Friday March 6 2009 - 10:10pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)

Heat @ Raptors

Final Score:
108-102, Heat

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
10 points
5 assists
3 rebounds
2 steals
3/6 FG

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
42 points
6 rebounds
8 assists
17/23 FG
5/7 FT

Shout-out to the Raptors:
34 points
7 rebounds
4 assists
2 blocks
13/23 FG
7/10 FT

Stats that stood out:
- After tonight’s game, Wade now has 29 games of 30 points or more (17 games with 35 points or more)
- Wade becomes the first player to have TWO games in one season of 40 points or more against the Raptors
- Pops Mensa-Bonsu with 10 rebounds in only 15 minutes in his Raptor debut
- Points in the Paint:  52-38 Raptors
- Toronto out-rebounded 37-32
- Jose Calderon on the bench in crunch-time (Anthony Parker running the point) after having an off-night with only 3 points and 6 assists on 1 of 6 FG

Thumbs Up:
- Seeing two stars goe toe-to-toe:  Bosh and Wade.  Both stars led their respective teams with outstanding performances, but Wade’s was that much better as he continued to deliver knock-out punches to Toronto’s attempted comebacks throughout the game.

Thumbs Down:
- Toronto’s “D” was not good for most of the night.  The Heat were shooting 57% from the field heading into the 4TH quarter.  It was only then – in the final frame – that the Raps started getting some stops, holding Miami to 8/23 FG.

Smith says:
- “Too much Wade; too little D for most of the night.”

Jones says:
- “Wade showed why he’s an MVP candidate tonight.”

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 4 of 9 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Jazz @ Raptors
– Sunday March 8 2009
- Tune in at 12:05pm for the pre-game show and just after 12:30pm Eastern for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

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21 Responses to “Wade Heats Up Toronto”
  1. 1.

    Raptors and fans need to be patient.. they need to let things come together over time… trust that what we have now will come together over time… once they learn to play defence and have a chance to practise and gel together and get the chemitry going.. we will be there.. in time.. how Long? year two or even three… with progress each year…

    I like the mix of Marion, Bosh, Calderon, and Bargnani… there is agood core to be patient with… everyone is overreacting right now



    - Randy Kubik
  2. 2.

    Watching Raptor games makes my stomach hurt…is that normal?

    - Mr. T
  3. 3.

    I sincerely hope that tonite’s game ends any and ALL!) discussion of the playoffs by ANYONE working for this Raptors organization.

    Hearing guys like Bosh talk about being in the playoff hunt shows just how weak they are character-type leaders.

    Either they have no concern, whatsoever, for the intelligence of their hard-working, paying, fans OR they actually believe what comes out of their mouths.

    Either option is a terrible one.

    Any self-respecting, and fan respecting, player would chastise their performances and those of their team for being 15 games under .500 (particularly, when expectations were to reach the playoffs, at the least).

    But, hearing players like Chris Bosh speak so comfortably about ending the season with a big run to reach the 8th place spot…is a huge slap in the face to all of us on this board!!

    - brento
  4. 4.

    One last thing:

    A D-leaguer showed up his new NBA teammates tonite by either outworking them or matching their intensity.

    I realize it’s only one game, but I find this a clear indication of how atrocious the Raptors’ effort level has been this season.

    Completely unacceptable.

    - brento
  5. 5.

    im gonna say this, the problem with the team is not bosh and bargnani, i think they can do some serious damage. but both of those guys need a scoring point guard not a passing point guard. some players need passing guards, some need scoring guards. I still say that if TJ did not get hurt last year they would have been a 50 win team. I was one of those guys who loved Jose more then TJ, but it just shows how a guy like TJ is exactly what the raps need. Im a big Jose fan, he still is a part of this team. but we miss the scoring point guard player. we have no movement on our offence, we have 2 great big players so there will never be much passing like a smaller team. we need that scoring guard to jel this team to a playoff status again. Sorry for my rant but im tired of hearing this trade bosh garbage, bargs and bosh dont work etc.. garbage. no offence to jose we still need him, but we also need a TJ type player to get over 40 wins a season guarenteed.

    - fg
  6. 6.

    Cut this is stone!!!

    when Bosh has a great night he is a great all star.

    Wade is a franchise player.
    Lebron is a franchise player.
    Kobe is a franchise player.

    Bosh is not and never will be a franchise player. You can build a team with Bosh in it but it is foolish to call Bosh a franchise player we can build around. no 4′s are franchise players especially soft ones who only show up with a full effort occasionally. Glad Bosh got his drivers license back.


    give your head a shake. TJ thought he was a franchise player all he was, was a ball hog. He was a world class passer who only wanted to dribble and shoot.

    - Miles
  7. 7.

    Big effort from our 8 million dollar point guard tonight. Oh the days of tj are missed. This guy is a bum. He can’t even out play chambers

    - jose hater
  8. 8.

    Well…the Raptors are now 17 games under .500 @ 23-40. 19 games left and they are about run out of luck anytime soon. So best thing to do is to re-format this roster for the upcoming 09-10 season and the main thing to do is to get some streetball type of guys who shows that they are hungry to win games. Most likely the guys who are North American type NBA players. None of this Euro-League nice guys that has no aggression inside of them.

    - Steven
  9. 9.

    I was surprised on Hoops to hear mild attack on ” faceless bloggers ” who occasionally are critical of Raps .After all, most Toronto newspapers columnists and bloggers in other NBA cities are just as critical as Raps bloggers .

    Nice first game by Bonshu .. 10 Rbs in 15 mins ,

    I was surprised to read in Toronto Sun Marion implying Raps strategy vs Heat was a mistake by coaches .. He said :” we played into their hands” .
    Wade should get some MVP votes and Heat coach is doing a nice job too .

    - Chas Calz
  10. 10.

    Randy…the only place you’ll be seeing Bosh, Marion, Bargnani and Calderon playing together is on EA SPORTS NBA 2008/2009.

    And, thank the lord for that.

    The Raptors’ record, with Marion/without Marion, is a clear indicator of the team’s talent. And, Marion would be absolutely INSANE to want to spend even a single day in Toronto after this season.

    He’s still a solid NBA starter. Why in the world would he want to play for a team so desperately lost, and a management team so completely clueless as to how to build an NBA winning team?

    - brento
  11. 11.

    Amidst all the doom and gloom, I have to say how much I appreciate Bargnani’s improvement this year. Maybe the 7 footer is growing inti his body.

    3′s, blocking shots, driving to the tin with some consistancy – a much more complete player than he was even earlier this year.

    Bosh, Bargs, Marion and Calderone should equal much better results than we’re seeing.

    - Gary
  12. 12.

    What an embarasment. The raptors let a d-league player come in and show them how to box out and rebound. Jose Calderon,and Jason Kapono should be shown out the door in the offseason. (along with a few others) Thanks but no thanks. Go Raps Go playoffs here we come … Sorry i forgot my medication, back to reality. I cant wait to see what BC is going to do this off season. Eric what do u think about the two prospects Terrence Williams out of Louisville. and Gerald Henderson out of Duke. Those are two nba potential guards that have caught my eye, what’s your take on these players ?

    - Douglas
  13. 13.

    Bryran.C can’t not be fired who are we going to hire Chris Webber? (LOL)

    Ricky Rubio coming 2 Toronto

    Jose Caldron for Baron Davis!coming this off-season!

    - Raps Fan
  14. 14.

    Is there a starting point guard in the league that we wouldn’t trade jose for?

    - jose hater
  15. 15.

    Man, it’s so hard to feel any sort of sympathy towards this raptor franchise. They’ve got a great fan-base, they’ve got a “sugar-daddy” partner in the Maple Leafs, they’ve got a great venue at the A.C.C., and they’ve had opportunity coming out of their ying-yangs (4 top-ten draft picks in the last 5 years!).
    In spite of all these factors, all WE’VE gotten is, years of under-achievement, a parade of over-paid, whining “stars”(Carter, McGrady, Davis, Mourning (oh yeah, he didn’t even bother to show) etc.), and bumbling, incompetent management (Babcock).
    Right now, we’re plagued by 2 things; G.M. Bryan’s EGO, and Bryan’s HIDDEN AGENDA. I think B.C. is, only now, starting to realize that he hasn’t been as clever as the Raptor media has made him out to be. Too bad it took him so long. He should have blown this season up before the trade deadline, so he could have moved more salary in preparation for this summer’s free-agent market.
    His vision of an international team of stars is nice (espescially in multi-cultural Toronto), but seems to have taken precedence over what should be his ONLY agenda…fielding the best NBA squad.
    If Nash is serious about ending his career in Canada, then go after him. He may be the only big-name talent that we wouldn’t have to over-pay for, AND, in spite of his declining abilities, he would still be a “draw” for other players. Go get one more “big-name”, and then let Maurisimo earn some of his pay by rounding out the bench with some good Euro role-players.
    I kind of hope that this year’s squad DOESN’T make the post-season…they don’t deserve to make it. On the other hand, I’d love to see the hard-working Maple Leafs somehow squeek in. It would be a great reward for their hard work, and never-say-die attitude; two attributes that these soft raptors lack.

    - jim
  16. 16.

    OK ya, we lost. But we didn’t get blown out. Ya Wade had a great game, but he has against EVERY team he has played since the All Star break and most before then too. I mean, ya Jose had a bad game and Graham did not show up as he has in other games lately, but we were in the game the whole way. Down by 15 at one point and clawed back. Give credit where credit is due…this could have been a lot worse. That being said, a loss is a loss and at a point where every game counts, and potentially past that point seeing as we would need to win just about EVERY game to become even CLOSE to the 8th spot…its time to revamp and clean house I would say.

    - Andrea
  17. 17.


    again in your effort to paint Colangelo as this flawless GM, you went back to the Vince Carter deal and the Hoffa Drafting.

    In defence of both Grunwald and Babcock regarding Vince
    do you not remember that Vince was playing down his stock to the point where other GM’s around the league were lowballing the raps. If there is one GM that I had faith in to make trades or draft and get a good return, it was Glen Grunwald. ( How soon we forget)

    If Grunwald could not move Vince because of the low ball offers, then what were you expecting From Babcock.
    Do you and Paul not say it takes two to dance. I highly doubt if there were offers that were ground breaking Grunwald would have pulled the trigger. You also have to remember that under Babcock Vince’s actions became detremental to the team, He allegedly tipped off the other teams about plays the raptors were running. Babcock at that point was probably forced to take the first offer that came along.
    If you could tell me what glorious deals were put on the table that either Babcock or Grunwald passed on then I would understand your critisism, however what we do know is that at the time Vince wanted out his stalk plumited due to all the injuries and negitive publicity.

    Now in regards to the Hoffa Drafting in all fairness to Rob Babcock, the Raptors hired him just prior to the Draft, giving him very little time to evaluate talent in the Draft. However he did make up for it Drafting Charlie V number seven in 2005 and his second round picks have been good.
    Eric I think anyone would agree that a GM with a number one pick has far more leverage than a GM with the eigth pick, Colangelo had the number one pick and selected a European, You tell me, does Colangelo think this is Hockey, where the Euro players dominate the league, maybe Colangelo should take a look at the U.S olympic team put together by his father and watch what country has dominated more times than not. You wanna slag previous GM’s, then go ahead and tell
    me what sense any othe these moves make.

    1.Drafting a 7,0 Euro player First overall with the intention to put him in the post when he hads been a perimetre player all his career. I guess Colangelo did not learn from the Pistons and the Bucks.

    2. Trading Charlie V a power foward with potential to average 15.0 and 7.0 For an undersized injury progned point guard That does not adress your rebounding and toughness issue. When have you ever seen a team trade a post player for a point guard in a one to one trade.

    2.Trading A home grown hard working reasonably priced young talent in Bonner For an eight million Dollar Big man that will not give you as much minutes in Rasho

    3.Aquiring Jermain O Neal another injury progned player and picking up his 40 million contract, although the player is on the back end of his career and has not played much games in the past three years. Jermaine O Neal fits a Chemistry that is one post player away, (Like Rasheed when he was aquired by Detroit)

    4. Colangelo has aquired players where some are in favor of running and some half court. ie Calderon and Marion. Two different styles. your point guards style of play must correspond with that of your all your players.

    5.Trading Jamario Moon a bargain basement priced player who played well for the price that we paid, for a player that is being paid 4 million to sit deep on the bench and a draft pick.

    6. Aquiring Jason Kapono @ 24mill when their was no such market.

    7. Raptors are in the same position as when Colangelo took over, how much better has he made us.

    8. Firing same Mitchell with an 8-9 record during a road trip the raptors have never done well on in past years.

    9. Ever since Charlie V was traded, we’ve since paid a price to fill voids down low,

    Rasho,Jermaine,and now marion

    10 Marion does not play well in the half court and Calderone is not a running gun point guard.

    Eric I’ve heard you critisize GM’s outside this market, with the record and team chemistry we have I think it’s time for you to look in your own back yard.

    - Thomas
  18. 18.

    Eric…while it may have been chock full of grammar and spelling errors, Thomas’ remarks are DEAD ON!!

    Anyone defending Bryan Colangelo, at this stage of his tenure with the Raps, either has an alternative agenda, or truly has no clue about hoops.

    I think it’s fair to assume you have a tremendous amount of BB knowledge, so we’ll all have to accept your corporate allegiance and take your comments with a huge chunk of salt.

    BTW…season tickets update:

    I officially sent in my cancellation of two of my four seats. I will be sharing my other pair with friends, however I don’t plan to go to any games (I went to the season opener this year and will try to endure the season finale).

    Needless to say, my customer service rep advised me I was in a long line of longtime ticket holders who were either late with their renewal or had declined their tickets for 2009-10.

    Mr. Colangelo et al have turned this franchise into a real mess.

    - brento
  19. 19.

    You guys can call it an ‘agenda’ if you want, but I call it being fair. And here’s why …

    I’ve said this in the blog and on the air many, many times …

    While some of you may come out of the woodwork now and say “oh no, I didn’t think this team was that good” … or … “I knew they’d struggle” … I’d argue that most of you (80%? 90%? 95%?) felt that this year’s team had a chance to compete for the 4th seed in the East.

    Fans, broadcasters, writers, and many alike – at the beginning of the season – had the Raptors winning anywhere from 44-48 games and competing for a top 4 or 5 spot … finishing no worse than the 6th seed they had last year.

    People were talking about the 1-2 punch of Bosh and O’Neal and the 3-headed monster that could exist if Bargnani returned to the form he had in his rookie season – not his performance last year in his second season.

    And at the very least, if O’Neal didn’t work out, the Raptors would be free of his $20+ million at a time when they need(ed) the money the most – 2010.

    Those plans were thrown off by the disappointing season Toronto has turned in thus far. Ditto for the hopes of financial flexibility in 2010. Toronto needed wiggle room NOW – for this summer – to give themselves a chance to re-tool on the fly during off-season (with or without Bosh).

    So I’m not going to be critical of him now. I was wrong about this team – like most of you – and like BC obviously was as well. I’m not going to be the “Monday morning quarterback” and kill the guy and pin it all on him when I had this team winning 45 games (that was my prediction).

    I’m giving him the chance to “fix” it.

    That’s not an “agenda” — that’s called being fair and balanced, not short-fused and reactionary.

    - E. Smith
  20. 20.


    were you not the same one that also had a 41-41 Raptors last year beating the much improved Orlando majic in a seven game series, despite knowing that the Toronto staggered their way into the playoffs. Eric Im sorry man, your support for Colangelo has no substance, it hinges on what he did in Phoenix. Correction what his father did.

    - Thomas
  21. 21.

    ERIC…I call that bogus giving him a chance. Colangelo allows Gherardini to tell him what to do. He is a “BABCOCK 2″. After the Raptors won their first Atlantic Division title, he went and got some slackers killing the teams chemistry and during the off-season he did it again but only worse. So you can never give him and his fat assistant of his another chance!! They want a Euro-League type of team, make them gwan overseas. This is the NBA. Where real players are hungry with attitude!!

    - BOJACK
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