Tuesday January 27 2009 – 11:20am Eastern

I still plan on checking in with my Western Conference musings today, but before I get to that, I wanted to share a link that came along from a poster/contributor to this blog.  I watched this last night, and planned on bringing it up, but a fan beat me to the punch with the link from YouTube:

(skip ahead to the final 20-30 seconds if you don’t want to watch the whole thing)

No, I don’t know if what Jalen Rose is saying is legit or not.  To my knowledge, Rose and Bosh aren’t tight.  I’m not saying they don’t get along, but I don’t think they’re buddies; chatting regularly.  And I also don’t think Rose can say – FOR CERTAIN – that Bosh is leaving Toronto … and here’s why …

“What If” …

- Toronto makes it to the playoffs this season and actually advances?
     – Makes it to the playoffs next season and advances … far?
     – Makes a huge trade this season or this summer that Bosh loves? 
               – That drastically changes the look and make up of the team?
     – Bosh decides he wants the max years/money, and doesn’t want to leave $$ on the table?

There are so many “What Ifs”. 

I truly believe that nobody other than Chris Bosh himself can say FOR SURE what is going to happen at the end of next season.  Thus, I think Rose is simply stirring the pot, which his producers at ESPN probably love. 

Jalen may have a credible source or multiple sources, but unless his informant is Bosh himself – saying “I AM LEAVING – NO MATTER WHAT” – then I think we need to take Rose’s comments with a grain of salt and realize that it might be a spoonful of sensationalism and showmanship.

That’s my two cents.

E. Smith

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  1. 1.

    Regardless, he is not giving a definitive answer either way. If we try to re-sign him after his contract is up, we run the chance of losing him (just like we lost T-mac, i.e. for nothing). I say BC gets a feel for want chris wants to do this summer by making him a contract offer/extension…if Chris does not accept or seems like he’s not interested in re-singning than we trade him before next season starts. And I’ll state this again… trading Chris does not necessarily mean we are rebuilding, but rather re-structuring the team.

    - Mr. T
  2. 2.

    After losing MacGrady and Vince Carter, most Rap fans are immune to worrying about who will leave imo .
    If a star wants to leave, why keep him ?
    Imagine if we lost Bosh and O’Neal before next season .. Bryan would have approx $40 million in saved salary to play with ..
    Keep in mind we’re 18-28 with Bosh and O’Neal – under 2 coaches ..No player on a 18-28 team should be considered untradable maybe .

    - Chas Calz
  3. 3.

    Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out chris!

    - cbfree!
  4. 4.

    Have they won anything with Bosh? Let him go to New York and he can make all the commercials he wants. Use that money one someone who won’t settle for a fade away jumper when he has a smaller defender on him everytime. I’d rather build the team around Bargs than Bosh.

    - Joe N.
  5. 5.

    Bryan Colangelo will get a feel for whether Chris Bosh intends to leave in 2010 or not and he will act accordingly to salvage the situation. Bryan has always treated his players fairly and they have treated him back fairly in return. There is no reason to think that Chris Bosh would not treat the organization well after everything that they have done to appease the guy.

    - Bane D
  6. 6.

    i love how Jalen talks as if he has the best source in the league.

    it is pretty clear hes doing that to get his producers happy about his “energy” on the screen.

    - Behzad
  7. 7.

    Isnt there something in the CBA that Bosh CANT state where/when/what he’s doing in terms of playing?

    - Andrea
  8. 8.

    What do you mean by – Bosh decides he wants the max years/money, and doesn’t want to leave $$ on the table?

    - andrew
  9. 9.

    And how much money would Bosh give up if he went to another team?

    - andrew
  10. 10.

    One thing we all must keep in mind though – myself included – Jalen’s story COULD be legit. Perhaps he DID speak with Bosh. Perhaps his source(s) IS legit.

    If that is the case, I mean *IF* that is the case and Jalen is right and Bosh is going no matter what, Bryan Colangelo would have to make a decision on CB4 asap, because his value may be lowered this summer — in that teams that may be interested in trading for him might not give up as much in a package for him, fearing he’ll simply leave them in 10-12 months anyway.

    - E. Smith
  11. 11.

    FYI … for those that asked … it could be $20+ million Bosh leaves on the table by giving up an extra year. So it’s not just more money, but it’s that extra year of GUARANTEED money too.

    Players might want to consider that a little harder, given the lockout that COULD be coming in 2010/2011

    - E. Smith
  12. 12.

    Eric, Jalen must have some credible source. I watch him daily as I’m in LA and he doesn’t usually make bold pronouncements on prospective player moves. Can you contact him and explore the basis of his statement?

    - CM
  13. 13.

    Bosh should leave and test another markets. He’ll be only 26 in July 2010 so why not try a different team and try to win a championship as he’ll never win one in Toronto. Let’s not be sentimental about sports issues like this, it’s just entertainment, no lives on line. Let him go if he chooses to, basketball will continue.

    - Beburg
  14. 14.

    bosh is a good player but what happens when he plays Boston or Cleveland or the Laker’s and all of the top teams he ‘s justan average player. Yes hes good but hes not in the same league as the true stars. he’s not worth top billing, trade him and get a good draft pick or a good prospect. thanks

    - dave
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