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Being lost in the wilderness didn’t kill him, but trying to survive it nearly did.  RCMP say that Winnipeg man who was missing for nearly a week in northern Manitoba, did almost everything wrong in his efforts to survive.  Andrew Conly tried digging a hole apparently in the bog for water, and then ate wild mushrooms, which made him very sick.  Officers say even though Conly went about it the wrong way, he got lucky and everyone’s pleased he’s been found.


Winnipeg pharmacies are running out drugs…literally.  One pharmacist says there’s usually 2 or 3 products he’s waiting for, but right now…..he’s waiting for as many as 50 different drugs.  Ken Zink says almost every drug on the shelf is running low, ranging from heart medications to anti depressants.  Officials with the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association say they don’t know what’s causing the shortage.  But they say the problem is nation-wide with both generic and brand name drugs.


Details now on that accident we first told you about yesterday morning.  A 20 year old woman from Nunavut was killed.  Louisa Sala had come to the city to hear her father testify about his experiences in a residential school.  But early yesterday morning, she was hit and killed by a pick up truck on Portage Avenue while trying to wave down someone for directions back to the hotel they were staying in.  So far, no charges have been laid and the investigation continues.


3rd time was the charm.  A Toronto man collected a very fast 1.7 million dollars at Casino Rama yesterday after betting 20 dollars on a Mega Bucks progressive slot machine.  Apparently, the man told staff that this was only his 3rd time playing the slot machine.


Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband says his wife is back home from the hospital after breaking her hip on July 17th, when she fell out of her wheelchair.  The actress’s condition began to deteriorate after she underwent hip replacement surgery days later…but she is now apparently on the mend.  Gabor by the way is 93.


Paris Hilton is tangled up in a lawsuit over hair extensions.  She’s being sued for allegedly wearing someone else’s hair.  A company that manufactures hair extensions accuses Hilton of breaching a contract to wear and promote their product.  They say she’s been wearing a competitors extensions.  They’re now suing Hilton for some 35 million dollars.


Well no surprise here.  The late night comics are taking off with that JetBlue flight attendant story.  Jay Leno says he’s been thinking about Steven Slater, the guy who cursed out a passenger and then slid down the emergency chute.  Leno says he thinks he’d be the perfect replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol.  And Jimmy Fallon, composed a song called “The Ballad of Steven Slater.”  It has a chorus that goes…”take two beers and jump.”


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