Robocall scandal rally hits North Bay

March 11th, 2012


Over two dozen cities across Canada are rallying over the robocall scandal – and North Bay is one of them. Residents spilled out onto the street in front of MP Jay Aspin’s Main Street constituency office on Sunday to get their message across. Co-organizer Scott Daley says concerns have been raised about the integrity of the electoral system, which need to be addressed. He says the best way to resolve this issue is to have a full independent judicial inquiry and if the results were impacted, there needs to be byelections. Daley points out Nipissing-Temiskaming is in the spotlight as being a close riding whose outcome may have been affected. He says it was important they had a good turnout, as it shows the country that they take they civic duty responsibly. Although Aspin could not attend the rally, Daley thinks he will get the message.

Written by: jennifer.sapinet@northbayradio.rogers.co

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