7       Andrea Bargnani    
9       Maceo Baston              
4       Chris Bosh                   
8       Jose Calderon              
20      Carlos Delfino              
3       Juan Dixon                   
11      T.J. Ford                      
15      Jorge Garbajosa         
14      Joey Graham                
43      Kris Humphries            
24      Jason Kapono             
2       Darrick Martin             
33      Jamario Moon (R)
12      Rasho Nesterovic         
18      Anthony Parker            

Farewell to now-former-Raptors-swingman, Luke Jackson.  It would seem like the writing has been on the wall for at least a few days now, but Jackson was a pro right til the end, working hard in practice and trying to stay positive around his teammates.  

It’s a tough break for Jackson … given that he came to Toronto towards the end of last season … thinking the he had finally found a home!  He played sparingly down the stretch but clearly proved his value by having the team lock him up at the end of the year.  But when off-season moves were made – with the Raps acquiring Carlos Delfino from the Pistons and signing Jason Kapono away from the Heat, Jackson was suddenly pushed down the depth chart again.

And then came Jamario Moon.  27-years-old, and having bounced around every basketball league imaginable, nobody (including Jackson I’m sure) really thought Moon would have the kind of impact on the Raps that he did during training camp and the pre-season.  He proved his value.  He hustles.  He rebounds.  He blocks shots, and he cleans the dust from the rafters with his extreme vert and athleticism.  That overall package — and the fact that he plays a different ’style’ than Jason Kapono and Anthony Parker (even Joey Graham) … something Jackson couldn’t say/do — made Moon a chip worth betting on. 

Selfishly, I enjoyed my time with Luke Jackson.  He was always approachable, and he’s a very down-to-earth guy.  I wish him all the best, and hope he can catch on with an NBA team – which is always tough to do at this late stage of the game … when teams are all trimming their rosters and trying to get set for the regular season. 

E. Smith

One Response to “The Roster is Set”
  1. 1.

    I too am sad for Jackson. He definitely fits and deserves in the League. It’s a shame the Raptors couldn’t find a place for him because he also fit in with personality. I guess it just goes to show you that how deep the Raptors are (3 deep at every position, well except center). I’m sure Jackson will catch on with a 2-week contract someplace if nothing more secure comes up first.

    As for Moon I think a lot of fans are getting ahead of themselves (I might be one of them). The kid just has so much talent, but just talent alone won’t get you far.. (ahem Vince). So far he’s shown the effort and determination thats needed. It will be a true test to see what he does from here on out. I have my fingers crossed for him… you never know.

    - Aaron McMillan
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