Friday February 27 2009 - 9:44pm Mountain (Phoenix, AZ)

Raptors @ Suns

Final Score:
133-1113, Suns

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
14 points
12 assists
4 rebounds
2 steals
2 blocks
6/9 FG
“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
45 points
11 rebounds
2 assists
3 steals
20/25 FG
5/8 FT

Shout-out to the Raptors:
27 points
11 rebounds
3 steals
11/21 FG
5/6 FT

Stats that stood out:
- Raptors use an 11-0 in the final :63 seconds of the first half to close the Suns’ lead to one (68-67)
- Bosh picks up his 5th foul :15 seconds into the 4th quarter
- The Raptors shoot just 4 of 18 from the field in the 4th quarter – getting out-scored 37-21
- Chris Bosh – playing in foul trouble – with just 5 points and 2 rebounds in the 2nd half (19 PTS, 10 REB overall)
- Toronto gives up *90* Points in the Paint to the Suns
- Career-high 20 points for Louis Amundson

Thumbs Up:
- Shawn Marion with his best game (statistically) as a Raptor – active on both ends of the floor and all over the glass

Thumbs Down:
- The defence.  It was terrible.  Let me remind you:  90 Points in the Paint and 56% from the floor for the Suns.

Smith says:
- “This was an entertaining ball game, but it’s a tough loss to take, considering TORONTO was the rested team and it was the SUNS that had the fresh legs in the 4th quarter to close out this game and hammer the Raps by 20.”

Jones says:
- N/A

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 6 of 16 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Raptors @ Mavs
– Sunday March 1 2009
- Tune in at 8:30pm Eastern for the pre-game show and just after 9:00pm for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

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14 Responses to “Suns Scorch The Raptors”
  1. 1.

    90 freakin’ points in the paint?!?!?!

    That is, by far, the funniest stat of the entire season!

    90 points in the paint???


    - brento
  2. 2.

    Purist form

    Bosh a softy.
    ONeil a beast.
    How did we make out?

    Bryan. It is time to start over and get what we can for Bosh…Build a house get a strong foundation.
    Bosh is a franchise player?
    What a joke!

    - Miles
  3. 3.

    On sober reflection in the morning, I STILL think Shaq’s dramatic and habitual diving into the crowd is dangerous and idiotic, not entertaining or just another amusing antic from the Big Diesel.

    I know TV crew gets a giggle, but to me anyway, the dive is a dangerous thing if he lands on some kid and the act is wearing thin – can’t wait to see him on “Dancing With the Stars” in a few years though….

    At the end of the day, if Bosh had bothered to stand in the paint once more, you had all three Raptor 7 footers fouled out and you don’t win too many in that scenario.

    Why is it that Bosh doesn’t seem to get the benefit of the doubt as much re foul calls but Shaq (and others) get the call every time, even when swinging the elbows around like a lumberjack cutting trees?

    You’d think the game plan with Nash out would have been run Shaq up and down ’til he can’t breathe (about 4 sets) and get HIM in foul trouble – take a few charges – it hurts but he’s out.

    Now we have to watch Sunday as the Bargs/Nowitski comparisons begin anew.

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    Eric, I just want to confirm if you really meant it when you called Steve Nash a “future hall of famer”, during the game last night? I mean come on, Nash a hall of famer? He has had just two great years in the league and others have been good but certainly not hall of fame worthy. Mind you there have been some pretty average years early in his career as well.

    I also have a problem when you media people call Pierce and Allen as future hall of famers as well. Let’s raise the bar a little bit guys. Nash, Pierce and Allen are very good players but the last time I checked, Hall of Fame is for great players which they are not.

    Among the active players, only five people deserve to be in Hall of fame.

    1. Kobe 2. Duncan 3. Iverson 4. Garnett. 5. Shaq(ofcourse).

    LeBron and CP3 will get there but as of today, they are not hall of famers.

    - Beburg
  5. 5.

    First he calls out his former teammate (Moon) publicly for the Raps’ struggles. Now that Moon is gone, he decides to blame Shaq for cheating? This is coming from the supposed face of the franchise?

    At least Bargnani tried to throw his weight around playing Shaq and got fouled out. What did Bosh do when he faces a bigger and stronger player? The usual: fade-away jump shots and marshmallow defense.

    - Joe N.
  6. 6.

    If you think a 2-time MVP and one of the best PGs of his generation (or, ‘his time in the league’) is NOT going to be a Hall of Famer, you’re fooling yourself.

    - E. Smith
  7. 7.

    Yo Miles. Try watching the show involving KG called “THE JOURNEY OF KG” and see what he went through. Trust me. That is the same reason is what Bosh could be going through! I guarantee that. As for Shaq, he his doing everything he can to keep his Suns for the playoff hunt.

    - Steven
  8. 8.

    Hey Eric wassup. Have you read the article involving Wayne Embry? If not…have a look and let me know what you think.

    - Steven
  9. 9.

    Steve Nash is the NBA’s best point guard since John Stockton and, before him, Isiah Thomas.

    Two-time MVP, at a position not often awarded the league’s most valuable player.

    Undersized. Tremendously resourceful, intelligent, motivated, tough.

    Finally, in a league full of yo-yo, gangster-wannabees, flashing pathetic bling (to make up for their lack of true character), Steve Nash has been the ultimate sports role model for children.

    An obvious choice for the league’s hall of fame.

    - brento
  10. 10.

    Even with Shaq’s dominance and all the fouls Rap’s were right there at 92-96 after 3 and then going 4/18 in the 4th says it all.
    What in the world happened with Calderon 5 ast & 4 turnovers (17 for the team) and only 9 fast break points, definately no up-tempo to that offense ???? Did everyone forget to play defense???

    - Johnn19
  11. 11.


    If Bosh gave what he has shown in his career until now you would not hear a peep out of me. Bosh has almost totally has given up driving. He is soft on defence. You only have one Duncan, one Shaq,one Dwight Howard , but every player must play with a consistant tenacity to be a winner. Bosh has a fraction the tenacity he did two years ago. He is saving himself.

    - Miles
  12. 12.

    Well look what level he is forced to play with Miles!! This is Colangelo’s idea of turning himself into another Rob Babcock. Bryan’s imbecilic idea of a European flavor which just lost it taste. And try look at Bargnani. He get’s the ball and just shoots from 3-point line. He has no defense what so ever. This is all because of that Italian scam on the Raptors. But I must agree with you on one thing. And I say bring proper NBA players instead of guys from overseas to build with Bosh. And hope you can agree on this one what I’m about to say. How would you feel on having Avery Johnson as head coach and Charles Oakley as the assistant coach? Just think of it. Two guys with ruthless aggression that knows how to get in the players flesh to strengthen them up. And then I would say the GM and GM assistant needs a big change. Get an NBA legend that knows more of the game and what players to get. And Miles…I say Bargnani and someone else should be traded. Oh…and I’ve said the blame should go to the guy who is higher than BC. RICHARD PEDDIE!!!

    - Steven
  13. 13.


    i actually agree with what you’re saying about ‘raising the bar’ for hall of famers, and i think what people overlook, when talking about Nash, is that he’s only been successful playing that one style of ball…if he could go to ANY team and do what he does in phx’s uptempo system (or something similar to it), then he’d be a hall of famer, but as it stands, he’s a one way player who (despite his selflessness) still needs to be catered to, to get his game off…

    i’m by no means a nash hater, but i agree that there’s a tier above him when it comes to players in this game, and those are the pg’s that can play at any pace that the game dictates, not just the one that’s fun for him, AND can play SOME on the ball defence…

    saying he’s a ‘two time mvp’, therefore he’s a bona fide HOF player is a cop out…it hilites a brief period of time where he dominated a style of play that proved to be unsuccessful, and it completely ignores that of his 13 yrs in the league, he was an all-star for less than half of them (i believe)…that’s not a sure fire hall of famer in my books, and if it is in yours (Eric), we just have different definitions, but your criterion seem leniant…

    i’d compare him to eric lindros, in that his reign of superstardom simply wasn’t long enough to make him a sure thing…if you disagree, well that’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla (miss you chuck)…

    all that said…Beburg, no J Kidd on your active future hall of famers list?? THAT is a no brainer…

    - Jay B
  14. 14.


    ya i agree that he’s probably more of a role model, but i really hope voters leave that subjective nonsense at the door when they vote for who belongs in the hall or not…

    they’re not trying to find the greatest humanitarians in the NBA, just the best players…who are any of us (including the voters) to decide who is more ‘hall worthy’ than another, as a person rather than a baller?

    - Jay B
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