Wednesday March 11 2009 – 12:40pm Eastern (Philadelphia, PA)

Vloggin’ from the city of brotherly love.

Tune in at 7:00pm tonight for the tip of the Raptors and Sixers – Andrea Bargnani is a game-time decision, with flu-like symptoms.

E. Smith

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19 Responses to “VLOG 34.0 – Philadelphia”
  1. 1.

    J.Moon is putting up big numbers in Miami and also high light dunks….well well well….it must be nice playing without assist to turnover ratio star JOSE CALDERON. what a joke that just goes to show you that Jose needs to take more chances and scrap that assist/ratio stat. This team is trying to run more but I dont see how that will work when you have a conservative point guard that runs all the way until the top of the three point line and stops! that is not a running offense. Jose needs to learn how to dribble drive and dish but i am afraid he might not be able to learn that at this stage of his career. A team that runs needs a point guard who actually does that and Jose is not that guy!

    - Neil
  2. 2.

    I don’t know what Jamario Moon has to do with this VLOG or tonight’s game against Philly, but for what it’s worth, Jamario’s numbers in Miami:

    11 games
    8.9 points
    4.8 rebounds

    With Toronto this year:

    54 games
    7.3 points
    4.6 rebounds

    So let’s be real about Moon’s “big numbers”. I’m happy for Jamario and wish him all the best, but he’s up a point-and-a-half and 0.2 rebounds. That’s not exactly earth-shattering.

    - E. Smith
  3. 3.

    That is a wicked shirt!! Do you think the NBA should change the playoffs to be top 16 teams as opposed to 8 from each conference cause West still stronger than East? Would that be a better bar to show case best teams in the playoffs?

    - Lanny from Whitby
  4. 4.

    No commnet on Jose …Eric? “What IF” Jose actually drove the ball in the paint and passed instead of standing at the top of the key….WHAT IF he tried that just once a game Eric? Its nice how you avoided commenting on Jose.

    - Neil
  5. 5.

    Who would start in place of Bargnani – Jake Voskuhl? :p

    Seriously though, it would be interesting to see a small lineup of Bosh, Pops, Marion, Parker and Jose.

    - Jeff W
  6. 6.

    if you really couldnt read in between the lines my above comment wasnt so much about J.Moon but more towards Jose but for some reason you didnt pick that out. The comment you made about Moons earth shattering numbers sounds more like you are defending Jose…maybe you should just come out and say Jose is doing a fabolous job as point guard and isnt a defensive liability and he will run this offense the way BC predicted when he let TJ go and signed Jose. Dont make a back handed comment…just man up to defending Jose. Its that simple Eric!

    - Neil
  7. 7.

    Thank you for pointing these Jamario stats out, Eric.

    Once again, a clear distortion used to come up with an false claim about a Raptors (or, in this case, former Raptor).

    Unfortunately, Jamario Moon remains Bryan Colangelo’s 3 year “claim to fame”.

    Way to go, Bryan.

    Perhaps ownership should consider a contract extension.

    - brento
  8. 8.

    Lets be fair Eric as you say you always are, rememher that there is alot of areas in a players game that do not always show up in the stats. I have no doubt that as Moon continues to play with someonse as dominant as Wade, his scoring and ways of scoring will expand.

    How much better has banks been since he’s been here at 4 million dollars. You can downplay Moons Miami numbers all you want, Ask yourself how much is Miami paying him for the production they are getting.

    - Thomas
  9. 9.

    I rather have Joey Graham! any day!

    - Raps Fan
  10. 10.

    Keep coming with your tough-guy talk Neil. “Man up” — give me a break.

    I guess you didn’t hear 9-10am this morning when I talked about how bad Jose has been defensively this year, how he has to take more chances on offence, and how he has missed having TJ in that 1-2 punch that they both benefited from last year …

    Yeah, I guess ya missed that.

    And I guess you missed how I took Andre Miller over Jose Calderon in a head to head in yesterday’s blog.

    Get your facts straight before you come with the bravado.

    You brought up Moon – I didn’t.

    And I’m not trashing Moon — he’s solid, and I like him personally as well.

    So, to Thomas’ point as well, I’m not downplaying them, I’m merely pointing out that they’re not as lopsided as some would make them out to be.

    But if you’re asking me if Moon is seeing more looks from Wade and will benefit from an uptempo system or style from a guy like Wade (as compared to Calderon), OF COURSE I’d agree with you.

    - E. Smith
  11. 11.

    its about time you got the twitter bug

    - TomGfromBrampton
  12. 12.

    RE: Jeff

    Although I like watching Pops, I would assume that if Bargnani can’t go, they’ll just slide Graham into the starting line-up and play either him or Marion at the PF (with Pops being the first big off the bench).

    - Patrick
  13. 13.

    Those in the Raptors hoops community who criticized J-Moon for his inability:

    1. To drive to the basket consistently;
    2. Shoot the ball from the perimeter effectively;
    3. Defend opponent Wing players effectively;
    4. Not fall prey to opponent pump fakes;
    5. Rebound effectively this season;
    6. Maintain his concentration effectively;

    as a player with a $700,000 contract per season,

    simply do not have a sophisticated understanding of the NBA Game.

    Jamario Moon was a solid player for the Toronto Raptors last season and then season, in which he was under-utilized and played out of position, given the strengths and weaknesses of the other players on their roster.

    It was a bad decision to include him in the trade with the Miami Heat, as he was always the type of player who would fit in well with a GM like Riley, a coach like Spoestra, and a mega-star multi=purpose player like Dwyane Wade.

    - khandor
  14. 14.

    Likewise …

    Those criticize Jose Calderon’s defensive ability, relative to the other Starting PG’s in the NBA, and cast him in the role of a “conservative”, low-risk, no-penetration and failure-to-create-easy-scoring-opportunities-for-his teammates PG …

    simply reveal a similar lack of sophistication when it comes to understanding what’s important and what’s not in the NBA Game.

    - khandor
  15. 15.

    Any chance Colangelo might take over as coach for Triano like McHale did with Minny?
    That might generate some interest for the last 17 games and into the playoffs, you think ?

    - Chas Calz
  16. 16.

    I think there is zero chance of that Chas

    - E. Smith
  17. 17.

    Hey Chase,

    I think it would be great to see Colangelo coach this team, since he think’s it”s the best team he’s assembled since being here.

    I think it would also be a wonderful way for BC to see what the six coaches in ten years that he fired in Phoenix had gone through.

    - Thomas
  18. 18.

    waddup E! been a while since my last comment. just wanted to say that these vlogs are the the highlight of this raptor season for me. ha. keep em comin!

    - ty
  19. 19.

    Hey Eric whats up…i feel Bad man you gotta take all this ish on here from these b-ball mad men..anyhow straight up man i love the game of basketball and love the raps but i can’t see us contending for anything ever, i know you might think its crazy talk but which top quality franchise guy superstar(US Bred) will ever want to sign with Toronto? no matter what money they throw at them. The only way we got a chance at anything is if we draft a superstar and that ain’t happening either cause we don’t know how to draft!!! Sorry Eric this has nothing to do with tonights game which i stopped watching after the first quarter cause i was getting sick to my stomach…the team we could of had!!!you know what names i’m talking about man damn it! i don’t even want to mention there names it makes me nervous..and being in this rich division doesn’t help either…look at all the speculation already with lebron to NY and Bos like damn it we in the same boat as the jays now..were finished..

    - kiko
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