Friday January 30 2009 - 9:45pm EasternMilwaukee @ Toronto

Final Score:
96-85, Bucks

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
11 points
2 rebounds
5/11 FG
“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
26 points
13 rebounds
2 blocks
10/20 FG

Shout-out to the Raptors:
16 points
8 rebounds
7/10 FG
* Sluggish for much of the game, but had a BIG 4TH quarter with 12 points before he got ejected after picking up his seconds technical foul

Stats that stood out:
- 17-4 Bucks to start the 2ND quarter
- 13-4 Bucks to start the 3RD quarter
- Raptors 5 of 20 FG in the 3RD quarter
- Calderon misses a FT in the 4TH quarter to end his consecutive streak at 87
- Bargnani puts up 13 points in the 1ST quarter then scores 3 the res of the game (16 total)

Thumbs Up:
- The Bench.  Jermaine O’Neal (8), Jason Kapono (10), Joey Graham (15) combined for 33 big points

Thumbs Down:
- The 2ND and 3RD quarters … when the Raptors scored 29 points TOTAL

Smith says:
“The officials lost control of this game, but despite that it was a disappointing effort from the Raptors in a game that meant SO much.  This certainly doesn’t build much confidence going into the next four against Orlando, Cleveland, LAL, and New Orleans.”

Jones says:

“V-Tech” 3-In-To-Win Give-Away:
The Raptors were 3 of 12 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Magic @ Raptors
– Sunday February 1 2009 - Tune in at 11:30am for the pre-game show and just after 12:00pm Eastern for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

E. Smith

Missed the post-game show? You can listen to it here:


23 Responses to “Toronto Bucked By Milwaukee”
  1. 1.

    Hey Raps fans…was watching tonite’s game and thought of two ridiculously hilarious thoughts:

    (A) Jamario Moon was in the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest last year!! HA!! I wonder if he’s even aware of that!! What a joke…he couldn’t find the paint if he was the only player on the court!

    (B) Jermaine O’Neal is paid $23 MILLION to play for our beloved team! Excuse me, Mr. Colangelo…have you chatted with your accountants lately?

    It’s no wonder this stiff of a General Manager chose to ply his trade north of the US border. Can you imagine the outrage if he was pulling off these transactions in a city like NY, Boston, or LA?

    - brento
  2. 2.

    I was at the game, behind the basket at the Raptors end. The Raps (and the fans) were very frustrated by the non-calls when they drove the lane in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and after AB picked up that terrible charge call, the team just stopped trying to go inside. From early 2nd quarter on, fans were booing the refs, one ref in particular (13) was making calls that effectively took the Raps out of their game. A cynic would say (and we made sure the ref heard that point of view)he had money on the under because he made sure scoring stopped! From the grab of JO jersey by Elson right in front of him, hanging to the full extension of his arm to the inability of any Rap to get a call going to the hoop – the refs ruined the flow of this game. Not to say the Raps would have won, but the refs took the team out of it and the fans knew it!

    The entire end zone was calling out the refs from the 2nd quarter on. As a season ticket holder – I know the refs do not impact results that often – But this game was heavily impacted by bad refereeing.
    Only JO had the ability to play through the bad/ non-calls and start to dominate in the 4th quarter – but his passion got him kicked out. A weak charging call and that free for all (caused by the refs not calling fouls on the preceding play and the Raps taking frustration fouls on the way back) Cost the Raps their only player who could fight through this disgrace of a game.
    I don’t go to see the Refs play! This crew needs to be disciplined!

    And where were those post game comments about the fans booing the Raps coming from. The fans displeasure was directed squarely at the refs.
    The chant was Referees Suck!
    And it started long before that final disaster – those refs were bad!

    - Steve Brotherston
  3. 3.

    Disappointing game. The team was sluggish and lack luster, the officiating was questionable at times and the crowd was dull too until the final 10 minutes.
    No one on the Raps had a “good game”. They had some good minutes, good plays, but thats it. Rebounding/Second chance scoring was horrendous and you could literally see the fight draining out of the rap with every call, every attempted and missed shot.
    Too bad Calderon for missing the FT but, as he said, oh well. That is not the thin to be upset about. It is the fact that another game was lost.
    4 big, hard teams/games coming up…
    Let’s Go Raptors!

    - Andrea
  4. 4.

    I got 3 words for ya and they are: “BLOW IT UP”

    - Andre
  5. 5.

    As most fans would admit, this season is pretty much over. Even if the Raps defy the odds and manage to grab the last playoff spot, they will still have finished under .500 and will likely bow out on the first round.

    That said…I wanted to ask the guys in this group which Raptor players they would hold onto…if they were the GM of the team.

    I’d keep 4, maybe 5, guys:

    1. Bosh
    2. Calderon
    3. Bargnani
    4. Ukic
    5. Graham (maybe)

    Of course, this is assuming the Raptors aren’t overwhelmed by a trade offer involving one of these players. Personally, I’d make all of them available for trade, but would prefer to hold the above 5. Graham is a maybe, as I see the potential in him to be a serviceable bench player, if he can finally find a bit of consistency in his work ethic and on-court effort level.

    I was more than prepared to show Bargnani the door after the first two months of this season, however I’m beginning to see the type of player he may one day become. However, he has a great deal of work ahead of him in order for him to expand his skill set and make use of his unique combination of size and shooting ability.

    Who would you guys keep?

    - brento
  6. 6.

    Why anyone is dumping on O’Neal is beyond common sense. If B.C. added the Starting 3, Backup 1 and (fill in the blank) in the offseason, the blame would be spread. Since it didn’t happen, it’s too concentrated, take a rest people.

    - Richard Spackman
  7. 7.


    I called in last night saying that the Raps players, coaching staff and most of all Brian Colangelo need to be accountable for the way this season and last has gone. I went on to say that we need to stop using scape goats like injuries, Referees,Coaching and understand that Brian Colangelo is the architech and just didn’t build a good team. Brian lives off of the 47 win overachieving season. His teams have had no identity and pure jump shooting.

    One of your comments regarding my statement was that you would not be quick to critisize Brian because noone would have imagined that the season would have gone this way, and that everyone in the spring(at least 85% of callers on your Shows) including possibly me was on the banwagon to begin the season.

    My answer to that is this, Eric I am not one of those people that are just rooting for the Raptors because they are a team in my city or Not one of those people that just jump on the banwagaon just because I hear that a brand name player is coming to toronto, I look @ why the brand name is coming to Tornto and in this case because noone else would take that heavy contract with jermains history of injuries.
    Overall Im an nba fan and have been for years, I follow teams, GM’s etc. I was a huge fan of the Jerry Colangelo/Paul Westfall Suns, (KJ, Elliot Perry, Oliver Miller, Richard Dumas,Charles Barkley etc)So please do not put me in the category with the dullusional fans and bias media that thought this team was going to be over the top this year w

    Why Would anyone have such high expectations for this team this year when

    A)The raps were 41 and 41 last year with a deeper team
    and lost in the fist round of the playoffs

    B) There was alot of uncertainty’s coming in to this season. Jermain O Neal’s health Being the big one, Andrea Bargnani’s play. Jamario Moon Skiil, Sam Mitchell’s Job, how Roco Ukic would adjust etc, Therefore where did all the high expectation come from with all these things hanging over the heads off the Raptor organization. What was the Bases for the high expectation Given the fact that Jermain over the last three years has been a no show.

    I am one that says the best GM and the GM that Put us on the map and continues to Keep us on the map as a result of his Drafting is Glen Grunwald,
    He got us Vince and Bosh.

    When Brian first Got here I assume that his perception was that, because of his name and because of the fans expectation of him based on the persnelle in Phoenix, he had to quickly make moves, instead of observing and making rational moves. The first big deal he made was horrendous, and this has nothing to do with hindsight, (I follow most pleyers in this league probably more than some of these RAPTOR fans that only know names) trading a guy at the foward spot that showed great potential and would help down low, for a injury progned high risk undersized point guard which would not put us over the top, was a strange move. Even if we did need a point guard As a new GM of a rebuilding team I don’t ever think you trade a good young biggs to get one, unless your getting a nash, a parker a billups etc. Now Brain moved TJ whom he aquired in the CV trade to now aquire injury progned Jermaine O Neal to fill in the spot left by eight million dollar Rasho who ultimately replaced a million or two Charlie V. We can clearly see that Brian has gone in Circles, the Charlie V deal is what linked us to Rasho and TJ which ultimatley linked us to Jermaine who has obviously not met expectation.
    I have never seen a team trade a big for a small when the team does not have rebounding to begin with.

    Take a look this mediocore team that is pressed against the salery cap, with guys in our starting lineup that would be bench players anywhere else, Then tell me you wouldn’t critisize Brian.

    I would like to hear your comments.

    - Thomas
  8. 8.

    I would only keep the mascot.

    - Joe N.
  9. 9.

    I’m gonna start off by saying this, They shouldn’t have let the game get to the point it did in the 4th quarter. That being said I have to agree with Jonesy, the refs head got out managing the game and into “I am a Referee and can do what I want.” I hope that referee gets that 4th quarter sent out as a “Do not behave like this guy” instructional video.

    - Lanny from Whitby
  10. 10.

    To get down by 18 pts at home to Bucks in a key game was a bit disappointing ..
    It was good to see O’Neal increase his trade value in the 4th Qt ..
    Although Triano is 11-20 ,and led Raps to 14th spot in the Conf, we must be patient and let him learn on the job ..
    Next 4 games should be interesting .

    - Chas Calz
  11. 11.

    I’m not naming names, but I find some of the emails on this blog nearly impossible to comprehend.

    I realize this isn’t a board for university level english majors, but what’s up with the spelling and grammar these days? Doesn’t anyone go to school anymore?

    I guess the pundits who predicted the text message “world” would lead to the rapid demise of the english language were correct.

    So sad.

    Stay in school.

    Eat your Wheaties.

    Go back to school.

    - brento
  12. 12.

    I will trade Moon and Solomon for Anthony Randolph who is a good prospect. are trade him for some player that is better than him. and plays defense with passion because I don’t c any passion to play defense.and he doesn’t even run to the offense end when the ball is inbound ed to Calderon. he should be flying like Vince , because of the versatility and the height he can jump. Mr. BC should do something about him either bench him for 5 games to see if he willing to play defense or trade him for someone. The way I see everybody is doing there best to play defense but he sticks as a sour thumb.

    - George
  13. 13.

    J.O is the man, say what you want but he gives 110%

    - D12
  14. 14.

    Hey Thomas, you nmeed to get your own show if you want to post a novel :-)

    The Raps lost what should have been an easy win. Now they have to find a way to win a few that not many give them a chance in.

    Refs were bad, whatever it’s going to happen.

    Loved that JO lost it for the 2nd T as we need more passion on the floor, not just post game interviews.

    In my opinion, he should have left it at that though and not continued with the whole “he (Charlie V) doesn’t win enough to speak that way to me……”
    -last I saw he had more wins this year then the Raps.

    Go Raps Sunday, it’s miracle time.

    - Gary
  15. 15.

    Hey, Eric:
    This game was lost in the 3rd quarter when the raptors had that stretch of offensive struggles. They failed to find JO and utilize him. I think Triano has to take the blame for that because he should’ve made the play calls to give the ball to JO instead of everybody shooting jump shots. That is why I think maybe Raptors do need a veteran coach with a good track record and experience to lead this team forward. A trade at this point is futile unless we can get someone substantial in return. But this year, i think what stood out most is how Chris struggles to carry this team when they need him. Glaring difference in wins totals if Raptors can find this one guy to lead the team because Chris is really not a clutch player just like KG. Raptors really need to settle for that one guy who can score in crunch time, if Magic can find trust in Turkoglu, so can the Raptors.

    - Steve
  16. 16.

    This was pathetic when will Colangelo make a move on this team or will he blow this team up for young players and draft picks?

    - Kyle
  17. 17.

    Raptors need more plays with Barnanai because he only scored 3 points in the second half and he did this last year against Denver when Carmelo and Iverson were in town and Baranani scored 16points in the first half and zero through out the whole game! This happen before so it happened again when is Hay going to understand not to give Baranani a break until he says he is tried or he is in foul trouble!

    - Raptors FAN
  18. 18.

    Eric, who would you rather have A.Barnani or Charile.V? Because if the Raps traded Charile.V then you won’t get Baranani and it would take time for Charile.V to be a good player just like Baranani. I think JO is a good player but, would Marion sign with the Raps next season and if he doesn’t who can the Raps get this year?

    When do you think you can have Bryan.C on Fan590? So he can talk to the Fansand listen to their opinion! Hey, JP Richardy did it same with Bryan Buke when they talk to the Fans so when Bryan.C going to talk to the Fans? And will he ever or until they go 70-12 ? -_-

    - Raptors FAN
  19. 19.

    Colangelo will be a hero again when he has almost 40 million to spend on free agents two years from now. As far as which players I would keep on the team if I had a choice: Bosh, Parker (as a bench player), Jose, Andrea and Oneal for his expiring contract. Everyone else can pack up and go. (Oh, and I’ll also give Ukic another year or two and see how he develops)

    Regarding one of the first comments about Moon being in the slam dunk competition last year…he had problems finishing his dunks there too. And Thomas, i’m sure you had some excellent points to make in your comment/article, I just didn’t have the patience to read it all.

    P.S. we can take Orlando and we have a shot against the Cavs…the invite to jump on the bandwagon while its rolling is still out there but its moving quickly as the bandwagon is a little on the light side.

    - Mr. T
  20. 20.

    keep only the mascot.. lol classic,

    i would only keep calderon, bosh, bargs, ukic. Please get rid of the rest.
    for the people who want to keep oneal your insane, yes he gives the most hearts, but at 23 million, you can sign 2 david lee type players, or use that 23 million to sign 4-5 hard nose bench players. why keep 23 million for a bench player or for just one player, i dont care how much effort they give, only lebron stays on my team for that money. so no i would not keep oneal, (and no he cant take a pay cut next year, so his contract eats all the space next year too. Yes the team will still lack a big rebounder, inside presence, but for 23 million, you can get 4-5 big dudes young and upcoming. (if he stays we have no improvement for next year also)not injured and declining.
    and for all the people who think he gives this team toughness, i dont agree fully. Please correct me if im wrong, but his toughness is more attitude then leadership, the iverson, stephen jackson, type of attitude who are good, but just dont have the character to be a championship leader. championship teams have tough leaders who do it on the court for less money then everyone (i.e garbo, oaks). i like his toughness, but im a believer that there is a difference between a players hardcore attitude and basketball on the floor attitude. thats just my opinion, i guess i believe oneil, jackson, iverson, and those players are just not the right attitudes for any championship team. at least not at there payscale.

    sorry thats just my rant for the people actually wanting to keep him…. just cant agree. this team needs improvment and the fact is graham, moon, kapono, and the bench is worth nothing but a few d leaguers on the trade market. not NBA players we are in a tough situation. the 23 million can be used to sign 3-5 players and BLOW this up.
    thanks for listening to my rant.

    anyway GO RAPS GO, im still a fan.

    - fg
  21. 21.

    Bargnani was ready to go off for 40 untill they sat the hot hand. Why take the rock out of the hand of your best offensive player. The Bucks could not stop him so why was he on the bench. How did he not have 20 points by the end of the half.

    - Rob from Brown Town (brantford)
  22. 22.

    I just want to thank Thomas for reading his comment/article on the radio.

    - Mr. T
  23. 23.

    Mr. T if you read my post carefully and then listen to the show you would relise that on this post I made comments on the show I challenged Eric with a question. Big difference.

    - Thomas
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