Saturday January 3 2009 – 2:30pm Eastern

Jose Calderon and Jermaine O’Neal are doubtful for Sunday’s game against the Orlando Magic.

O’Neal did not take part in Wednesday’s game against the Denver Nuggets and then missed Toronto’s practice on Thursday and the game-day shoot-around on Friday.  He was held out of action for the second-straight game, last night, against the Houston Rockets. 

O’Neal didn’t participate in the Raptors’ workout earlier today either.

Calderon injured his hamstring in the 1st quarter of last night’s win.  He tried to come back in the 2nd quarter but quickly came out of the game again and did not return to action.  He is scheduled to have an MRI later today and should know the results by this evening – or first thing in the morning at the very least.

Calderon missed two games earlier this season – with a similar hamstring injury – but he’s saying right now that his current situation seems better than what he experienced back in November. 

No matter what the MRI says, it’s probably a good bet that both he and O’Neal will miss Sunday’s tilt against Orlando. 

The Raptors play on the back-to-back on Monday – in Milwaukee – so the status of both players could be quite questionable for that game as well. 

Jonesy and I will be on the air on Sunday at 12:05pm with the pre game show; the tip-off comes right around 12:35pm

E. Smith

9 Responses to “Update On J.O. and Jose”
  1. 1.

    Maybe there’s a silver lining with injuries ?
    Since Raps were in a slump , injuries force different line-up combinations and give bench time to show they deserve more playing time .

    - Chas Calz
  2. 2.

    well, don’t put your money on the Raps.

    - TomGfromBrampton
  3. 3.

    no jose means we may have a chance

    no jo hurts though

    - jose hater
  4. 4.

    Faithful fans = Money is always on the Raps. But this will be a hard battle. Let’s just hope we can have a showing like last night…

    - Andrea
  5. 5.

    I swear this season has been a train wreck even when the team gets a much needed win you can’t be happy because you lose Calderon. Why Bryan Colangelo did no go out and get a legit back-up point guard is one the biggest mistakes he has made. He took what was this team’s greatest strength and has quickly made it the weakest position on the floor.

    I don’t hate Jose I truly don’t but he was not good enough for Colangelo to honestly think he could have extended his minutes coming off an Olympic year and have no real back up. Will Solomon was in Europe for a reason and it wasn’t that he was good enough to be in the NBA. Look at what the Pacers did. Yeah they brought in T.J but they also got Jarrett Jack. How good would that have been if Raptors got a back-up like that? Add the bonus he played college ball with your star player and as far as I know is still friends with him. But not just Jack but any back-up that can play in this league. Will was great in relief last night but for any long stretch of games forget it. Roko has not played much since Triano took over and he will be just as challenged at the back-up.

    This has been a mess and have not even talked about this team’s true problem in that they honestly have never replaced Vince Carter. Not saying a player that good but with a same type of skill set. It all just makes you frustrated and angry. I bought into the hype and I was wrong to do so. Feel free to add any thoughts you have on this Eric.

    - James Borbath
  6. 6.

    I am a bigtime sports gambler and I’ve placed a 30$ wager on the Raps tomorrow. Raptors are gonna win tomorrow and go on on a five game winning streak. You heard it right here Eric and folks!

    - Beburg
  7. 7.

    I just don’t understand why our Gm is not doing anything about this. this is nothing like what we expected this year.doesn’t matter what happens on court it matter who our gm going to get to change this team.with this team I rather to be a lottery team then i know at least we my might chance to get a high draft pick. raptors will lose bad tomorrow

    - ali
  8. 8.

    that was some bad writting.

    - ali
  9. 9.

    Great team win against the Rockets. The Raps aren’t talented enough to take the easy options of settling for easy jumpers and then slacking off in their own end. The Raps obviously wanted that game more than Houston and emphasized the value of plain old hard work by more than just a few players… Paul’s right; you don’t bring a player like J.O. off the bench, but I’d be giving him the quick hook and then use him a little more sparingly in key situations. It would be nice if he had some gas in the tank at the end of a game. At this stage of his career, he’ll give you quality minutes NOT quantity minutes…Let’s get real. IF the Raps make the playoffs, they’ll probably once again get the 1st round bounce. Brian C. still has some time left on his honeymoon metre. Injuties are starting to take their toll. I think Bosh is exhausted. Maybe we should write this year off. This team is not as good as we thought they might be. Maybe it’s time for Brian to take a step back so that the team can take a few steps forward; i.e.-trading for draft picks. We’re in that ‘mushy middle’ that has plagued the Leafs for years… Not good enough to advance, but not bad enough to acquire high draft picks. Is it a strong draft coming up?

    - jim
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