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Well if you decide to head out to Grand Beach this weekend….you’ll want to take a look at the new fancy-dancy 1.3 million dollar loo.  The new washroom facility resembles a sand dune on the outside, and it has stainless steel toilets on the inside.  It’s whole lot fancier than the old bathrooms that have done their job at the Beach since the 1960’s. 


More than 100 patients have tested positive for an anti-biotic resistant infection from an ongoing outbreak at Health Sciences Center.  Officials first detected the outbreak back in February.  The vancomycin-resistant enterococci, or VRE, are germs that live in people’s bowels and can cause urinary tract infections and abscesses. 


88 million dollars….that’s the prize pool up for grabs in tonight’s Lotto Max draw.  The jackpot is still at 50….but then there are those 38 MaxMillion prizes worth a cool million each.


Some relief in Moscow this morning as heavy rain has fallen overnight.  The city has spent the past few weeks suffering from blistering heat and bone dry weather.  The morning, the Russian capital is pretty much free of the smog and smoke that’s plagued it for days.  However, dozens of wildfires are still raging on the outskirts of the city.


BP may be only hours away from announcing if its broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has been sealed for good.  Officials are planning to give an update around 1 o clock this afternoon.  Rumor has it that the static kill done on the well a few weeks ago may be working so well, that a bottom kill meant to permanently seal it may not be necessary.


Prime Minister Harper, who’s a big hockey fan, joined Don Cherry behind the bench as they coached a hospital fundraising game in Barrie, Ontario yesterday.  After dropping the puck for the opening faceoff, Harper coached the blue team to an 11-8 victory over Cherry’s red team.  Among those who played were Defense Minister Peter MacKay, as well as former NHL players Mike Gartner, Shayne Corson and Wendel Clark.


If the sky is clear tonight, Canadians will be treated to the biggest and brightest meteor shower of the year.  It’s the Perseid meteor shower, which happens each August as the earth passes through the comet Swift-Tuttle.  Astronomers say if conditions are right, you’ll be able to see an average of one meteor per minute streaking across the night sky from the northeast.


Off the coast of Vancouver Island, the Canadian military is escorting a cargo ship carrying almost 500 migrants thought to be Tamils from Sri Lanka.  The “MV Sun Sea” is expected to arrive this morning just outside of Victoria.  Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says some of those aboard are human smugglers and terrorists, although he wouldn’t elaborate further.


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