By: David Alter

While there is no doubt that the presence and play of Shawn Marion saw the Raptors play one of their best running games of the season, the improved health of Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon has been a contributing factor.

With Calderon dealing with hamstring issues and more recently Bosh’s return from a knee injury, Head Coach Jay Triano has to factor the juggling act with minutes played as the season winds down.

“It’s a fine line between managing minutes and pushing the envelope as far as trying to challenge them and trying to get them into better shape and get them used to the style we are playing” says Triano.  “I think their have been a couple of game where in the first 10 minutes we look great and then the fatigue factor sets in.  I don’t know if we know how to fight through that.”

Marion added the speed and proper mix to a team that has been struggling on the fast break all year.

And while also providing the help on the offensive rebounds, Marion says it was the collective effort of his team that produced one of the Raptors more complete games of the season.

“It’s a little bit of everybody” says Marion. “Not just me alone but collectively as a team, I think everybody pitched in very well yesterday, We all came together, buckled down and got it done.”

It’s efforts like the one against New York on Sunday that Triano has been preaching all season, whether or not they can keep it up down the final 24 games will a battle of consistency, one the Raptors have been fighting all year.

4 Responses to “Can The Raps Maintain Speed?”
  1. 1.

    I don’t see why this game would get anyone excited. They played the Knicks, which doesn’t mean much. Let’s see what happens against the suns and mavs later this week. My guess is we’ll see an effort/result closer to Friday’s loss than Sunday’s win.

    - dave
  2. 2.

    The answer to your question has already been provided. It’s very simple. And everyone knows it, so there is no point.

    I’ve seen every game this season, and I can’t see them maintaining this kind of effort for more than 2-3 games.

    Marion, after only one game, realized what is wrong with this team. ONE GAME.

    - DC
  3. 3.

    The Raptors, favoured by 4 points, beat the NY Knicks…at home.

    And someone in this city is foolish enough to get excited?

    Does anyone even watch this team’s games?

    Well, thankfully…this TSN2 debacle has saved me more than a few times this year!

    This abysmal season is over. No 50 wins. No Top 4 seeding. No playoffs. No .500 record. No respect from the league. No legit stars. No true NBA coach.

    And a horrible excuse for an NBA general manager.

    - brento
  4. 4.

    Wake up folks. Yes the team sucks but BOSH is a star. He may not be Kobe but even Kobe had laker teams with 34 and 42 win seasons. Bosh is a four time all star. Soft you say? Then why is he 5th in the league in free throws made? The only big with more FT attempts is Howard. Yes, he does take jumpers but he can make them. It gives him an all around offensive game.

    If he walks or if the Raptors trade him, who do you build around? Who will want to come to a team with no future?

    - PJ
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