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Governor General Michaelle Jean is coming to Winnipeg for a 2 day visit next week.  She’ll pay tribute to Point Douglas residents for driving down crime rates, visit the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s studios attend an invent at the Plug In Art Gallery.  She’ll also attend a tree planting ceremony at a park that will be named after her.  Her term as Governor General is over at the end of September.


A Manitoba Hells Angels associate has been slapped with 80 months in jail after getting caught setting up drug deals.  25 year old Gerald Frommelt plead guilty yesterday to trafficking cocaine, participating in a criminal organization and conspiracy to launder proceeds of crime.  He was one of 35 people arrested last December in a police sting.


Betty White, Tiny Fey and Jane Lynch are going nose to nose to nose tomorrow night.  They and 4 others, are up for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.  Both Fey and White are nominated for their night’s on “SNL.”  While Lynch got the nod for her guest role on “Two and a Half Men.”  The show will air on the E network August 27th.  The Prime Time Emmy’s by the way go Sunday, August 29th.


Well if ya can find a place to keep a large section of the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815, then, by all means, bid on it.  Bidding for this and all kids of other stuff from “Lost” is happening this weekend.  The auction will take place at an airplane hangar at the Santa Monica airport.


Tragic story to tell ya about this morning.  Apparently a 2 year old boy from Toronto has died after being left alone in a sweltering S.U.V. outside a home in Houston, Texas.  Police say it appears the boy was overlooked in the confusion of several relatives returning to the home from a shopping trip at the same time.  The boy’s father eventually noticed he was missing…and that’s when he found him unresponsive in the S.U.V.  Temps inside the vehicle were around 50 degrees celcius.  911 was called immediately, but the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Hip Hop artist Wyclef Jean is about to find out if he’ll be allowed to seek the job as president of Haiti.  The former frontman for the Fugees, met yesterday with the country’s current president, Rene Preval.  Today, Jean and other candidates will find out if Haiti’s electoral council will let them run in the November election.


Well it hasn’t been a good week for former Illinois Governor and reality show star, Rod Blagojevich.  As we told you Wednesday, he was convicted on lying to the FBI.  Then, a bunch of his belongings were put on the auction block yesterday after a storage locker bill wasn’t paid.  One item…a life sized Elvis statue, sold for more than 20 grand.  All the money raised will go to benefit a local hospital.


Pakistan is getting a promise of millions of dollars more in flood aid.  At a U.N. meeting in New York yesterday, several nations agreed to increase their pledge, upping aid to more than 150 million dollars.  Meantime, the Canadian Red Cross is also asking for Manitobans help.  If you can make a donation, either call or visit their web site at 

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