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After threats of cabs being pulled off the road…..a deal has been reached between taxi officials and the province, ensuring that won’t happen.  The problem started when those mandatory safety shields had not been installed in all cars, like they were supposed to.  Taxi officials said the plan they had made with the manufacturer on payments for the shields fell through….so, they didn’t put them in all cabs.  However, the province has now brokered a deal where cab companies have a few month’s to pay the shields off.


Monday it was the province’s flood forecast…..yesterday the city.  And officials are going even further in predicting serious flooding this spring.  One spokesperson says the Red and Assiniboine rivers are likely to crest at the same time, creating what could be a very significant event for Winnipeg.  Mayor Sam Katz says all citizens should be aware of the potential for a flood like the one in 1997.


Some inmates were forced from a minimum security jail near the city yesterday, after contractors hit and then ruptured a gas line into the facility.  All gas lines to Rockwood Institution were turned off and inmates from 2 houses were moved to neighboring Stony Mountain until it was deemed okay for them to move back.  Rockwood is 11 kilometers north of the city and currently houses some 129 inmates.


Michael Ignatieff is revving up the Liberal engines.  Although the Opposition leader insists he’s not out to trigger a federal election, he did rally members of his caucus yesterday to get ready for Monday’s resumption of Parliament and a possible campaign this spring.


No word yet on how many Canadian vehicles might be affected by Toyota’s latest recall.  The Japanese automaker announced this morning it’s recalling almost 2 million vehicles around the world….for various defects that may cause fuel leakage and other problems.  Toyota does say the cars affected in North America are some of its Lexus I.S. and G.S. models dating back to 2006.


U.S. President Barrack Obama says America should invest more in education, research and technology and transporation.  In his State of the Union speech to Congress last night, the president said the U.S. must be more competitive. 


Here’s a story of hard-core Chicago Bears fans, who fired John Stone from his job at an Illinois car dealership when he refused to remove his Green Bay Packers tie.  The firing happened Monday, the day after of course the Packers beat the Bears to advance to the Super Bowl.  Since a media firestorm happened when the word got out….his boss has since relented and said Stone could come back to work.  But, Stone is getting the last laugh as he was apparently offered a better gig at another dealership.


Some good news today concerning the ongoing recovery of Gabrielle Giffords.  The Houston hospital treating the U.S. Congresswoman upgraded her condition last night from serious to good and said she’s ready to be moved to a rehab hospital today.  Giffords was shot in the head and critically wounded in a January 8th shooting outside a Safeway store in Tucson, Arizona.  6 other people were killed and 12 others wounded.


A U.N. meeting co-chaired by Prime Minister Stephen Harper begins today in Geneva, Switzerland.  The meeting will help set spending rules for a 40 billion dollar fund to help mothers and children in developing countries.  Harper and other G-8 leaders agreed to set up the fund last summer at their summit in Huntsville, Ontario.


More than 400 thousand people across B.C. have signed up to take part in an earthquake drill set for today.  At 12 noon Winnipeg time today, radio stations across that province will sound the alarm, and thousands of people will dive under sturdy furniture for one minute.  They’ll practice what to do if the so called “Big One” hits.  Today’s date was chose because it’s the 311th anniversary of a magnitude 9.0 quake that hit B.C.

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