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It’s been more than a week since I have VLOGGED.  I’m starting to get the itch.  But I’ll save that for the road — that’s been the tradition for Jonesy and I this year.

I won’t be covering the Raptors’ practice today.  The FAN bosses wanted to give me a day off for some reason — must be all the hard work!  Or maybe they saw that I needed some time to recover from all of the messages and responses that came in from Saturday’s blog!  At any rate, it’s good to get some down time because today is my wife’s birthday so I can now take her to lunch and spend a little more time with family and friends.

However, I did want to check in with a few quick things …


If you haven’t seen or heard about this already, check it out:  http://www.thestar.com/Sports/NBA/article/607198

This is all I will say on the “issue” …

I’m not a gossip columnist and I’m not a host or reporter for Entertainment Tonight.  And this isn’t TMZ.com

I have zero-to-no interest in getting into the gory details of this case.  I’ll leave that for the courts to figure out. 

If the story is completely legit – as it’s written – Bosh needs to step up and be a man and be a Dad. 

HOWEVER, from the rumblings I’ve heard,  this is a sensitive situation and a lot of the details have not yet been revealed.  This story will likely make more sense to you when you hear what Bosh has to say and ALL of the details are released.  There are two sides to every story and Bosh’s has yet to be heard.  When it is, a greater understanding of the complexities of this case will come to light and I have a feeling there’ll be more support for Bosh. 

None of us know Bosh as a CLOSE friend (including me – and I have traveled with the guy for 4 years and covered him since he came into the NBA), but it would seem strange to me for any man to date a woman for an extended period of time … move in with her … allegedly propose to her … have her front and center at every game/party/event you’re at … attempt to have a child with her … and then leave her high and dry while 7 months pregnant.

This reeks of a story/case that has a lot of holes that still need to be filled.

Remember,  there is ( a ) Bosh’s side of the story, and ( b ) Allison Mathis’ side of the story.  The truth is there somewhere.  So don’t rush to judgement on anyone just because of some court documents have been filed. 

Now, moving on to a lighter topic …


I can’t puff out my chest TOO much because I told you before the tournament began that I had never won an office pool in the past.  But apparently I’m proving to know SOMETHING in 2009 …

Check out the FAN 590 staff pool for March Madness – heading into the Sweet 16:

JOSH GOLD SMITH (Raptors Radio Producer), 40-8
RJ BROADHEAD (TV Host), 40-8
ERIC SMITH (Raptors Radio Analyst / Host), 39-9
GORD STELLICK (Morning Show Host), 39-9
LANCE KENNEDY (Bullpen Producer), 39-9
KEN RODNEY (Hoops Producer), 39-9
JACK ARMSTRONG (Game Plan Host), 36-12
JEFF SAMMUT (Morning Show Producer), 36-12
NORM RUMACK (Late Night Host), 36-12
MIKE HOGAN (Bullpen Host), 36-12
ZACK COOPER (Sportscaster), 36-12
ALEX SIXIERO (Sportscaster / Host), 35-13
DOUG FARRAWAY (Host / Sports Director), 35-13
ROB WONG (Sportscaster), 35-13
BRYAN ANGUS (Bullpen Producer), 34-14
STEPEHN BRUNT (Primetime Sports Co-Host), 34-14
ROGER LAJOIE (Host), 34-14
ANDREW NIE (Sportscaster), 32-16
RYAN FABRO (Game Plan Producer), 33-15
BOB McCOWN (Primetime Sports Host), 31-17

E. Smith

31 Responses to “Bosh And Madness”
  1. 1.

    Nice Eric you’re doing better than me at 35-13 right now with my bracket didn’t see this many upsets

    - Damon
  2. 2.

    And for what it’s worth, I have 13 of the 16 left … and I still have a chance to have all of my Elite 8 alive. We’ll see.

    - E. Smith
  3. 3.

    Re: Bosh. If the story IS true, Bosh disgusts me…but lets wait for Bosh’s side to come out (however there is a huge correlation with the date the court papers were filed and the drop of play in Bosh’s game).

    Re: NCAA picks. Why do Bobcat and Brunt even bother joining the pool? Stellick is a huge suprise for me!!

    - Mr. T
  4. 4.

    When you make the kind of money Bosh makes there’s no such thing as a deadbeat dad. This girl has won the lottery and the worst she can portray Bosh the more dollars she will receive.

    - Rob from brantford
  5. 5.

    Hi Eric…You’re absolutely right. We should all delay judgement until we get ALL the facts reguarding Chris’s situation. Re: Saturdays blogs… in my opinion, you, Jack, and Paul DO tend to put a positive spin on the raps…But so what? It’s your opinion. We have every right to agree or disagree. It sparks good debate, good radio, good reading…And whether or not we agree or disagree with you, we certainly cannot question your integrity, your professionalism, or your work ethic. We, as fans, are incredibly fortunate to have such a hard-working bunch as you, Paul and Jack, providing us with blogs, vlogs,”Hoops”, scoops, play-by-play, discussion, etc., etc.. Thanks Eric, enjoy your time off…it’s well deserved.

    - jim
  6. 6.

    Lets not be nieve here Eric,

    In many cases when these paternaty situations are alleged against athletes, (ie Jordan,Karl Malone,Kemp most recently ex Chicago Bull Jason Caffey and the list goes on, more times than not it is found to be true. The athletes will then later on monetarely pay for the situation to go away. I think It’s an injustice when an athlete just pays for situations like these when they are true to just go away. I think they should be publicly exposed to the fullest, because these guys are highly looked up to by kids. True or not this is not something the raptor organization needs given the season thev’ve had. In BC’s mind this may be more of a reason to move Bosh, not because it may be true or not true, but just because it’s a story. Raps do not need any more negative attention on or off the court.

    - Thomas
  7. 7.


    Do I have to get into it with you on EVERY blog?


    It’s not about being “naive”. Give it a rest.

    It’s about waiting for the FACTS to come out.

    It’s about “innocent until proven guilty” or at the very least …

    It’s about waiting to hear both sides of the story.

    I hope you’re never on a jury.

    Trust me, you may be eating your words a bit if the rumblings I’ve heard (a) come out and (b) are legit.

    But either way, I’m sure you’ll have some way to spin it.

    - E. Smith
  8. 8.

    Hi Eric…You’re absolutely right. We should all delay judgement until we get ALL the facts reguarding Chris’s situation. Re: Saturdays blogs… in my opinion, you, Jack, and Paul DO tend to put a positive spin on the raps…But so what? It’s your opinion. We have every right to agree or disagree. It sparks good debate, good radio, good reading…And whether or not we agree or disagree with you, we certainly cannot question your integrity, your professionalism, or your work ethic. We, as fans, are incredibly fortunate to have such a hard-working bunch as you, Paul and Jack, providing us with blogs, vlogs,”Hoops”, scoops, play-by-play, discussion, etc., etc.. Thanks Eric, enjoy your time off…it’s well deserved.


    Hey Jim

    Whether people firmly disagree with Eric and the crew, or whether or not you suck up to Eric and the crew by telling him how great he is,
    I think just by the volume of comments on this blog and call ins on shows, Rogers Communications is pretty well aware that Eric and the crew are doing a good Job.

    - Thomas
  9. 9.

    Obviously Eric your misunderstanding, hence the reason your reaction is way out in left field. I didn’t say that Bosh is guilty or not guilty I am simply trying to say that if you play the percentages of paternity situations like this, it has not favored the accused. I gave you examples Malone, Jordan, and Most recently Jason caffey who was on Oparah accuses of not taking care of a few of his eleven kids. Karl Malone Met his son when his son was eighteen, and told his son that it was to late to establish a relationship. Malone had gotten the girl pregnant when she was a teen a he was in College and denied the kid all those years. Play the percentages Eric, how many times do you here of athletes being wrongfully accused in paternity cases. You hope Im never a juror, And you act as thogh your a laywer

    Oh by the way Eric remember your the one that works in the media, so your a pro at putting a spin on things. Ie the raptor season.

    - Thomas
  10. 10.

    Keep in mind athletes and celebrities are often falsely accused of crimes . Later they are declared innocent by a jury .
    Look at OJ- innocent of 2 murders , Kobe – had his rape charge dropped – Robert Blake- innocent of murdering Bonnie – A jury acquitted former NBA star Calvin Murphy , a father of 14 by 9 women,of molesting his daughters .
    Let’s rely on the jury to clear Chris since his lawyer said Chris denies all allegations .When do lawyers ever lie?

    - Chas Calz
  11. 11.

    I don’t know what the Bosh facts are and am trying not to care….perhaps he caught her having an affair and wasn’t sure if the child was his…but the paternity results are in and he should be paying child support by now REGARDLESS of other facts.

    Put the child first. Period.

    - Gary
  12. 12.

    And for what it’s worth, I have 13 of the 16 left … and I still have a chance to have all of my Elite 8 alive. We’ll see.

    Nice hopefully my Elite 8 stay alive my east bracket is going strong for me right now

    - Damon
  13. 13.

    I am glad E Smith is not going down the TMZ route. I hate that junk. I also hate these people that try to paint you guys as spin doctors for the Raptors. I have followed your career and have never felt that to be the case. we have also talked and you always answer questions in an honest straight forward way.

    As for the Bosh matter. People who are looking to run the dude out of town will use this latest off court drama as reason to keep pushing him out the door. I support Chris Bosh and if you look at all the stuff he does for kids I find it hard to buy that he would not want to do all he could for his own child.

    Eric is right in saying there are a lot of missing parts to this puzzle. In general there are women out there that target athletes and look for a pay day. 14.4 million dollars is like hitting the lotto. It is sad when children are used as a way for people to look to profit. ALL CHILDREN ARE PRICELESS. I find issues like this sad and pathetic. Chris has been a stand up young man for 5 years in Toronto and think at the end of this he will still be that guy.

    The timing of this story coming out is also pathetic and sad and I think that is a whole other story. But I consider the writer of it and totally get it. Could this story have come out yesterday or tomorrow? You bet it could have. But it comes out on the guys birthday. Give me a break. That is very TMZ like.

    So Happy Birthday CB4. Stay strong and hopefully stay in Toronto. Regardless I support and believe in Chris Bosh.

    - James Borbath
  14. 14.

    Wow, This story shocked me! I haven’t made any type of Judgement into this cause its a sad case. No one wins, everyone loses. What ever rumbling are to be heard I’ll be honest. I won’t care. The only thing I hope is when its all done with that this Beautiful baby has parents that love her and support her in every way they can. People lets keep this in perspective. Arguing with E over everything he says is pretty redundant. I hope for the sake of this baby that everyone puts her needs first overall and nothing else. Eric, about your Bracket it looks very impressive, Mine looks like my school grades, and that’s scary! LOL Why is Bobcat even in on this pool? aside from hockey i’ve never really heard him talk up anyother sport other than hockey and baseball, oh well more to the pot i guess. How did Gordo get the a better brackett than coach?? No science to this thing, none at all!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  15. 15.

    Paul Jones?

    - Raps Fan
  16. 16.

    My policy on athletes, artists, musicians, actors, etc. is simple:

    If it isn’t directly related to whatever field they are in (ie. sports, film), I don’t want to hear about it!!!

    Don’t tell me about how they’ve chosen public careers — I don’t care what Chris Bosh does with his private life…it’s NONE of my business!!

    I ONLY care about what he does when he is on the court or, perhaps, when he is being interviewed about basketball issues.

    “Our” obsession with the private lives of others disgusts me and does so much to negatively define who we are, as a society.

    We should all spend much more of our short lives devoted to improving ourselves, and the lives of our family and friends…not being fixated on how Chris Bosh treats his girlfriend!!

    Enough said.

    - brento
  17. 17.

    Let the record state that she lost us a game against the Cavs last year.

    - Eli
  18. 18.

    Hi E,

    The Bosh situation is definitely fishy. There must be a reason why Bosh had initially denied that the kid was his before the paternity test came out as a 99.97% match. As always though, innocent until proven guilty.

    On a basketball note, Bosh really should be traded this summer. However, with one year left on his deal it seems unlikely that we would receive a player of or close to his caliber. Any team that he acquire him would only have him as a one year rental. I don’t think teams would be willing to give up major talent for him unless there was some kind of commitment from Bosh to resign with the team that acquired him prior to the trade, but I’m guessing that could be considered as tampering. His contract coming off the books might be attractive too, if teams are looking to dump salary to make a run for 2010 free agent class.

    How about Chris Bosh for Vince Carter I bet a lot of Raptors nation would be jumping on that gun to pull the trigger right now.

    In closing, Yi Jianlian gonna be starting in the All-Star game next year. Book it!

    - Andrew
  19. 19.

    Chris Bosh… you… are not the father!

    - TomGfromBrampton
  20. 20.

    Geez I just checked my bracket, i’m as bad as Bobcat!!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  21. 21.

    There are 3 sides to every story…very true.
    On a lighter note, it’s “shocking” that McCown is last in the March Madness Pool.

    - JS
  22. 22.

    Hi Eric-I don’t normally respond to blogs, but the Chris Bosh story is a perfect opportunity to point out that this is no one’s business except Chris, his ex and the child. Chris owes the fans 100% effort on the court-nothing more, and certainly not an explanation of his private life. If people are going to use the “role model” excuse to say it is their business, then I would suggest they are looking for role models in the wrong places. I am not saying Chis has or has not done anything wrong, we don’t know the facts yet (and as I said earlier, we never should) but in general being a good athlete does not necessarily mean one is worthy of emulation in other aspects of life. Neither does being a pop star, actor, or any kind of celebrity. Role models are born from individuals with sound moral standards using the resources they have at hand to better mankind’s condition, or better yet, from parents, who, by the example of the life they lead, show their impressionable children how to be a decent human being.

    - Mike
  23. 23.

    Hey Eric, how’s Paul Jones’ bracket looking?

    - Tristan
  24. 24.

    Yep, you’re right Thomas, you didn’t say he was guilty or not guilty, you only called me “naive” and speculated that BC might now have another reason to think about moving Bosh during this off-season.

    How could I have possibly assumed you were essentially putting the guilty label on Bosh already? How crazy of me.

    - E. Smith
  25. 25.

    Tristan … Raps Fan … and others …

    I don’t think Jonesy made it into the FAN pool in time. He may have submitted his sheet late. But if I’m not mistaken, he told me he has either 36 or 37 wins right now.

    - E. Smith
  26. 26.


    Me simply telling you not to be Naive is saying don’t totally dismiss it, as it is clear that some have.

    Moving along
    when something like this is a story, weather or not people want to stand up for Chris, this doesn’t mean the story is just going to walk away from the tabloids. I would tend to think a story of this magnitude is stress on a GM, Im not speculating that BC is going to move Bosh because it’s true or not true
    Maybe I should remind you of some events around sports and how GM’s reacted, You would call it reactionary.
    \, Do you recall when Danny Heatly was traded from the thrashers right after he drove drunk and killed his Teammate , or Im sure you saw this past season in baseball the Jays and all other teams that stayed away from Bonds yet his situation is all allegations. How many Gm’s in Hockey would send Shawn Avery a Christmas card.

    I can give you a whole host of other examples of superstars bringing negative press that helped the GM to send them packing
    Im simply trying to say GM’s do not like negative press, and it would not surprise me if this contributed to what BC might do this summer with CB. Many GM can tap into when a change is what’s best for the player.

    This is not a foriegn thing Eric. Yet you act as though it’s popostorous.(How could he suggest that this would factor in to what Brian is going to do this summer, in the history of pro sports gm’s have never moved players partly because of bad press NO WAY NEVER)

    - Thomas
  27. 27.

    Let’s keep in mind the reported paternity test for Bosh was only 99.07 % certainty .. So there’s still that 00.03 % doubt .. Let’s let the jury decide .
    Doesn’t the mother of Chris’s alleged child realise this lawsuit could interfere with the Raptor’s quest for a playoff spot? .
    To show our feelings about Chris, maybe a standing ovation at the introductions tonight might be appropriate ?

    - Chas Calz
  28. 28.

    So, by saying there are “two sides” to every story, I’m dismissing it? Okay then.

    Did I not say he has to step up, be a man and be a Dad?

    Did I not just spend 15+ minutes on the air with Mike Hogan about this (less than a half-hour ago) talking about how this could affect not only Bosh’s decisions long-term but Colangelo’s as well?

    Having your opinion is fine Thomas, but don’t put words in my mouth for me or come up with bogus allegations (for lack of a better word).

    If you weren’t so combative or confrontational, you’d see we actually agree on many/most of the points.

    - E. Smith
  29. 29.

    Geez…between spelling errors (popostorous) and mathematical errors (99.07+00.03=100?), I’m having a lot of difficulty reading these posts.

    Does anyone go to school?

    Video Games = BAD
    Blackberry = BAD
    Television = BAD

    Books = GOOD

    Stay in School.

    - brento
  30. 30.

    No matter how the Bosh lawsuit ends, it really puts a cherry on top of a horrendous season when many thought it couldn’t get any worse?
    That last playoff spot was there for the taking .

    - Chas Calz
  31. 31.

    Thomas and Andrew I’m not sure if I understand your thinking when it comes to getting rid of Bosh.
    First Thomas because he is accused of being a dead beat dad. Know GM in their right mind will get rid of a good core player because of that. If that be the case 40% maybe 70% of professional athletes would no longer be in sports, no GM would want them.
    Andrew any team would want Bosh at this time, regardless of his contract,
    Lakers I would argue would be glad to give up Pau or Bynum for Bosh, surprisingly Colangelo is not that stupid, Bosh has the same numbers as Gasol, even a little better in points and rebounds,
    Houston would probably give up Yao for Bosh, why, Bosh’s numbers are virtually the same in rebounds (Yao’s 9.7 to Bosh’s 9.5 and Bosh has more points then Yao, again Colangelo does not see the point in that.
    Yao has always been surronded with all star players Steve Francis and Cutino Mobley and then Tracy McGrady came in with the trade, who does Bosh have as a healthy all-star 0.
    Colangelo relizes unless you are going to get the likes of a Wade or Lebron it does not make sense trading Bosh for another all star big man, you will just be trading bodies, with no real improvement. Getting Vince for Bosh makes no sense because, vince still needs a proven, experience rebounder, Bargnani lol! the new guy Pops?, your going to trade a proven big man for a rental player, not smart. The Raptors will be right back in the same mess before Bosh came to town a non playoff team.

    - David Dawson
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