By: David Alter

Time is just about running out for the Raptors who last night clinched their first losing season since the 2005-06 season.  The team looked awefully different back then, and the expectations of good things for this season have gone up in smoke.  Is it for a lack of confidence from the players? Is it the coaching? Where is the intensity?  Check out the video report special to

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21 Responses to “Where is The Intensity?”
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    Earlier in the year I was all over Smitch for not motivating his players to play harder and for his players lack of effort on a consistent basis. I have realised from their play after the Smitch firing that these players just don’t cut it. They are the only ones responsible for the effort they put forth and that the coach can only do so much. It is pretty telling when a D-leaguer i.e. Pops, calls out his team for their lack of effort (in today’s Toronto Star, where they ask Pops “what the problem is” and he responds without naming names, that players are just not playing with any urgency or effort)…like McCowan said yesterday, this team is fractured and there needs to be major changes this summer (trading Bosh and others)in order to change how this team plays.

    - Mr. T
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    - Raps Fan
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    Jay Triano gave Joey Graham who was useless a heart and a passion.

    Jay Triano gave Andrea a brain rather than a mindless three shooter.

    Brian Collangelo performed a miracle in his first year but that was then. I want a team built to win not magically slapped together. Teams are bult around 3s not fours. Bosh played great against Miami but he has checked out. It is time to make it official.

    I also think the Raptors have to build through the draft to get a star that might stay here.

    - Miles
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    On a good night, Bosh can give you 25-30 and 10 rebounds, Bargnani 20-25 and 10, Marion 15-20 and 10, Calderone 15 and 10 assists and insert Parker, Kapono, Joey Graham, and even Pops or Ukic and Hump when he gets healthy.

    Bottom line is if this team can ever find consistency and play up close to its potential, this is not a sub .500 team.

    Yes, changes have to be made but then they have to learn effort every night and hoe to play as a team.

    -time to head down south for a little gold and sun for me.

    Go Raps playing out the string.

    - Gary
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    well Put MR.T..i pitty the fools homeboy..I here ya on the Chris Bosh scenerio..better move him in the summer to move forward..he’s soft these days anyhow, no emotion,intensity,drive..doesn’t give a rats ___ …worried about the comeback video to shaq..if he’s really serious about getting back at em.he’s got another thing coming. The Real Superman is going to eat him alive.

    - kiko
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    maybe yous should start to televise the practices so we could see some of that Intensity.

    - TomGfromBrampton
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    Hoops was interesting last night .
    It was hard to defend Colangelo without doing a lot of tap-dancing and evasion .
    A guest suggested looking at Raps record since Mitchell’s firing, Sam might have over-achieved with this team and his firing might have been premature ?

    - Chas Calz
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    I hear a lot about how Jay has done a great job with Joey Graham. JOEY GRAHAM? Who cares about an improved Joey Graham in a contract year? Is Joey Graham in the running for the leagues most improved player? In reality he’s taken his game from a 4 to a 6.

    When Sam Mitchell spoke, you could hear the passion in is voice. He got the most out of that team two years ago. It may have worn thin and perhaps it was time to make a change but he had passion that was not only about basketball but about life. My greatest fear is that Triano will be back next year. Good guy, good coach, WRONG situation.

    - PJ
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    This season this team has gotten exposed as being a soft team. When Sam Mitchell got canned that was the toughest individual in the raptors org! With Sam here this team actually tried even if they lost they were putting 100% into the games..but with Triano they come out for the first quarter and a half and then pack it in! I only have to watch until halftime cause I know they will give up by the middle of the 3rd quarter. I always here that a team takes on the personality of the coach and the raps had a lot of fight in then when Sam was here cause thats the type of players he was when he played but i just don get that same fire from Triano and its showing in his players lack of fire on the court day in day out. When 2 new members of the team (Matrix and Pops) both call out the entire team in the media for lack of energy and fire there is a major problem here and this team needs a major overhaul….that includes ALL coaches!

    - Rush
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    Listening to you guys on Hoops last night I also felt you guys were tap dancing around the Colangelo questions. You guys said that at least Colangelo had the onions to make moves!! What does that mean he made a number of bad moves that got the team in this situation in the first place. Call it like it is guys he fired a coach who was one game under .500 whom he signied to a lucrative deal in the first place and then put Triano in a no win situation. He traded TJ and Rasho to a team that is in the playoff hunt …he traded Charlie V to the Bucks who are in the playoffs and Charlie V has emerged as the go to guy with them having a major injury. Its tough to see former players of the raptors all making a push (Carter NJ) for the playoffs while the raps dont even show any effort night in night out and Colangelo has to take full blame for that. Also last night Chris Brousard from ESPN was on the show and told you guys exactly like it is about CB4 ..he said that CB4 will most likely (if CB4 is smart)NOT re sign with the raps instead he will take less money and sign where Lebron or wade signs…so he can play the role of Scottie Pippen to one of the Jordan acts because as good as CB4 is ..he cant carry a team on his own! I couldnt agree more and every smart basketball mind in the NBA knows this and if Colangelo was smart he would have started entertaining trade offer for CB4 this season! Colangelo needs to come to the realization that his franchise player is really not a franchise player but a great second option and that he needs to trade him now before he walks and we get nothing for him!

    - Rush
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    Go easy on Jay, guys. A coach can only do so much. You can teach (coach) strategy, technique, timing, etc…but you can’t teach toughness. If you want your raps to be tougher, nastier, and more defensive-minded, then Bryan needs to go out and find players of that ilk.(nice word, eh?). Jay can’t make his leopards change their spots…and don’t speak of Sam as if HE was successful. He wasn’t. This team has been soft for years.

    - jim
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    And Rush I’ll tell you why they Gherardini & Colangelo traded Charlie V is to make room for Bargnani which was Gherardini’s stupid idea. And no Bosh can’t run the team on his own. You will have to bring in someone strong enough to assist Bosh. Pops & Marion I would rather keep cause I see them more intense. All I say is the front office needs to be changed before the roster because ever since the Raptors won lost the 1st round to the nets in 6 games, he wasn’t happy. Then we end up with 41 wins/losses apiece. Then this one was the blow by the Italian scams. His Euro-style basketball has cost them a lot. And just by looking at the other 29 teams bench…when a nice highlight is made those 29 bench teams on the roster are up on their feet going buck wild. But when it it comes to our bench….it’s a lil stand up and clap tap type of thing and that’s goes to show you that there has not been a lot of intensity & motivation to the Raptors squad all because of this Euroleague crap!!!! So changes need to be made during this off-season, start with the front office that includes Colangelo & Gherardini, then the coaching system and bring in Avery Johnson and whoever…then you begin the roster!!

    - Steven
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    If there’s anyone out there who truly believes and trusts that Bryan Colangelo has the ability to successfully rebuild this franchise — please, please, please explain to me why you feel that way.

    My head is going to EXPLODE if I hear another person state that “all BC needs to do is…” !!

    Every additional day this terrible GM has the responsibility of influencing our beloved team, we move further and further away from improvement.

    We were already dealing with Vince Carter dragging down the once positive vibe of this team…and now we have this sharp-dressed man playing games with our team.

    Mr. Colangelo…please go home.

    - brento
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    Jim – 47 wins and a eastern conference championship in my books is successful and back to back playoff apperances arent bad. Also a 42 win season isnt bad either. I am not ripping Jay Triano…I think he was put in a bad situation…however that being said just look at the knicks they were the laughing stock of the NBA for the past 2 seasons a coaching has done wonders for them…they are playing respectable basketball now under D’antoni and he has them at least putting forth 100% every night. some of the worst teams in the league have torched the Raps (Oaklahoma, NY , Timberwolves etc…) there just isnt an excuse for getting beat and beat bad by those teams…and for the Raptors to not even compete against those teams say a few things 1)that they just dont respect Jay or 2) they just dont give a sh*t.

    - Rush
  15. 15.

    Sam will be a head coach again. Jay will not. Listen to the cip from The Game Plan (March 12). Jay does not know what to do. He does not speak with confidence. He speaks the way the team plays.

    - PJ
  16. 16.

    PJ…I couldn’t agree more. Very, very well put.

    “He speaks the way the teams plays”.

    I don’t think I have ever heard a coach do a better job of imitating his team’s play…or is it the other way around?

    No disrespect to Jay, however. The coaching change was a TERRIBLE move, and this could be seen from a mile away! Whether or not Sam Mitchell was the correct choice was NOT the issue. The issue was the timing of the firing, particularly in light of Colangelo giving Mitchell the contract extension.

    Colangelo despicably left Triano high and dry… BIG TIME! It will forever tarnish Triano’s reputation, and will do nothing to improve that of our GM’s reputation.

    In this day and age of high salaries and YouTube player love-in videos, Triano had no chance, whatsoever. There was no way the players were going to respect him, and their play has proven that.

    I pray BC goes home, tail firmly between his legs…straight home to his daddy’s open arms.

    - brento
  17. 17.

    Brento, for the most part I usually agree with what you have to say and I can’t with a straight face defend Colangelo, especially not after this horrendous year. However, I still do have faith that he can turn this around. As I had said in a previous blog, after this summer, we will be better able to judge Colangelo and if after this summer he has done nothing to significantly change this roster then we can legitimately plea with those above to fire him (like Jack says, the honey moon is over and its time for BC to show what he’s made of or else he’s the next person the fans will be gunning for). I truly believe most fans were happy with this team at the beginning of training camp, we all had high expectations. Colangelo made a trade in the offseason to (as risky as it may have been) accomplish two goals. One, provide an inside presence/rebounding and to create cap space for 2o1o. At the time their were many people hating on TJ, “he’s not a team player….he’s selfish, etc.” and Jose did have an outstanding season last year (under Mitchel’s high screen and role, take care of the ball offence.) Jose has been exposed, Bosh has taken a step backwards (after his MVP declaration) Parker has been inconsistent, Kapono has been a no-show, Bargnani was hibernating until January (all these things, I don’t think anyone could forsee). If I were to blame Colangelo for one thing that he missed this year was his inability to acquire players to come off the bench (perhaps are biggest problem, which in the last two years was our strength, was the play of the bench players, which this year is non-existant). Nevetheless, I do think BC deserves a chance to remedy some of the mistakes made and to improve this roster and I personally think he can do it. If he is unable to, I’ll be the first to admit that Brento, were right and I was wrong! (p.s. I apologise for any grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes, as I’m in a rush to go but I believe my point is clear?)

    - Mr. T
  18. 18.

    I understand, Mr. T. I hear what you’re saying, but I’m way beyond giving BC chances.

    The honeymoon was over a very long time ago. Keep in mind this is a veteran, well respected, HIGHLY paid, extremely connected, General Manager we’re talking about.

    This is not a rookie Joe Dumars, trying to establish himself as a GM, build a reputation, and gain experience through mistakes.

    BC was supposed the EXACT GUY we had always sorely needed. He was polished, professional, and ready to turn this average franchise into a huge winner.

    Well…three years later…all I see is massive regression. I see the Euro-boat long gone from the dock, with a rebuild our only option. Colangelo grand plan of using Bargnani, Bosh and Ford as the building blocks of this franchise has proven a huge failure.

    Why extra chances now?

    As far as I’m concerned, last year was his blip. This year, was his big year to show he could turn around the team…and the team he has built has shown itself to be one of the softest, least motivated teams this city has ever seen.

    - brento
  19. 19.

    Brento I couldn’t agree with you more. But you also forgetting that his assistant is also another part of the problem. He too should be gone as part of creating this Euro-chaos!!

    - Steven
  20. 20.

    With all due respect, he brought in Garbajosa, Parker, Rasho, TJ and we made the playoffs and one our division, when everyone believed BC needed atleast three to four years to turn that debacle that was left behind after the VC trade into a winning franchise. The next year, BC brought in Delfino, Kapono, and whoever else (I really can’t think b/c I had a long night at the pub) and we made another push for the playoffs. Now, some may credit BC other may credit Mitchel and some may even credit the coach! The truth is, when BC came to Toronto, this franchise was in shambles…his first year we won the division and BC was a God…the second year, we made the playoffs and were (some may say) upset by the magic. Could it be that BC was successful beyond any of our imagination the first two years? I’m the first to say that this year has been a disaster but to blame B.C., and to not even give him a chance to try to fix what went wrong this year I think is, sorry to say, moronic. Give him this offseason, if he fails to turn this thing around than lets turn on him. By the way, two years ago when he tapped into the European market and got Garbo and Parker he was a genius, now he;s a bum….C’mon guys

    - Mr. T
  21. 21.

    Again, reading over my post, many grammatical errors, which I blame due to a long nigt at the bar…SORRY! If I can pinpoint one huge mistake BC made, it was letting Mo-Pete go for nothing. Instead he brought in Delfino, Kapono and Moon for defence/penetration; three point shooting and defence/rebounding….all these entangibles that these individuals brought to this team he had with Mo-Pete! However, for some reason, I feel that Smitch had issues with Mo, I don;t exactly know what went wrong between the two of them and nobody has said that they had a problem with eachother but I have a feeling that reason MO wasn’t re-signed was b/c Mitchel didn’t want him (i.e. something happened there…) How can Mo-Pete go from Mitchel’s go to guy in his first year to sitting on the bench during his second year…how could he start Joey G in the playoffs to defend VC rather than Mo??? Eric, am I on to something??

    - Mr. T
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