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Firefighters in Winnipeg found 2 different marijuana grow ops this weekend.  Both began with fire crews responding to calls about house fires on Saturday.  A 29 year old man was taken to hospital from the first home, and a 50 year old man was treated in hospital from the 2nd.  In the first house, police say over 700 marijuana plants were found.


Police releasing a few more details today about why they spent hours watching and searching a home yesterday.  A police spokesperson says an investigation involving the home has been ongoing.  The tactical team helped them secure the home, where they were executing a warrant.  A neighbor has said he saw several men being taken into custody in handcuffs.


Family and friends of a missing Winnipeg woman held a vigil over the weekend on the corner where she was last seen.  Back on July 25th, 2008, Claudette Osborne called her sister from a hotel saying she was scared.  She left the hotel and police know she made it to Selkirk Avenue and King street, but no one knows what happened to her after that.  Family say they pray for an answer and also pray for other missing and murdered aboriginal women.


People who tightened their belts during the recession, may have found one thing they really enjoy enough to stick with….and it’s not good news for restaurants.  A new study has found that more and more families are eating at home, and liking it.  Now, for many, going out to eat is being saved or special occasions.


Stephen Harper marked his 5th anniversary as Prime Minister by listing all his government has achieved since they came into power.  In a speech to party faithful yesterday, Harper said 5 years of minority rule has left this country more united, stronger, safer and more prosperous. 


Toyota is tops for the third year in a row.  This morning, the automaker reported it sold 8.4 million vehicles around the world last year…..just beating out G.M. for top global sales.  It was a title that Detroit based G.M. held for 8 decades until Toyota grabbed it in 2008. 


Fitness guru Jack LaLanne ate healthy and exercised every day of his life until the end.  That’s according to his agent, who says the 96 year old LaLanne died yesterday due to pneumonia.  If you remember, his workout show was a t.v. staple from the 50’s to the 70’s as he inspired viewers to trim down and pump iron.  In recent years, LaLanne had put his name on a juicer and spent many hours flogging it on shopping channels around the world.


The B.C. court examining the country’s law against polygamy is about to hear from some women who want the law struck down.  The women are involved in plural marriages, but insist they’re not being victimized.  They argue it’s the law against polygamy that hurts them. 


The province’s consumer affairs minister says enough with the unfair cell phone contracts.  Gord Mackintosh says he plans on introducing a new law this spring which would hopefully regulate many aspects of cell phone contracts…..everything from those crazy cancellation fees to the length of the contract.  Mackintosh says there is wide spread support for the province to get involved. 

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