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On the “Hoops” show last week, one of our regular (and most loved) callers – “Raptorized John” – phoned in with a slogan/verse/poem for the Raptors post-season run. 

I put John on the spot to come up with something catchy … after his initial attempt on the phone call came up a little bit … uhhh … lame.  So John freelance and free-styled on the fly … and he came up with this: 

The drive is alive with TJ and Jose
Leading the way
‘Cause …
CB4 will kicking in the playoff door
And the Slovenian mountain man in the middle;
Yo can u see A.P for three?
Look up; can that be “Apollo 33″?
Sam will be styling and he won’t be frowning ’cause … 
Bargnani hit a three from the foot of Sicily!

There ya go folks.  Love it or Hate it … that’s the battle-cry for the post-season from “Raptorized John”. 

Not bad for free-styling!  Better than I could have done!

I said I’d publish his “poem” in my blog.  I’m a man of my word.  But this may be the first and last time I open up this space for poetic commentary :)

E. Smith 

7 Responses to ““Raptorized John” Checks In”
  1. 1.

    not bad – I have heard him several times on the Fan and i must say that I love his enthusiasm

    - Waqas
  2. 2.

    I admit I am jealous of Raptorized John as a Regular “Hoops” caller. The Dino Nation needs love to Eric. But I admit I like John’s calls they are always amusing. Anyway here is hoping Raps get a win For Raptorized John and the Whole Dino Nation. All the best to you Eric don’t get a sunburn down there.

    - James Borbath
  3. 3.

    well that hurt. good effort minus the inability to do one of the easier things in the game of basketball: boxing out.

    - Jamie
  4. 4.

    What a joke. Down by 1 and Bosh takes a shot from beyond the free throw line. This coaching staff has to go.

    - Brent
  5. 5.

    Oh what an intelligent comment (pardon my sarcasm), Brent and all other sam bashers? Why doesn’t colangelo just call you? oh wait a minute he don;t have your number… please!!!

    the game was lost when tj could not guard jameer, and about parker, i like his game but someone should tell him he is a ‘shooting’ guard…
    the losses had nothing to do with the coaching staff… i can see removing moon cuz his offence is limited and he is not a raja/bowen type of defender… and only reason i can see bargnani starting is maybe sam was thinking kapono is better suited with jose.
    eric, whats your assessment of the staff?

    - Sid
  6. 6.

    sid you have to mention jamario going 1 for 7 without a defender within 5 feet of him

    - Jamie
  7. 7.

    Thanks Eric, U is my man, after the raptors win in six I’ll have the drive is alive two… U know something my raptorized friends IF philly beats the pistons = boston vs philly … and the raps vs king james or agent 0. Rap w/ u later… Raptorized John.

    - John Artis
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