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Father’s Day

June 20th, 2010 by don.jackson

I hope you had a memorable Father’s Day today.

My fondest memory of Father’s Day was the year that my young daughter learned to ride a bike without the training wheels. She was working very hard on perfecting this skill with her mother during the early part of June. I was completely unaware this was going on behind the scenes.

On Father’s Day that year, I awoke to my wife requesting that I take my coffee outside for something very special. My daughter was sitting on her small bike. I didn’t even realize the training wheels had been removed. She immediately rode away down the sidewalk, turned and came back again. It was one of the best Father’s Day gifts I could have received that year and one that has always stayed alive in my memory.

I hope your memories of this day will be as lasting.

Happy Father’s Day!

Don Jackson


The Rose Remembers

June 10th, 2010 by don.jackson

Today’s podcast will be the last for the next few days. You might want to load up your iPod or mp3 player with some of the more recent programs from the past few days. This will also give you the chance to catch up on some programs you may have missed.

Today’s music list includes these songs:

Dust In The Wind-Kansas

You’re Still Beautiful To Me-Bryan Adams

I Will Play A Rhapsody-Burton Cummings

Beautiful World-Adam Crossley

Till There Was You-The Beatles

Neither One Of Us-Gladys Knight

Rock And Bird-The Cowboy Junkies

Need You Now-Lady Antebellum

Have You Seen Her?-The Chi Lites

True Companion-Marc Cohn

Far Away-Chantal Kreviazuk

Do I Love You?-Paul Anka/Anthea Anka

The Face-Ryandan

As always, there is meaning in the music that I select for the podcast, songs that lyrically enhance and embellish the theme of each program. All the songs this week have had something to do with memory because we’ve been sharing so many memories all week on the program. Feel free to post your favorite memories associated with the program in this blog.

I will post some blogs over the next few days.

I really hope you enjoy today’s show called ‘The Rose Remembers.’

Don Jackson


Another Memory

June 9th, 2010 by don.jackson

Thanks for the memories… Some of you have taken the time to e-mail me some wonderful memories of the show throughout the years.

Today’s podcast features a few more powerful moments in time.

Here’s the music list.

Here Without You-3 Doors Down

The Sound Of-Jann Arden

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-Elton John

Lonesome Highway-Jacksoul

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?-Jimmy Ruffin

Don’t Know Why-Norah Jones

Why Does It Hurt So Bad?-Whitney Houston

Awake-Josh Groban

Unforgettable-Natalie Cole/Nat King Cole

Borrowed Time-Leahy

Home-Michael Buble

Song On The Radio-Al Stewart

It’s All Coming Back to me Now-Celine Dion

Thanks for giving me the chance to be a part of your memories…

Don Jackson


A Music Memory

June 8th, 2010 by don.jackson

This is turning out to be a week filled with memories…

I featured some classic poems filled with long ago memories in today’s podcast.

Here’s the music list.

I Just Wanna Stop-Gino Vannelli

She’s Gone-Hall and Oates

You’re Beautiful-James Blunt

Love You Lately-Daniel Powter

Reminiscing-The Little River Band

Already Gone-Kelly Clarkson

These Eyes-The Guess Who

Dance With My Father-Luther Vandross

I Will Take Care Of You-Amy Sky

Always On Your Side-Sheryl Crow/Sting

Unity-Kelly Rowland

Angel-Sarah McLachlan

Remember When it Rained-Josh Groban

You can always post your favorite memories of the radio show and podcast here in my blog. Was there one show that touched your heart, that spoke to something you were experiencing at the time, that offered an answer to a question that burned in your mind? I have received many e-mails over the years with just such stories. Feel free to share your favorite memories in this blog.

Don Jackson


Remember The Music

June 7th, 2010 by don.jackson

Today’s podcast is another trip back in time down a familiar path called Memory Lane.

I include a poem by an anonymous writer that was written back in the 1940s. It was sent to me by a listener some years back. I thought the show a perfect venue to feature it again.

Here’s the music list to accompany the memories.

In The Still Of The Night-Boyz II Men

A Thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton

Need You Now-Lady Antebellum

Into The Mystic-Van Morrison

Sea Of Love-The Honeydrippers

I Will Remember You-Sarah McLachlan

In My Life-The Beatles

I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston

Holding Back The Years-Simply Red

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Renee Olstead/Peter Cincotti

These Foolish Things-Rod Stewart

Cry-Mandy Moore

Things We’ve Handed Down-Marc Cohn

Lonesome Highway-Jacksoul

Our memories are fragile and the links to where they are stored need to be accessed occasionally. You might want to let the music take you down that well worn path during today’s podcast.

Don Jackson



June 7th, 2010 by don.jackson

Talk about bad timing, this music list is a few days late.

Friday’s podcast, June 4th, 2010, dealt with the subject of time. I’ve been busy throughout the weekend trying to catch up on yard work and neglected to get this up on Friday. Here it is.

Need You Now-Lady Antebellum

Have I Told You Lately?-Van Morrison

All I Ever Wanted-Brian Melo

Haven’t Met You Yet-Michael Buble

Waiting For A Girl Like You-Foreigner

Right Here Waiting-Richard Marx

Unchained Melody-The Righteous Brothers

Bad Timing-Blue Rodeo

It’s Too Late-Carole King

In My Life-The Beatles

Beautiful World-Adam Crossley

Against The Wind-Bob Seger

Does Anybody Know What Time It Really Is?-Chicago

Don Jackson


Music of the Rain-June 3, 2010

June 3rd, 2010 by don.jackson

Today’s podcast was recorded in the rain…

A listener in the eastern provinces has been in contact with me recently to say that summer has yet to make its grand appearance where he lives. It’s been rather cool there while we’ve been in a heatwave. Last night’s pouring rain certainly gave our flower beds, vegetable gardens and lawns exactly the nourishment that was needed. It may have also nourished your weary mind.

When I first began my career in radio, there was a series of instrumental records produced that featured the sound of the rain throughout. This was long before the idea ever surfaced to produce environmental compact discs that feature thunderstorms, the sounds of the woods by day and the desert by night. I used to play this record album on the radio on days when we had rainstorms. I used to get calls from listeners saying they liked the ‘atmosphere’ that I was trying to create. It was a very early attempt at putting together the kind of radio show that attracted so many nighttime listeners in Toronto over the past 20 years.

This is the music list that would be the appropriate soundtrack to accompany the sound of the rain…

Come Away With Me-Norah Jones

Dreams-Fleetwood Mac

I’ll Be-Edwin McCain

I Look To You-Whitney Houston

No One-Alicia Keys


Pull Me Through-Jim Cuddy

Fire And Rain-James Taylor

Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield

Walking In Memphis-Marc Cohn

Angel-Sarah McLachlan

When A Man Loves A Woman-Percy Sledge

Summer Rain-Johnny Rivers

You’ll notice there was no mention of the record album I played so many years ago. It featured the music of The Mystic Moods Orchestra. I’m not sure if this album was ever remastered for CD. Another series of record albums featuring the sounds of the sea and other atmospheric effects was enhanced by the poetry of Rod McKuen. I know one of those albums, ‘Listen To The Warm’, was made available some years back. I have featured tracks from it in past programs. You might want to check on-line for where this CD might still be available to be purchased.

The compact discs produced today that feature the sounds of thunderstorms and the ocean lapping on the shore are designed to help you forget the noise of the world just beyond your windows. They have the ability to relieve some of the stress of your busy workday and are well worth looking for.

In the meantime, this podcast will do what it can to take the edge off your busy day…

Don Jackson


Summer Songs

June 2nd, 2010 by don.jackson

Today’s podcast features some contemporary and classic songs of summer. As you will discover listening to the program, some of the songs mentioned will never make the Top Ten.

Here’s the music list for the show.

Beautiful World-Adam Crossley

Summer Rain-Johnny Rivers

Fire-The Pointer Sisters

Where No On Knows Me-Jann Arden

Are You Lonesome Tonight?-Elvis

Hot Fun In The Summertime-Sly and The Family Stone



Mandolin Rain-Bruce Hornsby

Black Water-The Doobie Brothers

Sunny-Bobby Hebb

Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues

Summer Breeze-Seals and Crofts

How Deep Is Your Love-The Bee Gees

I played that classic song Black Water by the Doobie Brothers. This summer may be sadly remembered for the ‘black’ water in the Gulf of Mexico from an oil spill that has silenced many of the songs of the wildlife along the coastline…

Don Jackson


Blueprint for Music-June 1, 2010

June 1st, 2010 by don.jackson

Today’s podcast featured some ‘blueprints.’ I mentioned a friend of mine who once had an interest in becoming an architect. The blueprints that both he and I learned about in wood-shop classes in high school are much different from the way that technical drawings are done today. But the idea is still the same.

Today’s podcast has more to do with a blueprint for life

Here’s the music…

I’m Yours-Jason Mraz

No Such Thing-John Mayer

Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield

I Could Not Ask For More-Edwin McCain

Cool Change-The Little River Band

Five Days In May-Blue Rodeo

Shady Day-Jacksoul

Beautiful World-Adam Crossley

A Love That Will Last-Renee Olstead

Big Girls Don’t Cry-Fergie

One Dream-Sarah McLachlan

You’re Beautiful-James Blunt


We had some problems with yesterday’s podcast. Thanks to all those who caught it before I did. Apparently it has been reloaded and should be fine now. So, today, you get two shows to listen to.


Don Jackson


Wonder of Wonders-Music List May 31, 2010

May 31st, 2010 by don.jackson

Today’s podcast is titled “Wonder of Wonders.” It reminds us to be open to the wonders that surround us each and every day.

In the show, I mention the fact that my wife saw our first hummingbird of the season just this past weekend in exactly the location where we have seen one over the past few summers.  It just so happened that she was in the right place at the right time to observe the return of this delicate creature. I can’t say for sure it’s related to the one that I’ve seen hovering about our flower beds in the past, but it’s a tantalizing idea.

This is the music list for today’s on-line program.

A Whole New World-Peabo Bryson

Is Love Enough?-Ryandan

Big Yellow Taxi-Counting Crows

Do I Love You?-Paul Anka/Anthea Anka

Morning Has Broken-Cat Stevens

Thank You-Dido

Have I Told You Lately?-Van Morrison

End Of The Day-Al Stewart

In Some Small Way-Celine Dion

Annie’s Song-John Denver

I Look To You-Whitney Houston

One More Day-Diamond Rio

Beautiful World-Adam Crossley

Sailing-Christopher Cross

I hope your gardens attract one of these shimmering creatures and give you even more reason to believe that even with all its problems, this world is still filled with wonders…

Don Jackson