Monday March 16 2009 – 1:15pm Eastern (Charlotte, NC)

Vloggin’ from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I hear it’s warmer back in Toronto!  Oh well.

Raptors and Bobcats on the FAN 590 at 7:00pm tonight – right after Primetime Sports with Bob McCown.

No pre-game show — just straight to the tip at 7:00pm … and we’ll see if the Raptors can make it 2 wins in a row after routing the Pacers at the ACC yesterday.

Enjoy the VLOG folks.

E. Smith

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2 Responses to “VLOG 35.0 – Charlotte”
  1. 1.

    Hey!! What happened?

    I thought the one game winning streak had propelled the Raps into a position to take a run at the playoffs!!

    I woke up this morning, and they were (gulp!) 3 games behind 13th place!!

    Darn! I guess I won’t be ordering those playoff tickets…

    - brento
  2. 2.

    It’s so refreshing in a cynical world (see AIG bonus payouts) to see Pops genuinely touched by the fans’ (also genuine) appreciation for his efforts. From the interviews I’ve seen, Pops seems bright and mature. Nice work by the Raps front office to identify and go after him. Hope he stays.

    - MG
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