Tuesday March 3 2009 - 9:51pm Central (Houston, TX)

Raptors @ Rockets

Final Score:
107-97, Rockets

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
- We did not have a player join us, but if we did, it would have been …
22 points
6 rebounds
2 blocks
7/9 FG

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
20 points
16 rebounds
2 assists
10/17 FG

Shout-out to the Raptors:
25 points
7 rebounds
2 assists
2 blocks
11/22 FG

Stats that stood out:
- After leading by 12 in the 1ST QRT and holding a 6-point bulge at the end of the 1ST, Toronto gives up 37 to the Rockets in the 2ND and their lead disappears for good.
- Toronto’s bench (Kapono, Voskuhl, Ukic, Graham) was just 6 for 24 from the field.
- Points in the Paint:  60-30 Houston
- Toronto with just * 2 * Fast Break Points
- Landry ties a career-high with his 22 points
- Jose Calderon ties a career-high with 16 assists

Thumbs Up:
- The 1-2 punch of Bosh and Andrea Bargnani combined for 50 points and 14 rebounds and they looked good early against Yao Ming (the big man was sucking wind, big-time).  But as the game wore on, the B’s simply weren’t big enough to contain Ming, Landry, and Scola.

Thumbs Down:
- Bench Scoring: 6 for 24 from the field (Kapono with the bulk of it at 3 of 11), and Anthony Parker struggling in the starting line up tonioght with just 3 points on 1 for 8 shooting.

Smith says:
- “A disappointing road trip (0-3) comes mercifully comes to an end.  Man, this week-long trip felt like about a month!”

Jones says:
- N/A

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 7 of 21 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Heat @ Raptors
– Friday March 6 2009
- Tune in just after 7:00pm Eastern for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

Missed the post-game show? You can listen to it here:


37 Responses to “Rockets Blast The Raptors”
  1. 1.

    Unfortunately, I am one of the few who have TSN2 and suffer much more than most other Raptor fans (b/c I actually sit and watch these crappy games). However, today I refused to watch crap and I’m happy I did b/c the Leafs and the Bachelor were much more entertaining! That’s right people…the BACHELOR!

    - Mr. T
  2. 2.

    LOL at that Bargnani interview, so much for the improved communication you guys were raving about in the preseason.

    - Joey
  3. 3.

    this team just sucks..

    - daniel
  4. 4.

    This teams sucks because they enjoy being this Euroleague crap. And you can thank Bryan C. who needs a butt whooping with the belt by his pops Jerry C. and his assistant Maurizio Gherardini. If Colangelo wants a real Euroleague team then why doesn’t he and Gherardini go there and stay away from the NBA!!

    - Steven
  5. 5.

    What’s that smell.

    - Rob from brantford
  6. 6.

    Where do i start with this team . I know, get rid of Jose Calderon next year. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. He is the best backup point guard in the leage. IF he looked to score more often he would be a solid starting pg, his problem is he dosent have it in him. He is one of the biggest reasons for the failure of the raptors season, if he knew how to penetrate the key and dish to his bigs or a slasher, the teams in the paint points would be leaps and bounds ahead of where they are today. its disheartening to watch a point guard stand behind the three point line and pass it east to west. If a team dosent have a shooting guard or small forward that can create havoc in the paint then its up to the point guard. Jose has backed down from this challenge all year. What other NBA team has a European starting at point guard (Except Parker from San Antonio) None !!! Get rid of this Clown

    - Douglas
  7. 7.

    By the way, this is for all the Jamario Moon haters who were saying ” Oh look what Marion just did, Jamario Moon would of never of done that ” (Jack Armstrong & co.) Look what he is doing on an good team. I havent been this disapointed in the Raptors since they traded Vince for basically nothing. They have to trade Bosh if only because he is the only play with value that might bring some talent back to this roster moving forward. Get used to it people, Canadian team trying to compete in an American game. Were gonna lose everytime !!!!

    - Douglas
  8. 8.

    Did you watch the game? Bosh had decent numbers, but they don’t tell the whole story. Kind of like the idea that teams should line up to offer Zack Randolph a max deal. Bosh’s d in the first half was brutal. It was a bit better in the 2nd half. But he’s often standing and watching in the paint. And he’s so frail, if he challenges a shot, the other players momentum takes him out of the play and he can’t box out, or defend against put backs.

    Sure you could say it’s not his fault, he gives up size, but he’s taking up a spot and it should be on him as much as anyone else to play defense. Even more so if you consider him to be a leader. Didn’t this guy call out a teammates defense?

    He was trading their layups for his jumpsohts all night, and yeah he got his numbers but so what? Who won?
    What happened to his explosiveness? If he’s injured he should shut it down, because he’s not doing the team or his value any good with how he plays. My only hope is there is a GM out there this summer who hasn’t been watching any Raptors games.

    - Dallas
  9. 9.

    With 20 games to go, Raps are still not out of the playoff hunt .

    Lots of winnable games to play : 15-5 is not out of the question . That would get Raps to 38-44 .. We might squeeze in to playoffs or at least end season on positive note

    - Chas Calz
  10. 10.

    BC help, we are falling and we can’t get up. Ohh, but then again you’re useless.

    The entire baskball league predicted this record for us at the begining of the season after looking at our roaster. When you honestly look at our roaster, what do you see?

    Our back court has the weakest defence in the league, they constantly put our big men in trouble causing them to cheat and can’t defend their man, which makes our big men look bad on defence.

    We need guards(PG and SG) to defend their position. Playoffs, 07 Jason Kidd killed us, 08 Jamire Nelson. Every team’s point guard had good games against us this year.

    BC is paid millions to make this work, let hold him accountable. This is his mess.

    Also get us a quality coach. We really don’t care if its run and gun or stifling defence. WE JUST WANT OUR TEAM TO WIN!!!

    - Fan 23
  11. 11.

    Need a new point guard

    - jose hater
  12. 12.

    You know, even with the not so great D and the brutal perimeter-only shooting and crappy FG%….they were in contention until the end. So, if they played even just a better inside-out game….oh imagine the possibilities.

    Too bad it just never happens…

    - Andrea
  13. 13.

    UH, why shout out to CB? AB had the exact same line except except done with fewer shots in less minutes.

    I bet you blame it on his d which is crap… the calls he got were lousy…. bosh played yao the same way but did not get called.

    - mat
  14. 14.

    Barganai can shoot but, can’t win us games!

    Nathan Jawai = Shaq O’Neail!

    - Raps Fan
  15. 15.

    Im So Glad TSN2 and Rogers haven’t come to an agreement. This has to be the highlight of the season. TSN2 actually saved me 24 games of outright suffering from watching this team play.

    - rosco
  16. 16.

    Offseason. Priority try 2 resign Bosh to an extension. Try to resign Shawn Marion at a Discounted Rate and please get a consistent player for the 2Spot cause parker and kapono flat out can’t get it done. 2 Inconsistent.

    - rosco
  17. 17.

    I think we’re officially in that Leaf-like position of a home-heavy rest of the schedule that means we don’t WANT to make a run at 8th place.

    Be competitive, but end up lower and bring on the draft.

    -Kapono a pilon again, AP, Joey G non factors.

    At least the effort from the big 4 didn’t totally blow.

    - Gary
  18. 18.

    Some of you really have to start proof-reading your stuff and spell-checking as well

    - E. Smith
  19. 19.

    eric what do the raptors need to be a good team next year

    - ginomassari
  20. 20.

    Not all of us are hot-shot college graduates like you Eric Smith.

    - Joe N.
  21. 21.

    Really…Bosh & Marion can stay. As for the rest of them…trade, waive, let them go!! That mean A. Bargnani too!! A nice SG I was hoping to try RIP HAMILTON. More players to lookout for will soon to come. As for the draft, a lot of proper talent from NCAA to choose from. No more players that comes from the European League. And if it’s true on what Colangelo said about bringing in a coach from the Euroleague then Bryan better take that back!!

    - Steven
  22. 22.

    College graduate or not, being unable to write the language properly in this day and age is utterly unacceptable.

    Complaining when someone calls you on it is just plain ignorance…

    (Sorry, were those words too big for you?!)

    - Kritter221
  23. 23.

    Hey Eric, correct spelling and grammar are a pet peeve of mine but on an online sports blog…please.

    You and Wilner act as if it reflects on you personally.

    If it bothers you, get the Fan webmaster to install a spell check button just
    above the “submit comment” button.

    But really, it’s an online discussion forum that’s basically unread and forgotten after a day or two.

    No one has asked you not to say “dude” or “bro” to “Jonesey” on your blogs right???

    And if you had to correct all the player grammar in interviews, you’d never get one.

    I’d sooner you installed an IQ-checker for posters here instead….enough time wasted on this.

    I’m just looking for effort and reasonable competitiveness the rest of th season.

    No miracles need apply.

    Nowe wheres the spellcheek dude?

    - Gary
  24. 24.

    Kritter, Amen.

    As for the other post(s) (and then I’m done with this “issue” and moving on to a new blog / new topic) …

    A – Where did I state that it reflects on me personally or reflects someone’s personality?

    “Some of you really have to start proof-reading your stuff and spell-checking as well.”

    That’s my direct quote.

    I can’t answer for Wilner.

    B – “Jonesy” is a name / nickname, not an improper spelling. And it’s not grammatically incorrect either. “Dude” may be slang, but it too is not grammatically incorrect or misspelled.


    What I have a problem with is the supposed hardcore fans that don’t know that it’s Bryan (not Brian) Colangelo or Jose Calderon (not Calderone). I won’t even go into a diatribe on folks – young or old – that don’t know the difference between “their”, “they’re”, and “there” or “too” and “to”, etc. And those are just a few examples.

    Plus, it’s generally pretty easy to tell the difference between those that perhaps don’t read and write in English as their first language, and those that are just lazy or sloppy.

    C – I’m not wasting time on this, you are. My message was one line – one sentence – of about 15 words. You’re the one that’s gone on the rant.

    D – I completely agree RE: competitiveness the rest of the season. This year has been a disappointment for all concerned.

    - E. Smith
  25. 25.

    Shame on Chas Calz for even mentioning a playoff appearance by this pathetic team. They may as well hurry up and be mathamatically eliminated because there is no way a team that shows no heart or team chemistry all year just all of a sudden realizes how to play winning basketball. Im still going to be watching the games but u guys gotta move out of my way cause im officially getting off this banwagon.

    - Douglas
  26. 26.

    I am just wondering eric, when will the toronto media start hating on jose a little bit. Does no one realize he is the center point of this teams problems?

    - jose hater
  27. 27.

    I don’t think that’s true. He may be part of the overall problem, but I wouldn’t call him the center of it all.

    - E. Smith
  28. 28.

    Douglas, I disagree that this team has shown no heart .
    I do not see a lack of effort .
    I agree the team has poor chemistry , and lacks strong defensive players.
    I place most of blame on Colangelo .
    Not to repeat, but firing Sam and the O’Neal trade were major blunders .
    Triano is 15-30 .Mitchell was 8-9 and a solid coach.
    Triano has been unsuccessful so far if winning is the goal in sports.
    I do think looking at schedule Raps could catch fire and get on winning streak.

    - Chas Calz
  29. 29.


    he is the beginning of all our defesive problems. He can’t guard anyone, they consistently beat him off the dribble. This team is so poor with help defence that someone is always open. They need a guard who can keep guys infront of them.

    I like him as a person, he seems to care and the effort is there. But performace wise, over than making the easy pass for a teammates jumper, he has been a bust. He can’t run the floor, and is overwhelmed by most starting pgs in this league. Yet nothing is said about this guy.

    Looks like we traded the wrong guard. TJ seems to be playing a lot better on a. team with less talent

    - jose hater
  30. 30.

    This has nothing to do with being ignorant or not. All I am saying is that this is a sports blog, not an essay writing forum. People are going to make writing mistakes. If the point is made and generally udnerstood, who cares if it has grammatical errors. No one is perfect.
    If Eric Smith has a problem with the way people write, and he has the right to since it is his blog, that’s fine, but don’t be a hypocrite. Eric Smith has players on HIS interview many times and I am sure not all of the guests speak proper English, even though it is their first language (for most of them). So since Eric Smith is all about writing proper English, why does he not suggest the that the players should speak proper English too?
    So Eric Smith: please don’t say one thing and then do another. Be consistent in your critiques. Do they not teach that in Journalism school?

    Of course this message will not get posted because you can hand out criticsms but do not want to take any. All class “dude”.

    - Joe N.
  31. 31.

    Save your tough guy talk for somewhere else Joe. Show me how or when I haven’t been a “class guy” …

    Plus, calling me out (supposedly) for not posting critical responses is bogus as well. Did I not just post Gary’s message, which triggered much of this? And check back to many of my other blogs and you’ll see plenty of folks that have been critical of me or things I’ve written.

    So you can puff your chest out all you want, but simply put, you’re off-base and, well, wrong.

    On top of all of that, your example of the spoken word VS the written word is apples and oranges. I can’t control what somebody says. But I can control what somebody writes here. And as I pointed out in my previous post, there’s a difference between speaking (or writing) in slang or in a language that may not be your first … and simply speaking or writing lazily, improperly, or ignorantly.

    Some of you are far too sensitive on this subject. Funny how one line – merely asking for a greater or better (and proper) use of the English language and written word – can spawn such negativity.

    I’m done on this subject.

    - E. Smith
  32. 32.

    Wow, I agree with you Eric!

    Tomorrow’s key match up is:
    J.Graham vs. Jamario Moon
    A.Barganani vs. J’O'Neail

    Eric, do you think that JO will get a bigger standing ovation then Wade?

    - Raps Fan
  33. 33.

    jose hater,

    Jose is better with Toronto because T.J is a ball hog and if we had JO and TJ together they won’t share and score as much and TJ has more injures then Jose which makes a fair trade for Indiana and Toronto because they are both injury bugs!

    T.J might be fast but, can’t shoot and can’t make great passes as Jose!

    - TJ hater
  34. 34.

    TJ hater,

    I agree jose is a better shooter, he can’t score like tj and has no one on one game at all. Plus tj is a good defensive player, jose is awful. TJ is not perfect, no doubt, but is a better fit for this team. Think about it two years ago this team won the atlantic division with TJ and Bosh and who else. Andrea was rookie, jose couldn’t shoot back then. THis team is a playoff team with TJ

    ENd of Story

    - jose hater
  35. 35.

    not to mention he makes less money

    - jose hater
  36. 36.

    Nash can’t play defense!
    Next year Jose will prove T.J is not the guy!

    - TJ hater
  37. 37.

    he won’t be here next year

    - jose hater
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