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What’s the perfect gift for the metal man who has everything, Ozzy Osbourne? Breakfast cereal.

That’s right! The “Crazy Train” vocalist has simple taste when it comes to dining and, apparently, he’s a mega fan of the honey-coated British breakfast food Sugar Puffs. Sugar Puffs aren’t available in the U.S., where he usually lives, so Osbourne reportedly orders boxes and boxes of the cereal on a regular basis, just to stock up. Who wants to be without their favorite wake-up food, right? Now, now the cereal’s manufacturer has sent Osbourne 50 boxes of a new kind of cereal, Spooky Puffs, for Halloween.

A spokesperson for the brand, in a release, stated that, “We made sure he has enough to go around at Halloween.” The special edition, Halloween-themed breakfast delicacy – represented by a fuzzy, yellow beast called, the Honey Monster – has a toffee apple flavor. Looks like we know what kiddies who arrive at Ozzy’s mansion to trick-or-treat are going to get in their pillow cases and Halloween baskets this year.

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