Friday February 20 2009 – 1:50pm Eastern (New York)

Vloggin’ from The Big Apple … ya gotta love it.

Raptors facing a must-win tonight (and Sunday) against the Knicks.

The Patrick O’Bryant era begins!

Tune in to Jonesy and I at 7:05pm for the pre-game show, and just after 7:30pm for the tip of the Knicks and Raptors.

Enjoy the vlog.

E. Smith

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14 Responses to “VLOG 30.0 – New York City”
  1. 1.

    Thank God, I was starting to get Withdrawl Symptoms!! LOL. You guys are right!! This team sucks some nights and awesome on others! Us Toronto Fans don’t surprise me, We Cheer and boo out of confusion! its weird to hear people bash you guys, I think its out of confused frustration. The Team was supposed to be better as per BC and the media. No one thought of injuries mounting the way they did. The second reality sets in, its all about being to negative! People need to chill on the spectrum and stop being so darn Bi-polar (for lack of a better term) If they win the next two games, I can see the parade route being planned, they lose?? Fire Everyone including the Chicken!! Got to love Toronto!!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  2. 2.

    Hey Eric,

    The fans are frustrated. Some fans take it out on BC, some on Jay, some on Bosh, and its filtering to you guys. I didn’t expect a win over the Cavs but I expected them to compete. Didn’t see that. You and Jonesy do a great job. We just don’t want to see you guys turning into Fergie Oliver. :)

    Jonesey – who’s the most annoying guy if Nate is number 2?
    Have a good time in NY.

    - PJ
  3. 3.

    O’Bryant = Keon Clark 2.0?? We’ll see…

    - Trung
  4. 4.

    Who’s the first most annoying player, Jonesy? Garnett?

    & I like the O’Bryant-Solomon trade. Solomon had fallen behind Ukic in the rotation, and with Banks here, he was as good as irrelevant. We turned Solomon into a former first round pick. True, a lot of the times, first round picks don’t pan out the way teams would hope, but he’s O’Bryant’s still young enough that he still probably hasn’t found the right situation yet in the NBA. Let’s see what he’s got.

    - GHF
  5. 5.

    who’s the first most annoying guy in the nba

    - jose hater
  6. 6.

    Did I hear correctly…Jonsey will try not to kill Nate Robinson (is it an inside joke?? I don’t get it.)

    - Mr. T
  7. 7.

    I agree with you Lanny from Whitby!

    - RAPS FAN
  8. 8.

    Tell Jonesy To Kill Nate. I can not stand Nate Robinson. 2 time dunk champ my @#$. Nate have his number retired in summer league and that is only place it will ever be.

    Aside from that I feel the pain from your little Soap Box Rant. But given the Marion trade and what making the playoffs would mean. I do not want to give up my first round pick to have the honour of getting beat down by the Cavs or Celtics no thanks. I will take my chances in the lottery.

    - James Borbath
  9. 9.

    You can’t take comments you get from different people and assign them to one person and call us hypocrites.

    Could it be that the people who complain you are too positive are different from those who say you have to think you can beat any team on any given night?

    I’d like your thoughts on this from Doug Smith:
    “My, how times have changed.

    Michael Jordan announces his un-retirement with a fax:

    “I’m back.”

    Chris Bosh announces his un-retirement, sort of, with a tweet.

    “I’m back.”

    (And that will be the last time I speak of Michael Jordan and Chris Bosh in the same item).

    Speaking of Bosh, wasn’t it interesting timing? I guess I first heard about this tweet, or twit, or whatever it is (although I do see it in my future, I fear) sometime just after 9 a.m. yesterday.

    Interesting in that Bosh has always said he needed a full practice to know for sure that he was ready to come back and had told us on Tuesday he would give it a run on Thursday before deciding about Friday.

    Interesting in that the Raptors didn’t start practice yesterday until 10:30 a.m.

    Or maybe it’s not interesting at all. You decide.

    But if he knew Thursday at 9 a.m. he was going to play Friday, maybe he should have made same determination Wednesday at 5 p.m.”

    was this part of that “we weren’t beating Cleveland anyway” mindset.


    - dallas
  10. 10.

    E, great vlog on the fan & and YES bring Jack back

    - TomGfromBrampton
  11. 11.

    not all fans Dallas. Some. and not just on here with comments – but on my email too.

    If I didn’t mention “some” fans … sorry

    - E. Smith
  12. 12.

    For those that missed it, Jonesy just mentioned off the top of our broadcast — Sasha Vujacic is his MOST annoying guy in the NBA. He says it used to be Damon Jones, but it’s now Sasha.

    - E. Smith
  13. 13.

    E, hopefully now, we can stop talking about 17-10 on your radio show as this loss is rock bottom. Should have not even thought about the final 27 as this team is just not good. Personally if you even have a record below 500, should not be allowed to compete in the playoffs, if we were in the west, we would have been done by December!!!

    - AC
  14. 14.

    Eric are you and Jonesy sure teh Raptors aren’t the most annoying player’s in the NBA. At least Nate plays hard and is a man. Our team is led by a lisa leslie – looking – sex in the city watching – “fashionista”. Hey Chris, I’d have driven you to the airport, all you had to do was ask.

    - dallas
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