Monday December 1 2008 – 11:55am Pacific

We are leaving for Denver in just over an hour.  The bus will be leaving the hotel just after 1:00pm Pacific and we’ll head to LAX to catch our flight to the Mile High City.

But before we got packed-up, Jonesy and I hit the streets of Beverly Hills again to bring you another edition of our world-famous (*cough*) VLOG!

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We’re having a tough time keeping all of you happy — half of you want more generic, scene-setting vlogs … while the other half wants more analytical game-related stuff.  So, seeing as we were more “general” in yesterday’s entry, I thought today we’d get back to hoops and break down what happened against the Lakers last night.

We’ll probably be back again tomorrow with another vlog – from Denver – before the Raps get set to tip it off against the Nuggets.  Toronto might catch a break tomorrow … as Carmelo Anthony is day to day with an elbow contusion.

I’m off to catch a few more rays of sunshine before I hop on the bus.

Enjoy yourself folks!

E. Smith

7 Responses to “VLOG 8.1 – LA / Beverly Hills, part 2”
  1. 1.

    Hey Eric and Jonesy,

    The vlog is pretty cool!

    Not to harp on the obvious but I think if B.C. has aspirations of us making the playoffs and actually going somewhere when we get there, he’s has to shake this team up. We’re almost a quarter of the way through the season and I just don’t think this lineup has what it takes (and that is with J.O. as well). Jose’s playing way more than he did last year and his numbers aren’t that much better. If we have to go over the cap to give Bosh the help he needs than so be it. I mean even when we were expansion team we beat good teams on occasion!

    - Omari
  2. 2.

    Eric, you think Devin Harris is the PG in the east?

    - andrew
  3. 3.

    You guys need a camera man. I am available. LOL. Anyway as always I enjoy the Vlog. It is a staple for my online stuff when Raps are on the road

    - James Borbath
  4. 4.

    Hey Eric, good stuff with the vlogs. just wanted to know if there is any updates on Jawai, and if we will even see him on the court this season?


    - Hari
  5. 5.

    I’d say Bosh had a pretty bad game against the Celtics and Pistons too. The numbers don’t aren’t bad but when you talk about scoring in key stretches, he came up very short. Especially against KG, I think he scored 4 of his 24 points against KG when it mattered.

    Rasheed Wallace also contained him and made him a non-factor.

    What do you guys think of Bosh smiling at the end of the game? Reminded me of one VC (I’m not comparing their character, I know they are VERY different). Just pointing it out.

    - Arsenalist
  6. 6.

    Hey Eric, Jonesy,

    I’m loving the VLOG. Please keep it up— very enjoyable to watch regardless what the topic is about.


    - Chris
  7. 7.

    What do you guys think of Bosh smiling at the end of the game?

    It’s one of a few things that drives me nuts about the NBA. What do these guys all have to hug and smile at each other both b4 and after most games. And it’s usually just the star players that bother, that’s it’s some kind of earned right.

    What’s interesting is you don’t see Garnett get into it after a LOSS. He is too pis*ed and part of what makes him such a fierce competitor.

    You should hate each other on the court and chat and plan for drinks later in the hallways after the game.

    Be like hockey players who skate around in the warm up glaring at each other…

    Go Raps tonight.

    - Gary
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