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The province’s top flood planners say the mild conditions so far this month, combined with little precipitation, have slightly reduced the flooding outlook.  Officials still want to see current conditions continue, but says there’s still a one in ten chance that there could be levels similar to 1997.  A new updated flood forecast is scheduled for later this month, which should give residents a better idea of what they may be facing.


2 city police officers are on trial accused of perjury.  The case dates back to a drug bust in 2005 at the Fairmont Hotel.  It’s alleged that constables Peter O’Kane and Jess Zebrun searched a room without a warrant and later returned to seize a large quantity of cocaine.  The 2 officers testified in court that a mysterious informant tipped them off to the drug haul, but the case fell apart and they were both charged with lying under oath.


Manitoba is putting together a plan to kill bedbugs and try and stop their spread.  Premier Selinger says the plan includes marshalling each municipality in the fight and co-ordinating techniques to exterminate them.  Selinger says more details of the strategy will be released in the coming weeks.


The leader of Italy is off to court.  An Italian judge has order Premier Silvio Berlusconi to stand trial on charges he paid for sex with a 17 year old girl and then tried to cover it up.  The indictment was handed down this morning.  The trial is now set to begin at the beginning of April.


The former host of the “Price is Right,” is pushing to get Toronto Zoo elephants to come on down….to sunny California.  Bob Barker wants 3 elephants at the zoo to be transferred to a sanctuary where they’d be warmer and have lots of company.  The animal rights activist says the elephants were never meant for cold Canadian weather. 


Each of the 19 Bell Canada workers in Toronto may be 1.6 million dollars richer now, but they say it’s not good enough.  They’re sure an ongoing investigation by Ontario lottery officials will confirm they are the only winners of the 50 million dollar jackpot from a New Year’s Lotto Max draw.  So far, lotto officials have issued 32 million dollars in cheques to the initial 19 who came forward to claim the prize.  But it’s holding back the remaining 18 million until the courts figure out if any of the 11 other alleged claimants are entitled to a share.


Defense lawyers and prosecutors are set to today to discuss plans for t.v. coverage of next month’s trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter.  Dr. Conrad Murray has plead not guilty in the 2009 death of the music superstar.  But an autopsy did show Jackson died of an overdose of an anesthetic combined with other sedatives.


Her recovery has been amazing….and to that end, NASA’s chief says he hopes Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords will be able to attend her husband’s shuttle launch in 2 months time.  Astronaut Mark Kelly says he expects his wife will be well enough by then to be at Cape Canaveral.  Doctors however say it’s still a little too early to tell.


Sears has been advised that there’s a potential safety matter concerning some child car seats.  Sears says the matter pertains to Cosco, Safety 1st, Eddie Bauer and Maxi-Cosi branded child restraints made between May 2008 and April 2009.  There’s apparently a potential for the harness adjustment strap to loosen during use, meaning a child may not be fully protected in a motor vehicle collision.

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