Wednesday March 25 2009 – 11:42am Eastern (Toronto, ON)

Andrea Bargnani (heel) will suit up for the Raptors tonight when they face the Bucks.

The Italian iron-horse had not missed a game since December 2007 before he sat out of Sunday’s win over the LA Clippers.


Chris Bosh will draw the assignment on former teammate Charlie Villanueva, and Shawn Marion will check Richard Jefferson.

The Bucks enter this contest 2.5 games behind Chicago for 8TH place in the East.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or two, you’ve probably heard all about the great Twitter debate that’s been going on around the NBA (it was started after Charlie V posted a message on Twitter during the halftime of a Bucks-Celtics game).

Well, the media chatted with Villanueva today about how Twitter has impacted athletes and everyday folks in general.  Have a listen:


For what it’s worth, you can follow me on Twitter as well at:


One final quick note …

Just keep this in mind as you look down the road about 17-18 years …

Villanueva has a son that was born in Toronto.

Rasho Nesterovic has a son that was born in Toronto.

Not only does Matt Bonner want to play for Canada this summer and in future seasons, but he may be having more children down the road as well (word is he and his Canadian wife are pregnant now – but having a daughter (not that she couldn’t play for the WOMEN’S team)) – that could ultimately suit up for our National Team.

Perhaps the National program will see improvements that much more over the years with the potential for more “NBA blood” (literally and figuratively) joining the ranks.  Heck, Grant Hill is married to a Canadian as well … and the longer the Raptors are in town, the more likely it is that another player or two will have a son born in this city in future years.

Just food for thought.

E. Smith

18 Responses to “Bargnani Will Play”
  1. 1.

    Great news! Bargnani has been the one bright spot in a disappointing season

    - Don
  2. 2.

    Hey Eric,

    This a bit off topic but I just wanted to ask you if you’ve seen/heard Charles Barkley’s comments last night on TNT (post game show Jazz vs. Rockets)?
    He was talking about how he feels that NBA made a mistake by leaving Vancouver and that he’d love to see another NBA team back in Canada.

    Anyways, just thought you might be interested and maybe you can somehow hook up with Barkley to promote the idea of NBA coming back to Vancouver again :). I don’t know, it may be worth a shot. Charles seamed very passionate when he was talking about Toronto and Vancouver, and I know you’ve written about this subject numerous times.

    Best regards!

    - DC
  3. 3.

    I didn’t not see that DC


    I will look into it

    - E. Smith
  4. 4.

    Eric,I think Bryran.C does not need to overhaul this team just get a draft pick and sign Parker&Graham maybe Delfino!

    - Raps Fan
  5. 5.

    Excellent point, Raps Fan!

    Get a draft pick, sign Parker & Graham and maybe Delfino!

    Then, the Raps could come 13th place in the conference!

    Solid plan.

    Totally solid plan.

    - brento
  6. 6.

    I would have to respectfully disagree Raps fan,

    This team is weak

    1.@ the 2 spot/Slasher rebounding
    3.Perimetre and interior defense
    4.Second unit consistancy

    I would say this constitues an overhaul.

    - Thomas
  7. 7.

    The British Bulldog is out tonight — sore right knee. Day to day

    - E. Smith
  8. 8.

    Jawai active
    Douby active

    Banks inactive (toe)
    Humphries inactive (fractured fibula)
    Mensah-Bonsu inactive (knee)

    - E. Smith
  9. 9.

    I was wondering what happen to Pops!!

    - Steven
  10. 10.

    the raptors need a big man

    - ginomassari
  11. 11.

    who do the raptors need to be a good team next year

    - ginomassari
  12. 12.

    Here you go Gino:

    Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Aleksander Radojovic.

    Then, the Raptors would likely make the playoffs.

    If you subbed Dwight Howard for Radojovic, we might even make the 2nd round.


    - brento
  13. 13.

    Brento SHUT-UP!

    - Raps Fan
  14. 14.

    play nice folks

    - E. Smith
  15. 15.

    The Raptors fanatics they say the Raps just need a tweak are also probably the same leafs fans that dheered all those No trade contracts the leafs had and and probably think the Blue jays JP Richardi has done a great Job with no sniff of the playoff or meaniful games in Seoptember. Boy does Mediocrity prevail in T.O.

    - Thomas
  16. 16.

    Raps Fan…I’m so sorry…you’re absolutely right.

    I watched parts parts of tonite’s game and it’s obvious I’ve made a grave mistake in evaluating this team’s fortunes.

    I think tonite’s win will be the turning point for this franchise. I see contract extensions for Colangelo, Bosh…heck, let’s resign Kapono, too!!

    It’s all gonna be just fine. I must have thought that the team’s performance the first 10 games of the season actually meant something — but it’s clear I was in the wrong.

    I take back my comments. There’s no way the Raps are finishing in 13th next season.

    After signing Carlos (“I must go to Russia to play basketball”) Delfino…this team is finishing 12th…no…11th!

    I’m going to call my Raptors service rep tomorrow and beg to get my 2 season seats back…thanks :)

    - brento
  17. 17.

    Woops! I meant to say 70 games…not 10 games!

    Actually, they weren’t bad their first 3 games, if I remember correctly.

    Man, that seems like a crazy long time ago…when they were 3-0 and everyone was talking Top 3!

    - brento
  18. 18.

    How do you know they will finish 11th? If this team gets the right players for the right price they can make the playoffs and Mr.Colangelo is the guy who will do it and I think they will make the playoffs next SEASON!

    They just need the right guys and training camp with Jay Triano NOT Avery because he is not the run and gun type!

    If the raptors can get players for a LOW price I think the line-up next year should be:

    Iverson or James Harden

    Nathan Jawawi

    If and only “IF” they can these players there is a good chance they will contend for the top 4 seats in the east!

    Laugh all you want BUT, if there is only one guy who will turn around this Raptors team IT is Bryan Colangelo NOT a guy like Chris Webber!!!!!!!

    - Raps Fan
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