Wednesday January 28 2009 – 1:38pm Eastern

Vloggin’ from New York City …

The Raptors play the NJ Nets tonight, but the team stays in NYC instead of Jersey (smart choice).

Be sure to tune in to the pre-game show tonight at 7:05pm where we’ll be joined by Jay Triano, Jack Armstrong, and more.  The tip-off goes just after 7:30pm, live on the FAN.

‘Til then, enjoy the vlog.

E. Smith

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9 Responses to “VLOG 25.0 – New Jersey”
  1. 1.

    Love Jalen. We all know he is right too. Trade bosh for a couple pieces.

    Hope he comes on the show guys

    - jose hater
  2. 2.

    looking forward to hearing from Jalen

    - Steven
  3. 3.

    All trade talk can take a hike until the next 6 games are played. We need to go at least 3-4/6 and that’s no easy task.

    We’re only 3 games out and for those who ask “what’s the point of getting 8th and then blown out in the first round?” I say “stranger things have happended in the playoffs”

    Better to finish higher yes but Orlando, Cleveland and Detroit at a minimum are one good injury away from a first round upset.

    Trade that….

    Go Raps

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    Eric, Does a bus take team from hotel to the arena ? Do you ride the bus ?
    You made a comment about New Jersey.. Is the area somewhat dangerous ?

    I confess I’ll listen to the Nets broadcast a bit tonight too .. to see how they talk about Raps .

    See where Carter was 2/12 and Harris 4/17 vs Thunder ? .. Maybe they stay in their slump .. and we grab a big win

    - Chas Calz
  5. 5.

    Good VLOG! Umm, when are you guys are going to have Jalen Rose on the Fan590 or on the “Eric Smith Show”? Because I am wondering if he is telling the truth because he is so confedent in his answer that it is hard to say he is wrong! J.Kapono he need to be traded with O’Neil if O’Neil going to Miami because he can play better with Wade then with Bosh or Caldron.

    - Raps Fan
  6. 6.

    Make it happen Jonesy!!! As a Wolverine fan and a Raptor fan I hope Jalen is totally wrong. I know the guy had always wanted a media career so the fact he is so certain about all of this worries me.

    I have always stood behind Chris and would be deeply disappointed if he has already made the choice to leave. I have stuck to my guns saying he is not T-Mac, V.C or Damon. I really hope he proves me right and Jalen wrong.

    - James Borbath
  7. 7.

    I love Chris Bosh and I think he is great for this franchise, however, I am so tired of hearing about him leaving. It is distracting to the game and I am sure to Chris and the other members of the Raptors organization. If he leaves, he leaves. There is not much any of us can do to control that. Hopefully, if CB does go, we will get some talented player(s) back. I guess we have to trust that BC will do the right moves. Raptor fans have been through this too many times. We need a winning environment in Toronto to keep players like CB here, and so far we have not been able to consistently provide that. Perhaps a few key additions to the lineup brings a winning record. We have some good pieces to build on.

    - Pat
  8. 8.

    Trade Chris Bosh for Derrick Rose ;)
    is the answer :)

    - Shot Caller
  9. 9.

    trade ap for nash

    - ginomassari
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