Monday February 16 2009 – 2:31pm Eastern (Toronto)


I’m not sure why, but some folks (emails, etc) seem concerned about whether or not the Raptors are going to hold a press conference to officially introduce Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks.

Well, this may change, but the info I have says the Raps likely won’t have the usual dog and pony show.

Because of the All Star weekend – and how it has messed up travel schedules for everyone involved – a greater emphasis is being placed on PRACTICE, not showcasing the new additions for the media/fans.

As of right now, the Raptors are supposed to practice on Monday night at the ACC – with no media availability.  The team will then return to the floor on Tuesday afternoon for their 2nd workout together.  After that session, we’ll finally have a chance to chat with Marion and Banks. 

Again, things could change.  The Raps may choose to have a presser after Tuesday’s practice – instead of having informal scrums with the newest players.  But, either way, by Tuesday evening you’ll get your first quotes and interviews.


Chances are … it’ll take about 38 wins for the Raptors to get into the post-season.  With 27 games remaining, Toronto would have to got 17-10 to hit that 38-win mark.

Let’s see how the sked breaks down:

16 HOME games
11 ROAD games
Games against sub .500 teams:  16
Games against the West:  7
Games against teams between #8 and #13 in the East:  11
Combined winning percentage of the teams remaining on Toronto’s sked:  .455 (642-768)

I’ll be back with more tomorrow. 

I’m not sure if I’ll be at Tuesday’s practice or not.  I have to tape an episode of TSN’s “Off The Record” – and I may not make it to the ACC in time for the workout as well.  The FAN will be there either way.

Don’t forget to tune in to Jonesy and I for the Raptors next game – Wednesday night – when they host LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

E. Smith

10 Responses to “Monday – Quick Hits”
  1. 1.

    I read your new article on You said that the raps need to make changes to assure Bosh they are serious about contending. However, could you explain why BC said hed like to retain the services of players like parker, graham, and delfino?. Especially a player like parker who is old and cant do anything offensively but take jump shots. I understand one of them as a backup but why the status quo. He also said he would strongly consider resigning Marion. I dont think Marion will solve their wing problems because he cant really create his own shot and the raptors really need that. Plus, he is a player that relies on his athleticism and that tends to wane the older you get and he is already 30+.

    - avi
  2. 2.

    Howard’s last dunk was one foot just inside the foul line. I found it interesting in the old films Jordan, Dr. Jay and a few others did the same dunk. May pure leaping ability has not gone up in thirty years?

    I am hoping they announce trading Bosh to Cleveland. Apparently Cleveland has 13 million in cap space. They have to worry about loosing Lebron. The question is what could we get back for putting Cleveland in position to win two NBA titles this year and next?

    - Miles
  3. 3.

    I do not believe there is a chance we can build by buying. You need price concessions for that. I think we have to build by the draft. Trading Bosh for Clevelands 2011 and 2012 first round picks we could score big if Lebron and Bosh take off at the end of 2010.

    Trading Bosh right now is the best time. He can help a team win 2 championships. He will never be better than the 8th best scorer. If we part company in the summer his value drops dramatically.

    - Miles
  4. 4.

    Trading Bosh is not an option unless he tells BC in the summer he is not interested in resigning, and is willing to forego $30 mil and sign as a FA somewhere else.

    If that happens he will be traded, but only next year.
    I somehow find it hard to believe in these economic climates and with the Cap/Tax numbers on a downward trend and a new CBA on the horizon that any of Wade, James, or Bosh will throw away $30 mil for greener pastures that hold no certainty of results.

    - Johnn19
  5. 5.

    You can’t mention the 17-10 target without mentioning that there are six teams between us at the final playoff spot and that all of them would have to go worse than 17-10 the rest of the way.

    I’d actually pick the Raptors making the playoffs if they had shown that they can beat the teams they’re “supposed to” beat.

    - Arsenalist
  6. 6.

    with the addition of marion i think we are contenders now, as long as everyone is healthy, and we can move graham back to the bench where he now has the confidence to perform (same with roko)…is anyone gonna pick up shaun livingston?

    - anonymous
  7. 7.

    I said that very thing on Double Dribble (on Raptors TV) yesterday morning Arsen

    - E. Smith
  8. 8.

    Eric, evidently the plan WAS to have a great year or two out of JO in Toronto (be competitive and you never know in the playoffs) and then have the ability to not resign him in 2010 and fish for an A player and keep Bosh here. We were HUNTERS.

    For whatever reason, health issues or just didn’t click, we couldn’t have a wasted year this year and try again next. So we’re forced to try and find better chemistry and deal JO for an expiring contract this year and look at the best free agents for next year instead (could include Marion).

    But if we resign him and a few of our own, we’re basically out of the 2010 sweepstakes (except for Bosh) unless pull off major trades or non re-signings.

    Bosh is then more of a target and we become the HUNTED.

    My question is, would this trade have been pulled if we were in 6-7-8th place in the standings and wouldn’t we have been better off for 2010 in that case?

    How does Boston fit re the cap with the big 3 on payroll there? Are they way over? They have to be making a lot more than Bosh, Marion and whoever number 3 is?

    - Gary
  9. 9.

    You can’t blame Bosh for worrying more about his mysterious knee problem than the Raps urgent quest for a playoff spot.
    Playing against the Cavs would be far too risky imo

    - Chas Calz
  10. 10.

    Bosh cannot dominate the paint.
    Bosh cannot dominate the ball and create his own shot.

    Bosh has proven he is not a franchise player.
    No 4 in the league is unless you call Tim Duncan a four playing a five.

    If we pay him like he is a franchise player we are idiots.

    If we have to win a bidding war on Bosh everyone else will be over priced.

    - miles
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