Monday June 23 2008 – 1:25pm Eastern

According to the Toronto Star’s Doug Smith … the Raptors are in talks with the Indiana Pacers regarding a potential big-time deal.

Sources have told Smith that Toronto is looking to send TJ Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, and the 17TH pick in this year’s draft to Indy in exchange for Jermaine O’Neal.

O’Neal hasn’t played more than 65 games in 3 of his last 4 seasons.  In fact, in three of the last four he has played 51 or less (due mainly to injury – and suspension (remember the brawl in Detroit?))

He’s coming off his worst season in the last 6-7 years, averaging just 13.6 points and 6. rebounds in just over 28 minutes of action.  But he was riddled by injuries last year and that clearly affected his production.

There’s no denying that – when healthy – O’Neal would be a huge asset to the Raptors front court.  He can bang down low, he’s a solid rebounder, and he’s got good range on his jumper as well.  The former All Star would be an amazing 1-2 punch alongside Chris Bosh.

It should be noted that … my understanding is that the Raptors cannot trade their 1ST round pick outright.  NBA rules stipulate that you cannot trade your first round pick in back to back seasons.  Thus, if Toronto were to make this deal, they’d either have to (a) select a player on Indy’s behalf – and then make the deal on draft night, or (b) make the trade after draft night.

Should be interesting to see how this all shakes out.  Whether THIS deal ends up happening or not remains to be seen … but there’s no doubt that Bryan Colangelo and the Raps are very active in the trade market.

E. Smith

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    I hope they don’t trade the pick. I can’t go through another draft night like last year not having a pick at all. (until they traded for Giorgos P.) I really don’t know how i feel about this trade. I was reading that the Raps would have to throw in one or two more players, would that be somebody like Baston or Graham?

    - MIchael Borland
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    hmmmmmmmmm interesting trade … if this trade does go down im guessing oneil would play center and bosh at pf .. where does that leave Bargz .. SF? i guess well jus have to wait and see if this trade does go down..

    - Jaz Grewal
  3. 3.


    I’ve been hearing rummblings about a trade involving the 17th pick, Ford, Nesterovic to Indiana for O’Neal??? Any validity to this?? It seems like a little too much to give up for someone with an injury riddled past? What are your thoughts?

    - Tommy Scholcz
  4. 4.

    Rasho, T.J. and another player to make the cap work would be okay. But no 17th pick. That is too much for O’Neal. Besides Indy is desperate to trade him.

    - Brian
  5. 5.

    Wouldn’t Baston love to go back to Indy.

    - Jeff W
  6. 6.

    I really like the possibility of a Bosh-O’Neal frontcourt, especially to compete for one of the top seeds in the East.
    But i agree with Michael. I hope the raps keep that pick and draft a guard with speed that can come off the bench.

    The starters can be jose, kapono, moon, bosh, o’neal. I see the pace of the game slowing down.

    - Sid
  7. 7.

    SAY IT AIN’T SO. I am not a fan of this idea at all. O’Neal is to me a player on the downside of career and is not worth his contract. Hopefully this does not happen.

    - James Borbath
  8. 8.

    what is going on with these draft picks getting traded away anyone remember lamond murray? 1st round pick given up and so did the player(give up) shortly after. trade players keep picks.

    - jay illaz
  9. 9.

    Raptors don’t need another PF/C. We already have one of the best in Bosh. Obviously, the Raptors biggest need is swingman. We need toughness, defense, and scoring at that position. Now I know most people are calling for Corey Maggette, but what I don’t understand is why are we not talking about trying to get Ron Artest to Toronto? Artest is a far better option than Maggette because he provides lockdown defense as well as the offense that Maggette could provide. If you have watched any Clippers games you know that Maggette cannot play defense. I’ll give the slight edge to Maggette over Artest though in terms of offense, but very very slight edge. I said this in a previous post, Artest gives the Raptors everything they could want from that position. Also, Artest’s superior defense is just what we need to shut down the likes of LeBron (lights us up every damn time), Pierce, and my main man VC. He could also shut down guys like Lewis and Turkoglu (clearly they were the reason why we lost to Orlando). Sacramento could use a good point guard too. Make it happen B-Co! Sign and trade TJ Ford for Ron Artest and throw in whatever filler is needed to balance the salaries.

    Have a nice day.

    - Andrew
  10. 10.

    Eric, you’re wrong about the pick. You can’t trade back-to-back picks when they’re FUTURE picks. As soon as the 2007 draft was over, we could trade our 2008 pick again. If we traded this year’s pick, once this year’s draft passed, we could trade our 2009 pick too. But we couldn’t trade both our 2009 and 2010 picks until the 2009 draft passed.

    - Mary
  11. 11.

    Mary – If I’m wrong, then somebody within the Raptors is wrong. That’s the information I was given from somebody within the organization. But I appreciate the note. Thanks.

    - E. Smith
  12. 12.

    Andrew – this team does need help up front. They’re not a good rebounding club. They need help on the glass, big-time.

    - E. Smith
  13. 13.

    FYI to a couple of posters: Graham or Baston would be the filler. I’m sure of it.

    And for what it’s worth … I don’t mind this deal. You get O’Neal and HOPEFULLY he is rejuvenated and looking to prove that he’s not done. He is young enough that he wants/needs one more deal. He’ll have to work for it to get it.

    Plus, in two years, his 20+ million comes off the books at a time when there’ll be some MAJOR players on the free agent market.

    - E. Smith
  14. 14.

    Pacer’s website says Larry Bird has shot down those Toronto rumors and nothing is materializing due in part of health issues on both sides of the trade.

    - Jason
  15. 15.

    And I just posted a blog that mentions that. Thanks Jason

    - E. Smith
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