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Well the final numbers are in, and I think everyone will agree that this year’s CN Canadian Women’s Open was a success.  Officials say some 65 thousand attended the professional golf tourney at St. Charles Country Club.  That’s just shy of the 68 thousand who attended the same event in Ottawa a couple of years ago. 


Police have released more details about that woman who fell to her death from an apartment balcony this past weekend.  22 year old Kylie Armishaw died around 3:20 Sunday morning after falling from one of the top floors of a building on the 500 block of St. Mary Avenue.  Investigators say they have not ruled out foul play, and are currently speaking to a number of people.


A flood warning has been issued for the Assiniboine River, downstream of the Shellmouth Dam.  The province has also issued a flood watch for the Interlake region, Lake Winnipeg area, Swan River, Neepawa and the Red Deer Lake area.  The weather office says by the time this system finally leaves Manitoba, we could see upwards of 70 m.m. of rain.


Prime Minister Harper called him a brave soldier who served this country valiantly and deserves and gratitude and respect of his nation.  Harper was talking about the latest Canadian casualty in the Afghan war.  21 year old Corporal Brian Pinksen is now the 152nd member of the Canadian Forces to die in the Afghan mission.


Lindsay Lohan wants your respect.  In October’s Vanity Fair, the 24 year old actress admits making mistakes in the past, dabbling in certain things and associating with the wrong people.  But she defends her actions, saying she was just being young and curious.  Lohan gave the interview to the magazine back in July, before she had served her jail and rehab time.  Despite everything, Lohan says she’s confident in her acting abilities, and will do what it takes to fix her party girl image.


Well home sales may be slowing, but prices in 6 of the country’s biggest housing markets are in bubble territory for the first time in 30 years.  In fact, one think tank says home prices now sit at nearly 5 to 11 times Canadians annual income…and they’re now warning a U.S. style correction on that could be coming.


T.V.’s “Dancing with the Stars” has announced its slate of contestants for its new season next month.  They include actors David Hasselhoff and Florence Henderson.  Singer Michael Bolton and Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol.  Mike “the situation” from the Jersey Shore will be puttin on dancin shoes…and a couple of former pro athletes….Kurt Warner of the NFL and Rick Fox of the NBA.


It’s back to court again today for a 20 year old man arrested Friday in Ottawa in connection with an alleged homegrown terrorism plot.  3 other men also remain in custody in the nation’s capital, charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act, after a year long investigation by the RCMP, C-SIS and other agencies.


U.S. President Barrack Obama will speak to his nation tonight.  He’ll herald the formal end of America’s combat mission in Iraq.  Obama will say he has fulfilled a campaign promise….which means less than 50 thousand troops will remain in Iraq.  Starting today, their role however will be to not lead the fight, but rather to train and support Iraqis.

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