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Well it was budget time in the province yesterday.  And, thanks to last year’s flood, the H1-N1 problems, and the recession, it looks like we’ll be running a deficit for the next 5 years.  That actually goes against the government’s own balanced budget law.  But, Finance Minister Rosann Wowchuk says she decided to run a deficit in order to preserve programs.  Some of the other highlights in yesterday’s budget include, a new tanning tax.  Smokers will be hit with an increase come July.  And everything from camping to filing for divorce is set to cost more.


Searchers have failed to find a trace of a 14 year old boy who disappeared on Sunday in a remote area north of the city.  Police say Tyler Arkinson, from the Sagkeeng First Nation was last seen leaving a house party on foot.  RCMP say he wasn’t dressed for the outdoors.  The search resumes this morning.


A Winnipeg judge has sent a longtime outlaw biker to jail for 15 years, for drug trafficking and money laundering.  58 year old Al LeBras pleaded guilty to several charges.  He was among the 18 people police rounded up following a 2007 investigation targeting the Hells Angels and their associates.


Some sobering new research spells out just how much exercise women need to keep the flab off as they age….and, it’s a lot.  Older women need at least an hour of activity a day, if they’re already at a health weight and are not dieting.  For those who are already overweight…..they need even more exercise to avoid packing on the pounds if they don’t want to diet. 


A Montreal Dad is fighting back after getting a 75 dollar fine for playing street hockey.  David Sasson is contesting his fine in court and is launching a petition calling on bylaws to get changed.  City Hall officials say a municipal worker responded to a complaint to get the game moved to a nearby park.  Sasson said he wouldn’t move and would rather be fined….so he was.  Sasson says his battle isn’t about money, rather about promoting a healthy lifestyle for children.


Well, as my good friend Tommy always says….monkeys equal funny.  And, we’ve got a funny monkey story this morning.  There’s a rhesus macaque on the loose in the Tampa Bay area.  In fact, this monkey is so smart and wily he’s avoided capture for nearly a year.  This week though he was spotted in a woman’s pool in St. Petersburg, and authorities don’t know how he got there.  But what they do know, is he’s captivated the people of Florida and beyond, possibly because of his ability to outwit the humans.


No one’s talking yet about an important meeting at the White House last night.  U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met for more than 2 hours amid a serious dispute between the 2 country’s.  In a break with custom, the White House has not issued a statement about the talks….and, Israeli officials are not saying anything either. 


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