By: David Alter

Andrea Bargnani says his injured left heel felt a lot better and took part in a full practice today.  Depending on how his foot holds up tomorrow, he could be back in the lineup on Wednesday.  C Nathan Jawai was back with the Raptors today as he had a check up on his heart.  It looks as though he could be sticking around with the Raps.

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7 Responses to “Bargnani Day-To-Day, Jawai To Stick Around?”
  1. 1.

    Eric, what is Nathan Jawai’s upside if he lives up to it and he’s healthy. Can he become a 15-20 pts/gm guy or a role player?

    Also, what is his (on-court)character like because I still think we need a nasty banger big man who brings the intensity every night, much like I thought JO could have.

    Go Raps Wednesday.

    - Gary
  2. 2.

    Last Sunday’s blowout was the luck of the Irish
    Yesterday’s blowout was the luck of da Punjabi.
    What’s for next Sunday?

    - Sid
  3. 3.

    Hey Gary…Nathan Jawai was once referred to as the “Shaquille O’Neal of the Australian Basketball League”. Or, was it the Austrian Basketball League?

    Whatever it was, that should sum it up for his potential.

    Anyways, have you seen him play? Granted, he could improve — but watching him would give you quite a bit of insight as to the legacy he will leave as an NBA player.

    - brento
  4. 4.

    yeah Brento, he’s one of those rare Indigenous Aboriginal Austrian’s……yeah that sounds right.

    - dallas
  5. 5.

    Too funny, Dallas…

    - brento
  6. 6.

    One concern would be his ability to stay in shape as his ballooning weight in the recent D league stin would show. It’s been one source of Shaq’s injury problems throughout his career.

    Watch as Shaq hits 425 not long after he retires a la Charles Barkley.

    - Gary
  7. 7.

    Hi all, Nathan Jawai is a friendly giant, not a crash and bash kind of player. In the Australian, not Austrian league he dominated against undersized opponents. If he could average a double double 10pts 10rebs a night then that would be a bargain pick up for the club, but to be honest I don’t think it is likely.The comparison to Shaq was more in reference to his appearance than his ability, although he can slam it down hard, has good agility, suprisingly light on his feet and isn’t slow at all.

    - Corey
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