Sunday January 30 2009 - 2:55pm Eastern

Orlando @ Toronto

Final Score:
113-90, Magic

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
18 points
10 rebounds
8 assists
6/11 FG
“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
29 points
14 rebounds
2 steals
11/19 FG
7/11 FT

Shout-out to the Raptors:
14 points
12 rebounds
5/10 FG

Stats that stood out:
- Raptors were in it in the first half, down 53-47 but got out-scored 60-43 in the 2ND half
- Toronto with a flat 3RD; 34-18 Magic
- Chris Bosh in the 1ST half:  1 of 6 FG, 5 points, 5 rebounds, 3 turnovers
- Mikael Pietrus with a BIG game off the bench:  22 points, 5 rebounds on 8 of 17 from the floor
- The Raptors NEVER led in the ball game

Thumbs Up:
- Joey Graham.  But I’m reaching here.  Admittedly, there was not much “positive” about this one at all.

Thumbs Down:
- The Raptors “bigs” … Bosh, Andrea Bargnai, and Jermaine O’Neal combined for 31 points on 10 of  33 from the field.

Smith says:
“The lack of effort and energy is become a disturbing trend over the last couple of games.  *30* losses on February 1st?!  Wow.  This was not a good game at all today.”

Jones says:

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 2 of 11 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Cavs @ Raptors
– Tuesday February 3 2009 - Tune in just after 7:00pm Eastern for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

Missed the post-game show? You can listen to it here:


21 Responses to “Magic Put A Spell On Toronto”
  1. 1.

    Way to not show up at all in the second half…except for Jose and the odd appearance by Graham.

    - Andrea
  2. 2.

    Ok, Graham showed up too, but you know its bad when the “we give up” lineup is on the floor

    - Andrea
  3. 3.

    Listening to the post-game show and hearing some fans describe how they are muzzled when jeering or mocking the players from the opposing team (and in some instances from the Raps), it takes me back to last month when you, Jonsey and Jack during an episode of ‘Hoops’ were discussing how raptor fans just seem lacklustre at times and they should be more into games. Now, I know that you were mostly talking about cheering the Raps when they are down as a method of motivation, however, some fans demonstrate their support by jeering and jawing with the opposition…isn’t that why Philly fans are so notorious!? I understand that you and Jonsey perhaps aren’t aware how the fans are necessarily treated by security (as the two of you both sounded shocked when listening to these stories) but in defence of the Raptors Nation I just thought I’d bring it up on the blog as well and maybe have people share their stories if they have any.

    P.S. the wagon is empty!

    - Mr. T
  4. 4.

    Joey.G is the Best he should be in the line-up and is Moon shooting getting better?

    Marion we need you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    - Raptors FAN
  5. 5.

    Chris Bosh is NOT a super star,when he goes up against a good team he settles for jump shots.When the ball goes into him its never passed out again to make the defense move. Does Bosh ever get double teamed? He scores well when the opposition is not very good. He is a manufactured Star for the Raptors ,

    - dave
  6. 6.

    “I don’t think the energy is good. The energy in the building isn’t good,” Bosh said afterward. “We get down a little bit and everybody is like ‘Oh my god.’ Everything just goes to shambles and I think we feed off that too much. We can’t pay attention to what’s in the stands.

    “I don’t boo,” he added. “If you have a bad fiscal year, how about I boo you?”

    I’m so tired of the so called franshise player that is chris bosh calling out the fams and saying the energey is not good. From now on everytime i go to the game i will boo bosh everytime he touches the ball, this guy wanted to be a mvp, who was he kidding.? chris bosh a franshise player ya ok in his dreams, the only reason chris bosh is an all-star this year is because the east resevers are so bad.. Get this clown out of here..

    - Daniel
  7. 7.

    I’m officially beginning not to care any more.

    - DC
  8. 8.

    Too many 4s, no center. Sorry the raptors do have a big man that does not play. Graham is a powerforward and the experiment at 3 should be over. Way too many Powerforwards on this team. Bargnani is the best of the 4s. Bosh and Bargnani play horrible together, no help defence. Bargs and Oneil could be a good combination. So many spare parts on this team BC must be loving the trade possibilitys. This is Bargnanis team untill a top notch SG is drafted or traded for.

    - Rob from brantford
  9. 9.

    man oh man, this is getting worse and worse. This season is basically over unless BC brings in a superstar. You are looking at the 2nd worst record in NBA after the next 4 or 5 games. Raptors might seriously win a lottery pick.
    The one big blunder in BC’s career here in TO is his draft of Andrea Bargnani instead of Brandon Roy. This draft was coupled to the Charlie V trade for TJ who now got traded for JO resulting in a disastrous season thus far.
    I think i was one of the only ppl to foresee this two years ago when they traded Charlie V instead of CB4. I told my friend at that time that CB4 is not franchise player because he cannot lift his team when they need him the most. I made that argument by looking at Bosh’s offensive arsenals which include a jumper and a drive. None of the two work in clutch time for him because it seems that his moves are so predictable to an opponent. I don’t know what BC can do at this point in time. Anyone on this team can be traded if I am BC like seriously, anyone.

    - Steve
  10. 10.

    im still with you Mr. T

    - Andrea
  11. 11.

    - Bargnani over Roy has been murdered to death and 27 other G.m.’s at the time would have made the exact same pick.

    -You foresaw the Raptors downfall after the trade of Charlie V?!?!!! Implying that Charlie (inconsistent/unmotivated) V., would have been our franchise player if you were GM.

    Daniel…I agree…BooooooOOOOOooooo….osh.

    Joey G…MVP!!

    - Mr. T
  12. 12.


    I agree with you Chris disappears in the big games. For the last two years when the pressure was on he just shot jumpshots. Now the only time he drives in when he is in a care.

    I think to be a franchise player you must be able to dominate the paint. If not that you must be a two or three that dominates the ball and scores. Chris has never been either. He is a good secondary star who hide when Garnett of any truly tough defender is around.

    Chris never gets hurt this year because he never plays hard especially when he feels he is outmatched.

    I also think Chris and Andrea are too much alike. O’Neil was the right idea but wrong guy. Trade Bosh before we lose him for nothing. He is saving himself and I do not think it is for the Raptors.

    Lets build a team around Jose, Andrea Ukic and trade the rest. I love Parker and he is a great Raptor but his time is almost up. He could be great for a play-off team.

    We should be developing Ukic as Jose’s back-up. Solomen is not in a future. It is a waste of space to play him. Lets get on with the rebuild.

    - Miles
  13. 13.

    Another outstanding performance from our franchise player when facing a tough opponent.

    - Joe N.
  14. 14.

    Mr smith, I don’t understand this team, we’re only 4 games out and 33 games to go can you tell me why the gm is not doing anything here, a trade might not be possible but how but bringing back, delfino that dude could be huge boost to our team we’re getting killed every night from the other team’s bench who cares if we go over the cap,and can u please tell why J,O didn’t start today when clearly Jo could play J.H better any body else on this team, Please reply and tell if there is any way of e-mailing Colenglo so I could give it him cause i thing he acting as if he is blind right now

    - ali
  15. 15.

    Hi Eric;

    Hard to sit idle while the team implodes, really feel sorry for triano in this as he won’t be asked to stick around with these kinds of performances from the raptors, don’t know if one trade will solve there problems, really miss tj ford and nesterovic which is not a slight to calderon but there has not been the performance we have expected, hope coangelo does something quick to remedy this, would like to see kapono, parker and moon and graham packaged for a 4 or 5 that can score like maybe thaddeus young or igodala, keep up the good work.

    - robert.s
  16. 16.

    Hey eric. Just heard a blog from steve a smith from espn that says bosh has already told BC that he will not resign. May get traded this year. Any truth?

    - jose hater
  17. 17.

    espn is reporting that bosh has told the raptors he will not sighn back with the team when his contract is over..

    Good leave now chris, brian trade him now get something for him, bosh wanted to be an mvp, well like vince said COME ON..

    - daniel
  18. 18.

    15 3′s to the Bucks and 13 to Orlando in the last two games….you can’t win those.

    Every fan in the country is screaming “no more jump shots” for how many weeks (months?) and what do we keep doing?

    Bosh cannot handle the bigger, stronger centres in the league and never has. And we want to trade the only guy with the potential to do so…

    And Bargnani is back to looking totally lost. Forget the versatility of a big man who can shoot from outside. He can’t take ANYONE fom the dribble because the can’t control in traffic. Aside from that one shot a few days ago where he went reverse and high off the glass, he looks totally uncoordinated out there.

    Energy from the fans, my a*s.
    I’ve never seen a team look so defeated and disinterested in my life.
    In NY, they’d boo you right out of the arena.

    Cleveland up next….ugggghh

    I said it a few weeks ago; BAN any shot from outside of 12 ft unless it’s already been inside out. Make your 3′s. Make a move to the tin EVERY time. Take fouls.

    Oh yeah, and go Raps…

    - Gary
  19. 19.

    raptors fans,

    let be honest with ourselves this team(for a lack of a better term)SUCKS!! Question for u raptor fans is there any other team in the league that plays without a SG/SF that can’t creat their own shot/attack the rim?? and New Orleans doesn’t count b/c they have cris paul. that’s right only the raptors.

    - Clutch K
  20. 20.

    OK the season is lost now.. so lets focus on something positive the draft(did i just say that with this team draft record…. post i.thomas)

    some names for raptors fans to keep on eye on if we draft in the 5-8 range.

    * this is for you jim kelly/brian colangelo

    1. Earl Clark 6’9 SF louisville – if he is on the board don’t mess this one up… please!!

    2. Dajuan Summers SG 6’6 GTown – Strong attacker/tough

    3. DeMar DeRozan SG/SF 6’6 USC – a little more of a risky pick if he comes out but has vince carter hops and ability

    4.Terrance Williams SG 6’6 louisville (if u can get a late first round pick) – well rounded guard with good hops and handled

    - Clutch K
  21. 21.

    Raps are still in the playoff hunt ..
    Newspaper columnists seem to be ripping Raps worse than bloggers . Some seems to resent BC and CB both .. Why ?
    All we need is a nice 7-3 stretch or so and we climb back into contention
    I have a feeling we upset Cavs and Lakers and regain our confidence ..

    - Chas Calz
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