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Manitoba’s Transportation Minister has stepped in to put at least a temporary stop to a dispute with a major cab company in town.  Yesterday, Unicity Taxi threatened to pull its cabs off the road.  That came after officials with the Taxi Cab Board said the company hadn’t complied with an order to have safety shields installed in its vehicles.  Faced with a deadline of midnight last night, Unicity decided to pull their cabs off the road in protest.  However, Transporation Minister Steve Ashton told the company last night that, the cabs may run without the shields for now.


Get ready for water…..and lots of it.  Yesterday the province released its spring flood forecast and forecasters say there is a 1 in 10 chance of a repeat of the 97 flood of the century…which of course forced more than 20 thousand people from their homes.  Meantime, the City is warning riverfront property owners not to make travel plans this spring, just in case the flooding turns out to be a worst case scenario.  Mayor Sam Katz says about 800 Winnipeg property owners should be prepared to do some sandbagging.  The Mayor also said everyone in the city should expect to be called upon to help out in some form of volunteer effort.


The finger pointing has begun in Russia following yesterday’s suicide bombing in Moscow that killed 35 people and wounded 110 others.  Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev says airport officials must bear responsibility for the security failures.  But airport management says Russian transport police were in charge.  Prime Minister Harper and several other world leaders have condemned the attack.


The Academy Award nominations will be announced from Beverly Hills this morning, and 10 films will get the chance to win the best picture Oscar.  “The Social Network,” has been getting all kinds of recognition, including critics awards and the Golden Globe for best drama.  Other possible nominees include, “The King’s Speech,” “Black Swan,” “Inception,” and “Toy Story 3.”


C.N. rail trains will keep rolling right along this morning, now that a strike has been averted at the railway.  C.N. and the Canadian Auto Workers union reached a tentative deal covering nearly 4 thousand workers last night. 


Officials at a Phoenix hospital say surgery to close a hole in rocker Bret Michael’s heart was successful.  A surgical team performed the procedure yesterday, and doctors say Michaels will stay in I.C.U. for a few days for observation.  Doctors found the hole in Michael’s heart back in April when he was treated for that brain hemorrhage.


From the unbelievably sad but true file this morning…..a South Carolina woman has been charged with animal cruelty after being accused of hanging her nephew’s pit bull from a tree and then burning the dog’s body.  Authorities say 65 year old Miriam Smith was upset because the dog had chewed her bible.  Authorities say the woman called the animal a “devil dog,” and she worried it could harm other people and children.


Police in Sydney, Nova Scotia are trying to find out who posted an Internet ad listing a baby for sale.  Police were notified by someone who saw the ad for a 2 month old boy for sale on the Kijii website.  Officers tracked down the apartment where the parents and the baby lived, but the Mom and Dad knew nothing about the ad.  Cops say it seems to be an unfortunate joke or hoax.

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