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Well all this cold weather we’ve had has caused the Red River to refreeze, and that could mean much higher than expected river levels near Selkirk.  The province in fact, has now issued a flood bulletin for the area.  If the ice doesn’t break up, water levels around Selkirk could climb to without a foot and a half of last year’s crest.


A Manitoba Mountie has been found not guilty of criminally harassing his ex girlfriend.  A judge ruled what Corporal Jeff Moyse did to former girlfriend, Crown Prosecutor, Debbie Buors, was “rude and nasty” but, it wasn’t a crime.  Buors had testified that Moyse wouldn’t accept the end of their relationship back in December of 08, and flooded her with hundreds of unwanted phone calls, e-mails and text messages.


Prime Minister Harper, an avid hockey fan, will join Pat Burns today for the unveiling of plans to build a new arena named after the former NHL coach.  The Pat Burns Arena is expected to be completed next year, Stanstead, Quebec.  Burns by the way, now lives in Florida, and is currently battling cancer.


Well, it’s a toy that I grew up with, and I’m sure a lot of you too.  But now, Health Canada is warning people to get rid of it since it’s no longer considered safe.  We’re talking about those Fisher Price little people figurines, which were made before 1991.  Officials say they’re a choking hazard for small children.  The warning comes after the death of a 10 month old Canadian baby.


Some pretty strong allegations from a Canadian soldier this morning.  In documents just released by the feds, a soldier says that Afghan authorities routinely executed detainees handed over to them by his unit.  Opposition parties are now pressing for full access to all the documents about the transfer of Afghan detainees. 


The feds are standing firm.  They say Canadian soldiers will leave Afghanistan next year as scheduled.  Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon was responding to a report that the U.S. will ask Canada to keep up to 600 soldiers in Afghanistan to train the Afghan army.  But, Cannon says, quote….”as of 2011, we’re out !”


It appears Canadians will have to pay more for some financial services after Ottawa quietly changed the rules on how the GST is applied.  The change appears to mean that the tax is now applied to some services offered by financial brokers and advisers.  And, the industry says those added costs, which could total a billion dollars a year, will be passed on to consumers. 


In health news this morning…..a new study is saying some disturbing things about kids and diabetes in this country.  The report from the Manitoba Institute of Child Health says Type Two diabetes, which is linked to obesity and other health issues, is no longer an adult disease. 


Some new stats to tell ya about this morning.  According to a StatsCan study, Winnipeg still remains the robbery capital of the country.  The study, based on 2008 data, found our city’s robbery rate of 233 incidents per 100 thousand residents, was the highest of major cities, and more than twice the national rate of 97.



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