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Well the continued dry weather in Manitoba is leading to even lower projected crests on the Red River.  Government officials say the water level from St. Adolphe to the floodway will be even lower than the previous forecast.  And the Red is now clear of ice at all points. 


A city man plans on taking his Mom on a trip to France after winning the Set for Life lottery.  But it took Louis Dufault more than a month to realize he’d won a big ole pile of cash, because he had stuffed the 5 dollar scratch ticket away without checking it.  When he finally pulled it out of a dresser and really looked at it, he was pretty shocked.  It was worth a cool million dollars.


So, you might want to think twice if you’re considering pulling off a prank against a co worker tomorrow, on April Fool’s Day.  Bad pranks at work could cause hard feelings amongst co workers.  A new Canadian survey found that almost 60 per cent of managers and executives feel that April Fool’s pranks are unsuitable for the office.


Reps from more than 130 countries, including ours, will be at U.N. headquarters in New York today, to discuss the huge challenge of Haiti’s long term, post earthquake reconstruction.  Haiti’s government estimates that it’ll cost 11.5 billion dollars to rebuild from the January 12th quake, that killed more than 200 thousand people.


So, who are the latest inventors being inducted into the Hall of Fame?  Well the people who came up with Post-it notes and GPS technology.  They’ll be among 16 new members going into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.  Previous inductees include the inventor of the stock ticker.


The Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled that WestJet needs to boost the amount of compensation it pays for lost or damaged luggage.  The ruling is a response to a complaint from a Winnipeg professor who argued the airline’s 250 dollar limit is far too low.  He notes that Air Canada’s cap for luggage compensation is 1500 dollars.  WestJet says it’s too soon to say what they’ll do about the order….but they do have 20 days to respond to it one way or another.


There’ve been more suicide bombings in Russia this morning.  Russian officials say 2 bombings have killed at least 9 people, including 2 police officers.  The blasts happened near the border with Chechnya.  The incidents come just 2 days after another pair of suicide bombings tore through the Moscow subway system, killing 39 people and injuring dozens more.


Looks like we’re gonna get details today on the new stadium for the Blue Bombers.  Reports say there’ll be a press conference this morning at 10 a.m., where plans for the new stadium out at the U of M site will be announced.  Sources say construction is slated to begin within the next month.


The numbers just aren’t good….and now the RCMP are hoping people change their ways.  Stats show that so far this year, 8 out of 13 fatal collisions in our province, have involved people not wearing a seatbelt or a helmet.  An RCMP spokesperson says it’s a spike that they don’t appreciate seeing and that there’s no logical reason for it.  People need to buckle up. 

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