Wednesday March 25 2009 - 10:25pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)

Bucks @ Raptors

Final Score:
115-106, Raptors

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
19 points
11 assists
7/12 FG

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
18 points
14 rebounds
5 assists
2 steals
2 blocks
5/8 FG
8/10 FT

Shout-out to the Bucks:
20 points
6 rebounds
7 assists
2 steals
8/16 FG

Stats that stood out:
- Milwaukee came into this game in the top 10 in FT makes and FT attempts and they were just 7 of 9 from the line tonight.  Conversely, the Raptors were 35 of 40 at the line — more than FOUR TIMES as many attempts as the Bucks!
- Balanced attack for T.O. … 6 players in double figures:
     Bosh – 18
     Calderon – 19
     Shawn Marion – 17
     Andrea Bargnani – 23 (*game high)
     Anthony Parker – 18
     Jason Kapono – 14
- Toronto put up 40 points in the 2ND QRT to pretty-much ice this game (though Milwaukee did fight back to pull within 7 (after trailing by as many as 24 points) late in the 4TH
- Toronto out-rebounds Milwaukee, 39-34

Thumbs Up:
- Though Toronto coughed it up a bit in the 4TH, they controlled this game for about 85% of the night and - for argument’s sake – have now posted back-to-back ‘blowout’ victories (tonight’s final score was closer than the game truly was).  But “blowout” or not, this is the first time in a month that the Raps have won back to back games.

Thumbs Down:
- It’s always great to see former Raptor, Charlie Villanueva.  He has lit-up the Raps a ton of times in the past, but he was off his game tonight … tallying only 8 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 turnovers in 26:30 minutes of action.

Smith says:
- “Calderon with a solid overall game – aggressive on offence and defence – and he looks to be finally developing a nice chemistry with Marion.”

Jones says:
- “A good win for Toronto against a Milwaukee team that looks like its running out of gas.  Better defence from the Raptors tonight and nice aggressiveness getting to the line.”

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 12 of 24 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Thunder @ Raptors
– Wednesday March 27 2009
- Tune in just after 7:00pm Eastern for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

Missed the post-game show? You can listen to it here:


5 Responses to “Milwaukee Bucked By Toronto”
  1. 1.

    More than a month? DAMN!!!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  2. 2.

    Feb. 22 (W) vs New York and Feb. 24 (W) vs Minnesota

    That’s the last time Toronto won back to back games.

    - E. Smith
  3. 3.

    To build upon that, the Raptors have have won two games in a row on six different occasions and three games in a row on one occasion.

    Only once did they defeat two + .500 teams (January 2nd and January 4th vs. Houston and Orlando respectively)

    - Steve-O from Waterdown
  4. 4.

    Finally some important games coming up for Raptors fans THE SWEET 16.. Its funny how ‘experts’ talk about how its a WEAK draft but no draft is WEAK just WEAK scouting staffs (insert raptors staff). This year the raptors must be proactive on draft day and take a page out of portland gm’s playbook and aquire extra picks.


    The raptors with their top 10 pick select one of Earl Clark(louisville), Demar DeRozan (usc), Gerald Henderson (duke), or Tyreke Evans (memphis)… all have good to great athleticism and potential to be go to 2′s or 3′s in the nba.

    Then B.C needs to be aggressive and purchase or trade for a late teen’s or early 20′s pick (call the hornets they could use the money) if terrance williams (louisville), sam young (pitt), damion james (texas), or james johnson (wake forest) are still on the board.

    now in the 2nd round like smart gm’s you select a hungry big/undersized big you is going to be an effort ‘great bang for your buck’ guy. i’m a big believer in you can’t go wrong with someone from UCONN and in this case Jeff Adrien would be a great second round pick.

    - clutch_k
  5. 5.

    I’ve been working on improving my math.
    Didn’t Sam win 3 in a row? I agree with those who said Bargnani’s play has been the best thing about this season . He looks like a solid starter .
    Jonsey made the point Raps are playing loose , but a winning steak would be nice none-the-less. .

    - Chas Calz
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