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Quite the flight for people on board an Air Canada plane yesterday.  The jet which was en route to Vancouver from Toronto had to make an emergency landing in our city, after the pilot found a crack in the windshield.  The plane did land safely and all the passengers did make it to the coast on another 7-37.


They’re gettin younger and younger.  RCMP have charged a 13 year old boy with a string of car thefts.  The boy was noticed by a security guard at a mall in Steinbach, who called officers to tell them about a car full of very young looking kids.  Turns out the car was stolen, and the driver—just 13. 


It’s not a happy ending for the folks who ran the Russian pavilion at Folklorama.  The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says it looks like there was an e-coli outbreak at the pavilion.  There are currently 15 suspected cases…and the common thread between all who are sick?  They all ate at the Russian pavilion.  Doctor’s say it’s still too early to pinpoint the food source but e-coli does tend to originate from ground beef.


It’s not a done deal until the skinny guy signs.  But, a source close to skinny guy Steven Tyler says Tyler is saying he’s gonna be the new judge on “American Idol” next season.  Fox and the company that produces the show, are not saying anything one way or the other.


There’s a first in the on going custody battle between Mel Gibson and his former girlfriend.  One of them actually appeared in court.  Deputies flanked Oksana Grigorieva as she walked in and out of the closed court hearing.  Lawyers for both sides, didn’t reveal what if anything happened yesterday.


Former figure skating champion Kurt Browning says he’s grateful that no one was injured after a 3 alarm fire heavily damaged his Toronto mansion yesterday.  Damage is pegged at over a million dollars.  Officials say it appears the blaze got going by an unattended leaf blower which Browning was using to dry the seats of his car.


Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon will be in New York today to attend a special session of the U.N.’s General Assembly.  Cannon says the meeting is aimed at co-ordinating aid to Pakistan, which is dealing with the worst flooding in that country’s history.  So far, at least 1500 people are dead and some 20 million homeless. 


Russia celebrated the 50th anniversary today of the first living creatures to be launched into space, circle the earth and return home alive.  The mission involving 2 dogs named Belka and Strelka, helped test equipment that was used to carry the first human into space.


Get set for new fees for flyin.  American Airlines has decided to get creative to try and bring in more money and squeeze travelers, just that little bit more.  The airline has decided to charge extra for seats in the first few rows of coach.  The airline says the fee will be 39 bucks for what it calls “Express Seats.”  For that, you’ll get on the plane on the first “general boarding” call.



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