Friday February 20 2009 - 9:57pm Eastern (Toronto)

Raptors @ Knicks

Final Score:
127-97, Knicks

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
20 points
5 rebounds
7/10 FG

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
24 points
15 rebounds
4 assists
9/16 FG

Shout-out to the Raptors:
14 points
12 rebounds
7/15 FG
Stats that stood out:
- Career-high 32 points for Wilson Chandler
- Knicks put up 51 rebounds (out-rebounding Toronto 51-45)
- 17 three-balls for New York (17/39 (43.6 FG%))
- 75 first-half points for New York (75-50 lead at the half)
- 19 points off the bench for Joey Graham (7/12 FG) … 7 boards as well

Thumbs Up:
- Marion and Graham.  Other than that:  The final buzzer.

Thumbs Down:
-Energy, effort, and everything in between.

Smith says:
- “A truly disappointing effort from the Raptors in a game that meant so much.”

Jones says:
“There needs to be some soul-searching when a team comes up as flat as the Raptors did in a game that they needed to help keep their playoff hopes alive.”

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 5 of 17 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Knicks @ Raptors
– Sunday February 22 2009
- Tune in at 11:30am Eastern for the pre game show and just after 12:00pm for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

Missed the post-game show? You can listen to it here:


29 Responses to “Knicks Hammer Toronto”
  1. 1.

    I GIVE UP!

    They won’y make it

    Tomorrow we will see Matt Sudin in the ACC and one day will see Chris Bosh coming back to the ACC after 2010


    Sam Mitchell back with the Raptors next year?

    - RAPS FAN
  2. 2.

    1 word to describe this game:


    - Behzad
  3. 3.

    Eric…I have a class-action request. On behalf of my clients, who represent Toronto Raptors fans who strive for factual, objective remarks regarding their beloved basketball team:

    We propose banning any comments on this blog (ie. responses to your reporting)which, in any way or manner, support anything the Toronto Raptors and/or it’s management have achieved (or lack thereof) during the current 2008/09 season.

    We are thoroughly shocked by the volume of comments that suggest criticism towards

    (a) the players
    (b) the coaches
    (c) the management
    (d) the ownership

    is not entirely deserved.

    How anyone can begin to defend ANY of the above MLSE representatives is astonishing.

    This team is awful. The coaching staff is awful. But, most of all, the management team that painstakingly crafted this team is AWFUL!

    There is, quite frankly, NOTHING positive about this team’s performance and/or performance potential.

    No more positive comments allowed!

    No more positive comments allowed!


    Barney Barnes,

    Barnes & Barnes, LLP

    - brento
  4. 4.

    Say it again Miles

    Bosh is not the cornerstone of a team. He is way too soft and he is not a three or a five. No team is centered around a 4. A soft four at that.

    At best he can be a peice. As a piece 25 million is a joke.

    Collangelo should have traded him before the trade deadline. Bosh was worth much more than he will be in the summer.

    If Bosh makes 25 million what will the real core peice of the team make?To attract a great 3 he will want 25 million. What does that leave us with? The Raptor and the security guards playing the other positions.

    The Raptors are a Joke and you will make it a long term joke if Bosh gets a big contract.

    - Miles
  5. 5.

    P.S. The above lawsuit is NOT aimed at YOUR blog entries.

    Rather, it is aimed at the brain-numbing comments that continue to come from Toronto Raptors fans, who somehow see any form of silver lining to this abysmal season.

    - brento
  6. 6.

    (no comment)

    - Mr. T
  7. 7.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Anthony Parker is finished. There is no way that he can be a starting two guard on a playoff team.

    Second, if what Bryan Colangelo is hinting at is true, and the only real change to the roster will be Carlos Delfino and our first rounder than we are in some SERIOUS trouble. Jose Calderon couldn’t guard a lamp post, we have no TRUE leader on this team and when this team encounters a little adversity will fold. Bryan Colangelo better hope Jesus Chris, Mohammad, Buddha and every other God/Prophet out there is on his side because this is one serious mess.

    - Brandon
  8. 8.

    After this season is done….it’s about time we hunt for Avery Johnson as head coach & Charles Oakley as the assist. These are two guys who will blast the players and wake them up until they play right!!

    - Vegita
  9. 9.

    All I gotta say is that I’ll always be a Toronto Raptors fan, but I simply do not care for the group of players that have been assembled this year (B.C.).

    Since the beginning of the season, I’ve been trying really hard to BELIEVE in this team, but I’m officially done.

    As a Raptors fan, I took tonight’s loss very personally. And after countless heartbreaking losses this season I feel that the Raptors organization should issue a public apology to all Raptors fans.

    No heart. No passion. No guts.

    This group of players does not deserve our support nor our attention.

    - DC
  10. 10.

    These guys gotta get angry. When a teams getting blown out and embarassed like last night someone has to eat an elbow or hit the hardwood. The Raptors did nothing to get NY off their game last night. Three after three with no hard foul. Before this seasons over i’m sure we will see someone cry on the raptors bench

    - Rob from brantford
  11. 11.

    I consider myself a big Raptor supporter but I am embarassed for the first time this year. 129-97 to the KNICKS. It was the KNICKS for cripes sake…and they led from start to finish and were never even close.

    On the one hand it was just one of those games where absolutely everything NY threw up went in, especially in the first half.

    But there was no energy, no drive and no pride from the visitors. Just embarassing.

    Gotta win Sunday and expect a way better effort.

    - Gary
  12. 12.

    What a joke. Is it possible that jose is the worse defensive PG in the league

    - jose hater
  13. 13.

    Jose can’t guard a lamp post.

    - jose hater
  14. 14.

    Rob from brantford you are right on with your comment that the Raps need to get angry in games like this.

    In other sports, when a team is “running up the score” and embarassing you, you send out a wide body and send a message; in this case Jake Vosk. should have been told to stiff arm the next guy that comes through the paint and a late foul on the next 3 pointer going up.

    I’ve mentioned many times that Bargs has to be reminded he’s Italian and find some angry passion, not walk around looking half asleep and CB has to do it more than in the talk department ie the old “impose our will” speech.

    It’s great when Jose occasionally gets fired up but it’s few and far between.

    That’s what JO and Oakley once brought here.

    Today’s NBA players are too concerned with hugging each other and learning dance moves for the All Star Game.

    Not to draw the direct correlation, but what happens if the Bruins and Habs or Detroit and Colorado are battling for playoff spots with one team running up the score 7-1 one night?

    The losing team sends out the tough guys and everyone says “you’re not embarassing me any more tonight” and start sending a message. And if they’re playing back to back like the Raps/NY are?

    Even more so.

    What message did the Raps give them? See you at Ruth Chris Steakhouse for dinner after you kill us again on Sunday. And say hi to the wife for me…

    - Gary
  15. 15.

    I was actually stoked to watch this game. Even after the cavaliers game, I thought this was completely a “winnable” game. I was so optimistic after the trade for marion.

    I’ve been let down again.

    - krooner
  16. 16.

    To quote Gary:

    “I consider myself a big Raptor supporter but I am embarassed for the first time this year”

    I’m sorry, Gary…I’m sure you’re a great guy, and a big Raptors fan, indeed but…WAS LAST NIGHT’S GAME THE FIRST GAME YOU’VE WATCHED ALL SEASON?????”

    I am awestruck, no…dumbfounded…as to how anyone can be embarassed for the FIRST time this season! If you’ve watched more than practically any game this season, and watched non-Raptors games, too (to see what NBA games are supposed to look like), you’ve been embarassed time after time.

    This team’s work ethic, commitment, and conditioning is pathetic.

    As soon of you may know, I have been a season seat holder for 9 seasons. Last week, we were given an ultimatum to commit to next season’s tickets. Well, my service rep certainly was not surprised to learn that I was reducing my number of seats from four to two, and am seriously considering giving them all up.

    This is the worst team performance in the history of this Toronto Raptors franchise.

    - brento
  17. 17.

    Yo, Eric didn’t you say that Anthony Parker is going to Greece after this season?

    - Raps Fan
  18. 18.

    Does this team ever miss oneal, no shot blocker anymore

    - jose hater
  19. 19.

    Sunday prediction :

    Raps 127 Knicks 97

    - Chas Calz
  20. 20.

    MR T.-that was funny in its truth

    Bosh needs a heart transplant. A leader with no heart?

    I have pictures of him from two years ago stuffing the ball in Lebron James face.

    Now Bosh gets stuffed by a 5’9″ Nate Robinson then to finish of the footnote Robinson sucks Bosh into leaving the ground out at the three point line then blows by him for a dunk.

    Two years ago he could give Lebron problems. Today he is humiliated by Nate Robinson on offence and defence. No offense to Nate he is a great athelete but I doubt they will name shoes after him?

    - Miles
  21. 21.

    When Bosh use to play with his back to the net he had a spin move nobody could stop. Now the only time he goes for a spin is in a car.

    I have hundred of pictures of him playing his heart out. This year I do not even think he breaks a sweat….

    Even when he played his heart out I think he is the wrong position to build and team around. He cannot control the ball or the paint. The only thing he can control is Colangelo.

    - Miles
  22. 22.

    I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore

    - Lanny from Whitby
  23. 23.

    poor game

    - ginomassari
  24. 24.

    this is worst season ever for the toronto raptors history

    - ginomassari
  25. 25.

    raptors win 100 to 87 this sunday

    - ginomassari
  26. 26.

    I would give everything I own to hear a candid interview with Sam Mitchell — hear the truth about his thoughts on Bryan Colangelo.

    Anyone out there want to guess what he would say??????

    - brento
  27. 27.

    Bosh needs a coach like Avery Johnson & Charles Oakley to wake him up again. And seeing he and Bargnani can’t co-exist, I say the Italian mafia is messing up this Raptor squad with this european league style where everyone are a bunch of cowards!! And to all of you fans out there, serve your RIGHT FOR RUNNING HIM OUT OF THIS CITY. VINCE CARTER!!!!!

    - Jackson
  28. 28.

    Right, Jackson.

    That’s what we all need…Wince Carter!

    Mr. Look at Me I Can Jump Really High But Then I Get Knocked Down Onto the Floor So I Cry Really Really Hard Until My Mommy Comes From Her Courtside Seat and Gives Me a Dora BandAid.

    Nope. Mr Carter will retire the biggest waste of talent the NBA has ever seen.

    The epitome of tons of talent, no will to win.

    - brento
  29. 29.

    Brento, – comment 28 – couldn’t have said it better myself! Wince Carter, ahhhahahahaha!! If Wince had that will to win, he’d be top five in this league….hands down!

    - Mr. T
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