Thursday February 19 2009 – 12:51pm Eastern (Toronto)

It’s trade deadline day in the NBA, but things have been pretty quiet so far.  Aside from a small Minnesota/Sacramento deal, there’s not much to talk about (though there are ‘rumours’ (and you know how much I hate those) that Shaq could be on his way to Cleveland).

Anyway, nothing new to report RE: the Raptors either — not as far as trades go that is.  However, there is an update on All Star forward Chris Bosh …

The big man will play in New York tomorrow night. 

After missing 5 games with a sprained knee, Bosh plans on suiting-up against the Knicks — and this is a key stretch for Toronto with winnable ball games against New York, New York, and Minnesota.

Zack Cooper will likely have more later – he was covering practice today – as I am heading out to the airport to catch the flight to New York City.

Perhaps Jonesy and I will VLOG later this evening – once the deadline has passed and we can break down some of the deals.

E. Smith

3 Responses to “Bosh To Play In NYC”
  1. 1.

    Have a safe flight Eric. Maybe Obama will check out a Vlog he is here for the day. He does like basketball I have been told. This is cool Obama and trade deadline. Nice combo.

    - James Borbath
  2. 2.

    More Nathan Jawi. This guy wasnt drafted for nothing lets see him play every night. I could see this guy wearing out centers. Hes too big for big Z. No trade deadline show how lame.

    - Rob from brantford
  3. 3.

    I thought you mean that he was going to New York for a TRADE!!!!!!!

    - RAPS FAN
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