Thursday, January 29, 2009 - 12:24 a.m. Eastern

After the Raptors/Nets game, I tracked down Chris Bosh and got these EXCLUSIVE comments from CB4 regarding Jalen Rose’s comments on ESPN the other night (that Bosh is supposedly leaving Toronto next year):


Listen and enjoy.

E. Smith

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  1. 1.

    well I hope Bosh will stay in T.O. we better keep winning.

    - TomGfromBrampton
  2. 2.

    E, You’ve done it again dude! I think we should be worrying about wins and losses, give him reason to stay! The constant booing because we don’t get pizza or booing cause its been a lacklustre performance are things that we as people have to realize will affects someones’ opinion. Any word on Jalen’s appearance on Hoops tonight? I’d hope you guys don’t go soft but don’t terrorize him. Should be some good stuff! I hope you guys ask dead serious “Jalen, Has Chris Bosh told you that he is leaving?” if he says no but its someone close to him, I take it with a pound of salt! Great Stuff E.

    - Lanny @RBC from Whitby
  3. 3.

    The way the game started with all the NJ threes and Carter lighting it up, I thought we were in for a long night. What did they start, 6/7 were three attempts?

    How many games do you think you’ll win with the opposition eventually shooting 15 three-pointers?

    Regardless of what Bosh is thinking today, it could only be “if it’s like this in 2010, I might or I would THEN”

    All we can try and control is put a good team around him and a winning atmosphere make it not just a place to stay but a place to want to COME to so that Chris is calling around to the other free agents saying, “this is a great situation, great teamates, management treats us well, fans are awesome and we can WIN it all with you here with me”.

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    Great job Eric.

    I’m with the poster above (Lenny); would love to hear Jalen on Hoops.

    - DC
  5. 5.

    Nice work Eric. Kind of a interesting answer but hey all you can do is ask the question. I just think all of this hype a year and half prior does not help things.

    T.J Ford got driven out of town from a lot of things including the over blown reaction to the whole Jose/T.J debate in the fan base that spilled into the media. People need to start listening to Garth- LIVE IN THE NOW. We might be better off.

    - James Borbath
  6. 6.

    good stuff E. CB4 sounds pretty non-committal, which means he could easily go either way. E what do you and Jonesy think?

    - CM
  7. 7.

    Hey Eric, I forgot to mention I think this guy Lopez maybe opened some eyes last night. He played hardnose bball and has a great little flat hook that somehow drops.

    How old is he and is he a good prospect or just there becuase YI is out – hope for our sake he’s not!

    - Gary
  8. 8.

    (Response to Current and Jalen at it Again Blog)

    Everybody knows that Bosh is an Amazing all-star player and the only reason why he has never been successful on the Raptors is the same reason why VC was never successful on the Raps and that is because it takes more than one person to win a basketball game and ignorant CDN fans fail to realize this. Bosh’s style of play is comparable to that of KG. On his own, Kevin Garnett could not take you to the promise land. All you have to do is just look back at KG’s days on the Timberwolves to see that, with the right pieces in place though Kevin Garnett is unstoppable, i.e. Boston. Therefore, I would not blame Bosh if he leaves or for wanting to leave Toronto, because if Bosh puts up forty or thirty or twenty and ten all year, we still will not make it deep into the playoffs because we do not have a good basketball TEAM. The Raptors franchise has never seriously tried to build around Bosh. We have made stupid draft choices and pathetic trades such as Barney aka the 7-foot Kapono; JO the washed up all-star and Moon “The D League Prodigy”. CDN ball fans need to re-watch those KG commercials “it’s not ME, it’s WE” and then hate on BOSH’s style of play.

    - Andre
  9. 9.

    i don’t know what all the fuss is about. Its pretty simple really we have a good winning team come 2010 he will stay, if not he will leave.


    - jose hater
  10. 10.

    If he takes more and more jump shots, we rather have him leave.

    - DontCare
  11. 11.

    i think things are looking up in TO with Bargnani’s play of late (he wasn’t great agaisnt NJ, but 15pts for 15 games in a row, he’s alot to have an off nite) they do need to add another wing player and obviously the raptors if they do trade for marion will try and get one this summer (i heard of a few good 2/3s available). They are really 1 good player and maybe 2 role players away from a championship team (and i think roko will become one of the role players)

    let’s just focus on reaching 500 this season if we do that, it’s definetely an encouraging sign heading into next year.

    - heabea
  12. 12.

    Bosh is non-committal because, really, why wouldn’t you keep your options open? He said that he has not spoken to Jalen, so that issue is somewhat resolved in the sense that he has not stated anything either way. When 2010 rolls around, there is going to be a TON of movement. you can’t expect CB to say “absolutely I am staying in Toronto”. That takes possible opportunities for him off the table, though it could be good for the Raps. At the same time, he is not going to say “I am getting out, no question”. There goes his credibility and respect with his team and the fans now. Can’t deny it, TO has been good to him…don’t want to step on too many toes.

    - Andrea
  13. 13.

    Thats great but the Raptors biggest problem is rebounding and with bargnani at the 5 they will never be a great rebounding team. Bosh is not a good rebounder. Bargnani and JO at the 4 5 are an upgrade over Bargnani,Bosh. Bosh is the od man out. To think that Bosh is more effective at 4 than bargnani or oneil is wrong. Bargs and Oneil are better defenders.

    - Rob from brantford
  14. 14.

    Bosh is no VC

    - Rob from brantford
  15. 15.

    Personally DontCare I’d like to see you play and if you can’t hit a jump shot then maybe you could leave. Where do you live? New York?

    - Dana
  16. 16.

    Why is everyone all worked up about him potentially leaving? He’s not a franchise player. They have not won a playoffs round with him in their line-up. Can he get better than what we are seeing him now? I don’t think so. If the guy wants to leave, then let him go. Life will go on, with or without him. Personally, I say trade him in the off-season.

    - Joe N.
  17. 17.

    Jeff Van Gundy said that Chris Bosh should not be on the all star team as he is not playing on a winning team.
    I do not remember them saying that about Dwayne Wade last year, and Miami had a much worse record that the Raptors.

    - Pat
  18. 18.

    why would he leave 30 million on the table? I say he signs with Toronto, and if he’s not happy, demands a trade a year or so into his deal. This way he maximizes his earning potential.

    - Chris
  19. 19.

    To be honest that little interview you did with Bosh Eric doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement. Who knows but right now I’m not sure Bosh sees a long term future in Toronto. In fact I’d use the word noncommittal to describe his (Bosh) sentiments. I would not be surprised that come 2010 Bosh decides to go elsewhere, but we’ll see.

    Take care.

    - Troy
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