Friday March 6 2009 – 6:39pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)

Alright, I simply don’t have time to get into this whole “to boo or not to boo” thing.  We’ve done it too many times before anyway – with Vince Carter, TJ Ford, and so on.

But I’ll simply say this …

There’s no reason to boo Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon tonight.  If you want to boo them simply because they’re the “opposition”, fine.  But if you’re booing them because they’re former Raptors who did wrong by Toronto … you’re just … wrong.

Moon got his start in T.O. – bursting on to the scene with the Raps last year.  Yes, he fell in love with his jumper as time went on and didn’t attack the bucket as much as you may have liked, but he never had a bad word to say about the city, the country, the fans, or the organization.  He was a stand-up guy.

Ditto for O’Neal.  Don’t judge him on his $22 million.  Judge him on the games he played – when healthy – and how he represented the team and the city.  He too was a solid citizen.  Did he work out as a Raptor?  No.  Will his time in Toronto be looked back upon as a success?  No.  But he wasn’t a bad dude that forced his way out of T.O..  He came here with open arms and was hoping to do some damage alongside Chris Bosh.  That didnt’ happen though.

Both Moon and O’Neal will be in the starting line up tonight.  When the Heat and Raps tip it off in about 30 minutes, Moon and O’Neal will be joined by Udonis Haslem, Dwyane Wade, and Mario Chalmers.

Toronto will start the usual suspects of late:  Shawn Marion, Bosh, Andrea Bargnani, Anthony Parker, and Jose Calderon.

Heat center and Toronto native, Jamaal Magloire, will not be in uniform.  He’s inactive.

Enjoy the game and be sure to tune in to “The Rap” with Paul Jones and me after the game.

E. Smith

10 Responses to “JO, Moon, and Booing”
  1. 1.

    Well said Eric

    - Raps Fan
  2. 2.

    Looks like BC is basically giving fans two looks. Who’s offence looks better, Bosh or Bargnani. Its a toss up in my mind but Bosh will cost more. One of these players has enough offence for both positions down low but the defence will suffer when you have both center and powerforward looking for his shot and playing defence second. I may choose Bargnani because of shot blocking(blocks peaple without jumping) and seems to never loose his confidence on the offence. Either way the future looks very good. Marion may not be worth what he will command in the offseason and i dont expect him to return unless steve nash is a part of the Raptors in 2009-2010. The player to build around is not yet on the roster but some peaces may already be in place. I hope these players take it as a tough place too play because it should be and boo if you think the players are doggin it or have in the past. If there suckin A let them know it.

    - Rob from brantford
  3. 3.

    Absolutely dead on Eric!!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  4. 4.

    Triano is the right coach.

    - Rob from brantford
  5. 5.

    Triano is not the right coach. And JO and Moon didn’t get booed and it shows you that the real problem is the organization by BC, M.Gherardini and MLSE CEO R.Peddie!!

    - Steven
  6. 6.

    Triano is the wrong coach .
    Sam Mitchell was the right coach .
    Colangelo is the wrong GM .

    - Chas Calz
  7. 7.

    As for the 08 – 09 Raptors, this squad is “almost” locked up in the basement of the eastern conference out of playoff contention, even if they do squeeze in , What are they gonna do anyway ? Get eliminated again maybe not first round but……
    I agree looks like Sam wasn’t the issue and Triano isn’t the issue either, can’t wait till the season is over to find out the “REAL” reason Sam got fired and the Raps did not exceed expectations, What are guys thinking in that locker room? Does this organization “really” want to be a winner Now or in the next 2 seasons?
    - Not to hate on Jamario but I remember a Moon interview last year right after the season was over him saying he would work on his game, beef up some he can be a force when driving to the lane, What happened to that Jamario? as for J.O. things just didn’t work out, no luv lost. Good luck in to both players for the rest of their NBA careers. If the Raps don’t get some hungry players on this team you can expect the same issues next year, will CB stay ….. I say no , Who knows ??? Well see !!!

    P.S. Eric I know you don’t want to mention that this year is over but I understand your position with the team and the media, I can’t wait for your analysis of this season. Whenever your ready E whenever your ready …(The Rap blog headline should read “You can stick a fork in it cause it’s done”.

    - Punisha
  8. 8.

    Well said Eric. I was impressed with J.O.’s class and work ethic. I have no doubt that he was playing hurt most nights. The big man has a big heart.

    - jim
  9. 9.

    Punisha, I enjoyed your comment. I find Eric, Jack, and Paul, to be about as candid as they can be. Would you bite the hand that feeds you? Hey, they’re on the payroll, and the “NBA way” is to promote, promote, promote. It’s why every slam-dunk is the greatest slam-dunk ever since…the last one. I agree with you whole-heartedly; let’s get mathematically eliminated so that we can move on!

    - jim
  10. 10.

    Trust me fellas. This season was over the moment Bryan Colangelo kept lofting. And this is the result why Bosh is frustrated. Marion I feel sorry for him as well as Pops. He came at a bad time. I blame the management & scouts for all of this destruction to the Raptors & the positive fans. I want to see changes in the coaching and front office meaning a new GM and assistant GM.

    - Steven
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