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Few details are known about a woman who fell from a balcony at a city high rise and died.  It happened early yesterday morning.  Police say their investigation is still in its early stages and they’re not disclosing any more info.  The woman’s name and age have also not been released.


The Winnipeg fire department’s rescue boat needed some rescuing of its own yesterday.  A spokesperson says the firefighting and rescue boat was doing a routing test run on the Red River when there was an internal fire pump failure.  That caused the stern to fill with water and partially sink.  The boat was eventually towed to shore so that repairs could be done.


It looks like jellyfish have invaded the province.  A couple of families found some freshwater jellies northwest of Falcon Lake in the Whiteshell.  Officials from the Water Stewardship department say they’ve yet to figure out the exact species of jelly that’s hit the province….but they suspect its origins are actually from China. 


People in the southeastern U.S. are being warned to keep aware of Hurricane Earl over the next few days.  Early this morning, the eye of the storm passed near the Caribbean island of Barbuda.  And although Earl is only a Cat 2 storm right now, officials are warning that the storm will get stronger, and possibly strengthen to a Cat 3 or 4 by mid week.


Well “Mad Men” and “Modern Family” were the big winners at the prime time Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.  “Mad Men,” won its 3rd straight award for top drama, while “Modern Family” won its first for best comedy series.  And Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” won its 8th consecutive Emmy for best variety, music or comedy series.  And, on the acting side of things, it was Edie Falco of “Nurse Jackie” and Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” who took home awards for their comedy series.


More than 100 people who signed up for an Arctic adventure got more excitement than they expected.  They’ve been rescued by the Coast Guard 2 days after their cruise ship ran aground off Nunavut.  The “Clipper Adventure” boat was carrying 128 passengers and 68 crew on a cruise through the Northwest Passage.  The Coast Guard says everyone was rescued successfully, and they’re now all on their way back to Nunavut.


Gulf Coast resident marked the 5th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina this weekend with ceremonies and vigils.  President Barack Obama also made a stop in New Orleans yesterday where he said the city has become a symbol of resilience and community.  Several wreaths were cast into the water to remember the hundreds who were killed.


British Airways has apologized to passengers after an emergency message played over the intercom, warning people they were about to crash into the sea.  About 275 people were on board the flight last week when the incident happened.  An airline spokesperson says the investigation to find out how and why the message played is still being looked into.


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