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City police had to use a spike belt to try and stop suspects in a car who were wanted for 2 separate robberies over the weekend.  The first robbery happened Saturday night, where 3 men stole money from a man outside a bank.  The 2nd happened a little later when a man with a gun, went into a restaurant and robbed it while 2 friends waited outside in the car.  All 3 suspects have now been caught and are facing a whole host of charges.


Want to make Winnipeg a safer city to drive in?  Make the yellow lights longer.  That’s the message from a group called Wise Up Winnipeg, who says their measurements show some of the city’s yellow lights are too short for most intersections, and they want to add at least a second to them.  But a city spokesperson says yellow lights last a minimum of 4 seconds, which they say is adequate. 


Record breaking heat in parts of Manitoba last week allowed some farmers to begin harvesting, but all the rain we had this weekend, has certainly stopped that for now.  On Friday, the province issued a flood warning for the Interlake, where up to 150 mm of rain was expected to fall this weekend.  Many farmers all over southern Manitoba say this year’s harvest is going to be a bleak one.


A court appearance is set for this morning for an Ottawa man, after a security scare outside 24 Sussex Drive.  It happened late Saturday, when a small amount of flammable liquid was poured on the sidewalk outside the prime minister’s official residence.  The Mounties busted 29 year old Daniel Skahan seconds after he ignited the liquid.  Police say Skahan does have some mental issues.


Well it was the macho movie versus the chick flick this weekend at movie theatres.  And, in the end, it was the guy’s choice who won out.  “The Expendables,” starring guys like Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnie took in some 35 million dollars to take the number one spot at the box office.  Julia Roberts new movie “Eat Pray Love,” opened up in 2nd spot.  The cop comedy “The Other Guys” dropped to 3rd place.


By the thousands, Elvis Presley fans have flocked to Graceland to mark the 33rd anniversary of the King’s death.  Holding candles, they marched past his grave while ballads like “Fools Rush In,” and “If I can Dream” played.  By the way, if Elvis were alive today…and some people of course think he is….he’d be 75 years old.


Japan is no longer the world’s second biggest economy.  Figures released this morning show the economy of China jumped ahead of Japan in the second quarter of this year.  Already, China is the world’s biggest exporting nation, buyer of vehicles and producer of steel.  The U.S. by the way does remain the world’s largest economy.


Authorities in Pakistan are making another urgent call for international aid as that country copes with its worst ever floods.  Officials say more heavy rain is now wiping out all the makeshift camps, leading to fears that the flooding which started 2 weeks ago, will go from bad to worse.  Right now, about 20 million people, or 10 per cent of the countries population is homeless.

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