Monday December 22 2008 – 1:55pm Pacific

VLOG 14.0 … from Beverly Hills.  This will be our last vlog (and maybe last blog) until after Xmas …


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E. Smith

8 Responses to “VLOG 14.0 – Los Angeles (Beverly Hills)”
  1. 1.

    Thanks for the Vlog fellas..I hope you guys have a nice Christmas.

    - Waqas
  2. 2.

    great work, love the vlogs !

    - D12
  3. 3.

    Eric I don’t think you read my previous post properly and if you did then I’d assume you don’t want to answer the question. I’d ask that question again.

    If Raptors lose all the games on this road stretch, how on earth would Jay Triano survive with a 2-13 record? Don’t you think he’s a goner?

    - Beburg
  4. 4.

    Another great Vlog. loved the location :)

    - Beburg
  5. 5.

    I don’t know what post you’re talking about.

    Anyway, no, I don’t think he’s a goner if that happens.

    Could he get fired? Sure. But WILL he for sure? I don’t know that it’s a given. Firing two coaches in one seasons would be almost unprecedented …

    I think there’d be a player/roster shake-up before another coach is fired.

    - E. Smith
  6. 6.

    Hope you guys enjoyed your sub …. hopefully better news tonight … I’ll be listening.

    - barriebill
  7. 7.

    …all I want for Christmas is a coach with *****… Triano is beginning to remind me of that wuss-of-a-coach the Leafs had in Murphy….
    when CB4 got *****-slapped from the Clipper’s player(excuse my French) and it wasn’t called a falgrant that would have been a perfect time for Triao to be a REAL coach rather than just a spectator…THAT’S the time you gotta show that CB4 is not to be roughed up…get “T-uped” by the Refs or get kicked out of the game- you have to make a statement was also kinda surprising that J.O. didn’t close-line the Clippers when they came back after that foul on Bosh – now when I speak like this, the traditional BB critics claim that I may be too much of a hockey fan..I say when players stick up for each other then thats called a REAL team with REAL men…
    In my opinion, Triano blew another chance to show what kind of man he really is; or maybe he is showing us that he really ISN’T a REAL man

    - Tony B
  8. 8.

    You’ve gotta be kidding me

    - E. Smith
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