Monday March 2 2009 – 5:45pm Central (Houston, TX)


The Raptors did not practice today – following last night’s loss in Dallas.

The team stayed in Big D on Sunday night, then flew to Houston earlier this afternoon.  They’ll return to the floor on Tuesday morning for their game-day shoot-around – getting set for Yao and the Rockets.


Shawn Marion will be a game-time decision for tomorrow’s tilt in Houston.

Trust me when I tell you, he looked like death warmed over on Sunday night in Dallas!  I saw him after the game outside the Raptors’ locker room and it was not pretty.  The cold/flu hit him pretty hard, but hopefully a good sleep and a day away from anything physical will put him in better shape by the time tomorrow’s game rolls around. 

If Marion is unable to suit up again, expect Joey Graham to start in his place.


No, Chris Bosh has not responded to Shaquille O’Neal’s comments yet.  As I said, the Raptors didn’t practice today, so nobody has really had a chance to get Bosh “on the record”.

For what it’s worth, I thought Shaq’s comment was a low-blow.  Admittedly, it was funny, but it was a shot at CB4 that didn’t need to be taken. 

Plus, I’m not even sure what it meant. 

Is he inferring that Bosh is “dragging” his way through games? 

Is he implying that Bosh looks like a woman?  Or that he’s a “diva” of some sort?

Is he trying to say that Bosh is soft, like a woman (or in this case, a man dressed like a woman)?  A statement that would not only be harsh, but sexist as well.

I really don’t know what The Big Shaqtus meant.  The comment had a humorous side, but it was pointless and somewhat baseless as well.


Because he’s a good friend, a FAN 590 host, and a regular contributor to the Raptors Radio pre-game show, I wanted to pass along a solid piece from the Niagara Gazette on “The Coach”, Jack Armstrong. 

Check it out … and enjoy the read:

E. Smith

17 Responses to “Checking In From Houston”
  1. 1.

    I know some of the guys here have mentioned how much they appreciate Eric’s hard work, dedication, and willingness to miss family events in order to do his job.

    I think, BY FAR, the MOST DIFFICULT part of Eric’s work description involves the part where he actually MUST watch the games as part of his work day.

    I can’t even imagine not having the option of changing the channel, or missing entirely, this dreadful team’s games.

    Eric…I commend you. Truly.

    And if you need a good therapist, just drop a line. I can send a good referral your way ;)

    - brento
  2. 2.

    It’s tough to analyze Shaqtus’ comments, or what he truly meant…nevertheless, it provided a good laugh and hopefully Bosh takes it personal b/c Shaq called him a quitter and a Rupaul (people can come up with their own conclusions of what he meant by that). I’d like to hear what some other NBA players think about Shaq’s comment!

    - Mr. T
  3. 3.

    “I heard what Chris Bosh said, and that’s strong words coming from the RuPaul of big men,”

    hahaha what he meant was chris bosh plays like a wowman and is a diva.. The real funny thing about it,its so true, bosh is the weakest big man in the nba for sure,and whines when they lose by blaming the fans or a certain player, its time for this clown to leave town. In the off-season bryan will know that this so called franshise player with so called great skill will not want to be here and he will trade him.

    People talk about vc and how he left, well vc took us to game seven of the second round, vc put Toronto on the map,and he was far more of a talent that this clown is, and was actually a franshise player. ya he left on bad terms but dont tell me that in his prime and in the good raptor years you take bosh over him or say the raptors have been a better team without vince, because that would just be a lie..

    Can not wait for bosh to leave town..

    - daniel
  4. 4.

    Work, turn to the left
    Work, now turn to the right
    Work, sashay shante

    - Rob from brantford
  5. 5.

    Call it like it is Shaq!

    - boohoobosh
  6. 6.

    What Chris Bosh SHOULD say about Shaq’s RuPaul observation is that he has “No Comment” to make about it. That’s called being “mature” and being a “Leader” for your team.

    - khandor
  7. 7.

    I’m guessing Shaq was upset that Bosh didn’t bow down to his 45 point performance. Maybe he knows there aren’t too many like that left.
    Anyone know if there are plans to make Kazaam II? Shaq could use the work when his playing days are done. Keeping busy will hopefully keep his mouth shut.

    - PJ
  8. 8.

    Draft question :
    Saw these players on Draft sites as possible Raptor picks : Earl Clark-louisville
    Stephen Curry -Davidson
    Chase Budinger – Arizona -Gerald Henderson -Duke
    Demar DeRozan -UCLA
    AJ Price – U Conn
    Josh Heytvelt – Gonzaga

    Who would you pich ?

    - chas Calz
  9. 9.

    That’s the problem here; other than a few-and-far between game, Shaq has become a great big goofy cartoon character, known more for his goofy dancing at the All-Star game, diving over the front row and “clever” quips at Kobe, Yao and now Bosh than for his once rim destroying dunks.

    If I was Bosh, I wouldn’t bother to respond but start leaving it out on the floor again. His complaining doesn’t help anyone’s cause.

    Shaq’s not intelligent enough to have thought “Ru Paul” up and directed it exactly at Chris. He likely read it in the comics a few weeks before and was waiting to use it on the next guy that crossed him.

    And Bosh can rest assured that in a year or two, he can watch Shaq balloon up like Charles Barclay to an even bigger pantload in retirement.

    - Gary
  10. 10.

    LOL….Rupaul! Wow CB4 messed with the wrong guy. CB4 needs to stop crying about getting beat down by the opposing team…IT HAPPENS SOOOOOO OFTEN ….GET USED TO IT! Shaq had 45 points that night and even if 15 of those points were suppose to be 3 second calls that would give Shaq 30points …but what CB4 fails to understand is that the RAPS GOT DESTROYED BY 20 POINTS! ….Rupaul needs to realize that his team continues to get blown out by good teams. Rupaul aka CB4 and his pathetic Euro league team only have a slight chance of winning when they play the bottom feeders in the NBA. Its not entirely Rupauls fault the organization have failed to surround a really soft franchise player (CB4) with any kind of toughness at all. What BC and raptors managment did do is manage to surround him with even softer players than he is!!! Vince Carter was as soft as they get when he was here ..but Glen Grunwald surrounded his “soft franchise player” with toughness like Oakley, Kevin Willis, Chris Childs , Mugsy Bogues, Antonio Davis etc…. Colangelo is to blame for this Euro leaugue experiment! Poor Rupaul!

    - Neil
  11. 11.

    chas Calz,

    Of the list of players you mentioned only Earl Clark of louisville is a good fit for the Raptors. Curry, although he is a smart player is undersized and mostly an outside shooter(something the raptors don’t need more of). Budinger, good leaping ability but poor defender and tends to fade in big games. DeRozan, could be the next vince carter or gerald green if you pick up another first round pick and can draft him later in the 1st round not a bad gamble but not in the top 10.

    Some names you should keep your eyes open for:

    T. Williams- louisville

    T. Evans – Memphis

    J. Summers – Georgetown

    S. Young – Pitt.

    - clutch_k
  12. 12.

    Bosh should take Shaq’s comment like a man….LOL.

    - Joe N.
  13. 13.

    clutch k
    Thanx for the info;
    I’m a Louisville Cards fan so I know all about T-Will at UL and Earl Clark .. Pitino likes his all-around ability and attitude. In some ways , he is like Marion . He needs to improve his shooting .
    I agree too Curry is not the type of player Raps need .
    We need more grit and sandpaper players , as Jack Armstrong calls them .
    Young of Pitt is intriguing ..

    - Chas Calz
  14. 14.

    Chas…those are good choices you got there and I did check out Demar DeRozan and another guy from Wake Forest. His name is Jeff Teague. At least he can be one of the Raptors choice of picks. The list of names you have, check them out on youtube.

    - Steven
  15. 15.

    Shaq has actually become a parody of himself…

    i really hope cb4 doesn’t try and get into a war with shaq, not because i think it’s one he can’t win, but shaq has so many nuthuggers in the media, that they’ll make a winner out of him in any fued he’s in, regardless of what cb4 comes back with…shaq has earned that kind of pull with yrs and yrs of quotables, while cb4 just doesn’t have that kind of currency with the public yet…

    - Jay B
  16. 16.

    Everyone in the media kept talking about how Shaq’s such a funny guy and that the RuPaul comment was another great moment of humour.
    But Eric has it right. No one really knows what the comment means. I find the funniest thing about it that Shaq would actually reference someone so far out of the public consciousness.
    I think we all know from Kazam! that Shaq isn’t the the funniest guy in the world, even if he thinks he is.

    - Jabba
  17. 17.

    I love reading these comments sent in supporting Chris Bosh.

    It doesn’t matter what the actual meaning of Shaq’s comment was — the bottom line is that he made Chris Bosh out to be a complete loser, chump, crybaby, whatever…

    And, that is exactly what Mr. Bosh has become, quite gradually, over the past three seasons. It’s amazing to think a guy, seemingly so talented, could hit such a wall so early in his career. However, Bosh’s true nature has come out over the past year and a half.

    Believe me, he is not alone. There are scores of players (VC at the top of the list) who demonstrated a glimpse of their talent, yet faded into the growing abyss of NBA talented-but-not-hungry players.

    Duncan. Bryant. Nash. Garnett. Wade. T Parker. Billups = WINNERS

    McGrady. Carter. Iverson. C Anthony. Arenas. Marbury = LOSERS

    As a star, you’re either a winner, or a loser; you either make those around you better (MJ) or you do little to inspire anyone around you (VC).

    Chris Bosh is beginning to show he is unable to improve the game of his fellow teammates.

    - brento
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