Sunday March 1 2009 – 12:00pm Central (Dallas, TX)

Vloggin’ for the second-straight day in a chilly Dallas, Texas.

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Game-day for the Raptors – who may be without Shawn Marion tonight (flu).  Game-time decision.

And could Joey Graham be back?  We’ll see.  He’s probable for tonight.

Tune in to the pre-game show at 8:30pm Eastern … Jonesy and I will have the tip of the Raps and Mavs just after 9:00pm.

E. Smith

One Response to “VLOG 32.1 – Dallas (Part 2)”
  1. 1.

    Would like to see Bargnani and Dirk match up. Won’t happen though because Bargnani for some dumb reason is played at the 5. With the center out at the 3 point line a guess rebounds are not that important to this team. I’ll be listening tonight because I can’t come to watch this train wreck plus my TV only works when my foots not in it .

    - Rob from brantford
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