Friday November 14 2008 – 12:35pm Eastern

Jose Calderon is in the practice facility right now at the ACC … but he is not taking part in the workout

Calderon’s test results (from yesterday) showed a mild hamstring strain. 

He is officially listed as day to day, and he is “questionable” for Sunday’s game against the Miami Heat.

I’ll have more later when practice actually wraps up

E. Smith

18 Responses to “Update on Calderon”
  1. 1.

    what u think of Marco Belinelli

    - jj
  2. 2.

    “According to the comments, there is no shortage of offers for Marco, beginning with Toronto, where fellow Italian superstar Andrea Bargnani plays.”

    - jj
  3. 3.

    I like Marco, but I don’t know that he’s the solution to what Toronto needs. I guess it depends on what you’d give up to get him.

    - E. Smith
  4. 4.

    give the guy a chance

    - verol
  5. 5.

    Give what guy a chance?

    - E. Smith
  6. 6.

    well I think the Raptors need a 2 gaurd (or even a Small Forward) who can create his own shot. Kapono hits the wide open ones, as does AP, but they seem more likely to get their points off the double teams in the post. The point gaurd spot is really thin without TJ. With a guy like him coming off the bench, the point gaurd spot was a no-issue. But unfortunately, he knew he was a starter in the league and moved on. It would be nice to get a guy like a Luke Ridnour, Jordan Farmar or even Jarett Jack coming off the bench, but like many things, this will likely not happen.

    - Navid
  7. 7.

    if Calderon is out for any extended period, the Raps are in trouble. I would start Will Solomon ahead of Ukic,

    - Ian
  8. 8.

    Hey Eric, any information on why Graham is not getting a chance? He outplayed Moon in the preseason and he’s outplayed him in the few minutes he received so far. I’m baffled.

    - CC
  9. 9.

    Don’t we already have a 6′ 5″ European shooting guard? Give Roko some consistent play and he’ll do better than Belinelli and at a cheaper rate.

    - Arsenalist
  10. 10.

    I agree Arsenalist

    - E. Smith
  11. 11.

    Keep an eye CC … I have a feeling Graham could get that shot … soon.

    - E. Smith
  12. 12.

    Yo Eric, if we could trade JK and Moon who should the Raps get?

    I am thinking like JK Smith

    And I heard you and Jonezy talking about Baranani in the future be in the 3 spot like a Lamar Odem so, should Sam try that like on Miami’s game?

    And also Hump needs to get more minutes because sometimes he could do better than O’Neail in the offense!

    - Raps Fan
  13. 13.

    ya, i would like to see Ukic at the 2, but not sure if his D is up to par… yet.

    - TomGfromBrampton
  14. 14.

    Hey Eric. Is it just me or do we seem to be missing crucial dribble Penetration by our PG. I am a big fan of Jose, having said that I am not sure why he has stopped penetrating the lane. Maybe I am getting confused when remembering last season’s games where I seem to think he was able to get to the hoop a lot more. To compete in today’s NBA you need a PG that can draw in defenders as he drives the lane, and as a result creates easy baskets for his players. Jose has stopped doing that to a great extent. It seems to me, he now more often than not brings the ball up to the three point arch and passes it off. This predictable offense makes it easy for other teams to guard against us. I don’t know if its fatigue or the lack of TJ watching (who goes to the rim even with a guy like KG waiting to send his shots into the bleachers) that has Jose not taking it inside. I seem to remember plenty of blow bys last season where he ended up getting pretty open lay ups, or dishes to Bosh for an easy slam or open looks that Parker knocked down.
    Anyone else seeing this?

    - Stephan
  15. 15.

    Easy solution to our problems…Fire Sam Mitchel

    - Avi from Mississauga
  16. 16.

    Stephan – I’d agree that getting to the hoop is a big deal and it’s a big void with this team. As much as everyone wants to rag on Moon, you’re right in that Calderon has to do a better job turning the corner as well.

    - E. Smith
  17. 17.

    Raps Fan … you mean JR Smith, right? And I don’t see Denver giving him up.

    I’m not really a big fan of talking trades / fantasy trades.

    As for Bargnani, playing him at the 3 is an option but I’m not sure that I’d do it right off the bat – in the starting line up. I think that’d leave the bench even thinner. But over the course of the game, would I put him out there with O’Neal AND Bosh, sure!

    - E. Smith
  18. 18.

    That said, against Miami, Andrea may indeed be a good fit for the starting five … considering Miami’s “size” and style with Haslem, Beasley, and Marion up front. This might be a game to try it.

    - E. Smith
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