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This is actually the subject of my fishing report this week, but, want to get into more detail about it here.

Recently, while fishing for big Cats on the Red River…I was having trouble landing them…or anything for that matter.  I had been using some pretty big piece’s of shrimp as bait, something as most of you already know…. Cat’s absolutely love.  But, despite getting a ton of “knocks” on my line, just couldn’t reel in anything.  That is, until I decided to down-size my bait.  After cutting my shrimp in half, within minutes I had a hit, and seconds later a pretty nice Cat reeled in.  That continued through out the afternoon…lots of Cat’s of different sizes, all on smaller pieces of bait.

Remember, this rule also applies to things like minnow’s, crank baits and spoons.  You can reel in a big fish on a small bait.  In fact somedays, that’s just what they’re waiting for. 

By the way, have ya checked out the new G.Loomis rods yet ?  These my friend’s are the most incredible rods I’ve ever seen or held.  Check them out for yourself at Cabela’s–1300 Ellice Avenue. 

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