptors need to rebuild because they are a miserable team with little upside. Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh are unlikely to improve much more, and neither are capable of significantly improving the play of others around them.

    And, lastly, making the playoffs was never our goal. Since Colangelo took over the GM position, the goal was to finish in the top 3 (get homecourt advantage) and excel in the playoffs.

    Finishing 5th through 8th in the conference would have consituted a failure for the team.

    Finishing out of the playoffs, nearly 20 games under .500, is a disgrace.

    - brento
  12. 12.

    I totlaly Agree with Brento as always, I guess Raps fans do not see that these core players in the last three years now have not taken us over the hump. One thing I can’t stand is when fans get happy when the ream starts playing in the final weeks of the season. Raps fan, I firmly believe that even BC would diagree with you that this team does not need an overhaul, As of the beginning of next season one would think that BC’s Job will be on the line, after a season like this, therefore I think it would be best for him to make the right call on weather or not to make drastic changes. One thing I know for sure is MLSE does not care about player personelle, however if the personelle that BC assembles is not bring back a return in terms of playoff money, sort of like this 17 games under .500 squad this year, then MLSE and it’s board will take exception as they did with Grunwald and John ferguson Jr. On the hockey side of the operaton.

    These Guys are just like the Leafs and the Jays they tease you to close out the season. Im not buying it.

    - Thomas
  13. 13.

    Wow, Thomas I agree with Eric that you should be assistant head coach with him

    But, BC should not be fired and the Jose, Bosh and Baragani should NOT be traded because they make a good trio and they know how to complement each other they just need other pieces to make the team better!

    -Ben Goorden
    -Ron Artest
    -Shawn Marion and Iverson together
    -Dwayane Wade*

    - Raps Fan
  14. 14.

    There is Earl Clark, DeMar DeRozan, Jeff Teague, and some of the upcoming players in the 2009 draft to look out for.
    I also agree with Thomas. That “MLSE” name that got to be changed. And if you want anybody else that you can attack your blame on like I know a guy to do it to, do it to Richard Peddie!!

    - Steven
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