…as you’ve already seen c/o Eric… Chris Bosh will be back in the line-up tomorrow, when the Raptors take on the Knicks in New York to start a crucial home-and-home.

As can be expected, Coach Jay Triano is excited about seeing Bosh and Shawn Marion in the line-up for the first time, and suggested that the two might have already developed some chemistry, making a “couple nice plays, working together” in practice.  He says if they’re both active with their length (and we saw Marion being so last night), they can be “pretty good.”

With the team getting as close to 100% healthy as can be, before Kris Humphries returns, Triano will likely be calling Joey Graham off the bench as the 6th man.  He likes the versatility he offers alongside Bosh and Marion (each being able to guard a few positions).  Triano also said he’s looking forward to seeing the affect of Bosh’s return on Jose Calderon – who can now focus his energy on being the set-up man, as opposed to a scorer (like last night).

The Knicks currently sit 2.5 games up on the Raptors, in 11th.  If they split the series, all the Raps will have done is lost 2 games on their lifeline/time-line.

A lot of the Raptors’ success/failure will come from their ability to guard man-to-man, which hasn’t always been their strong suit.  But with the addition of Marion, you never know how that can help a guy like Bosh.

Tomorrow night is when we’ll find out for the first time.


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  1. 1.

    Wow…maybe we can go from the second worst team in the East to the third worst team in the East! Can’t wait!

    - d57fan
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